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Pangasinan: Hundred Islands, Alaminos City

It's been a while since me and my former office batchmates had an out of town vacation for years, so we decided to take a plunge and explore wonders of Hundred Islands and Bolinao Pangasinan. For those internet savy, and who are looking for less expensive trip, you might want to try our itenerary and experience it with a blast. :)

100 Islands, Alaminos City, Pangasinan


How to get there:

At around 12midnight we decided to take the Victory Liner in EDSA Cubao off to Alaminos Pangasinan. It's approximately 4 hours drive from Manila to Alaminos. We're a group of 10 so we bought tickets in advance 'cause we didn't want to take the risk of no-seats-available-and-take-the-next-ride which is five hours difference (next bus trip: 5am) 


Transportation Details (booked in advance)
Victory Liner
EDSA Cubao
Manila to Alaminos - P352.00 (P349 + P5 Accident Malayan Insurance)

We had reservations at The Last Resort in Alaminos Pangasinan. Don't expect a real resort for that matter. It's more of a transient house that can accomodate a group of 10 people or more. From Victory Liner Alaminos Terminal Bus, we had to take tricycle since brgy. lucap is a bit far away from the proper. Beware: there are colorum tricycle drivers waiting at the terminal who would take advantage saying its P100/tricycle but only 60 pesos.

I like this transient house as they don't have check in and check out times and doesn't add additional payments. We asked for extra mattress and didn't cost us extra pay. At 4am, you just have to text kuya Marco(or his wife), then ride a tricycle from terminal, and someone (their bantay) will wait for you infront of the Last Resort.

The Last Resort
Brgy Lucap, Alaminos City, Pangasinan
Kitchen, Dining Table, Bathroom, Cable TV, Refrigerator, 2 Rooms
Room 1: Queen Size Bed - fan room
Room 2: 5 Single Size Beds - airconditioned
P3000 for a group of 10
(additional P200/head)
Contact Number: +63910 709 1505 - MARCO VIRAY

kitchen, The Last Resort

room 1

bathroom view of the Last Resort

dining table at the Last Resort

Other Resort Details in Brgy. Lucap, Alaminos City Pangasinan

Maxine By The Sea Restaurant and Lodge
Contact Number: +63921 642 8551,
Landline: (+6375) 551 2537

Villa Antolin Resort
Landline: (+6375) 551-3604

100 Islands Resort Hotel
Landline: (+6375) 551-5753
E-mail: /
Standard Rooms: 1,800 - 3,000php
Economy: 1.400-2,500

(Please check their website as prices may about to change without prior notice)

If you are about to go on a non-holiday weekends or weekdays, there are other transient house available around which was not yet advertised and seems much cheaper.

These resorts are all walking distance to the Hundred Islands Wharf, where you start your boat tour to hundred islands.

Brgy. Lucap, Alaminos City, Pangasinan

Here are the list of prices of services or fees you could avail for your Hundred Islands Tour


                                     Day Tour                  Overnight
Entrance Fee:                   20.00                       40.00

5 years old and below - FREE
20% discount on Senior Citizen

Parking Fee:
Tricycle:                          10.00                       20.00
Car/Jeep/Van:                  20.00                       40.00
Bus/Truck:                       30.00                       60.00

Tables                           200.00                      300.00
Nipa 1/2 (6pax w/o room) 350.00                      500.00
Tent Space/Pitching Fee                                 200.00


Tables                            200.00                     300.00
Tent Space/Pitching Fee                                  200.00


Tent Space/Pitching Fee                                  200.00

PBB House                                                 10,000.00
(for 10 pax with generator from 6pm-6am)
Extra 30 liters of water     100.00
Extra Pax/Extra Bed          200.00

BOAT RATES                 Day Tour      Overnight/Service Boat

SMALL (1-5)                   800.00                  1,400.00
MEDIUM (6-10)             1,000.00                 1,800.00
LARGE (11-15)              1,100.00                 2,000.00

our boat :)

DAY TOUR consist of island hopping limited to three islands: Quezon, Children's, Governor's
---20 minutes only per island, just choose one island were you opt to stay and the boat will leave you and will be there to fetch you upon agreed time

not limited to 3 islands, as long as the time permits,

Must Try: you can also do snorkeling at clam garden, Cuenco Cave and Marcos Island

Butch Hizon
0917-908-7779 / 0915-610-9075

                                     Day Tour            Overnight Tour 

Mask and Snorkel Fees        150.00                  175.00
Life Jacket                          50.00                    75.00
Salbabida Big                     100.00                  150.00
Salbabida Small                   50.00                    75.00
Goggles                              50.00                    75.00

Utensils                         1,000.00
(gas range, pan, pot, spoon, fork, bowl, knife, glass)

Tent Big (6-10)                                            1,000.00
(5 pillows, 2 bed sheet, 1 mat, 2 container)

Tent Medium (4-5)                                          700.00
(3 pillows, 1 bed sheet, 1 mat, 1 container)

Tent Medium (1-3)                                          500.00
(2 pillows, 1 bed sheet, 1 mat, 1 container)

Just visit the Hundred Islands Wharf and all of these fees and rates can be discussed over there.

Where to eat in Hundred Islands?

If you don't have prepared food, there's a food court in the Hundred Islands' Wharf beside the souvenir shops. Meals costs 50 pesos and can be perfect as packed foods for your 100 islands trip. You could also go to town proper to buy fast food in which we did for our dinner hehe.


Governor's Island

Quezon Island

place where you can sleep, and bum

Children's Island

Cuenco Cave

On our way home



Anonymous said...

I'm planning on a trip to Alaminos with my friends. This is a really helpful blog. At least now we have an idea of the cost estimates.

joewel said...

the correct totallity of islands is 123 not 100 fyi frens...

adventurousfeet said...

hi joewel! thanks for the awareness!

Anonymous said...

A very helpful blog... thanks for this... enjoy and live life to the fullest!!!
Godbless... c",)

Anonymous said...

thanks. this is very helpful

adventurousfeet said...

no problem! thanks for your visit!

Cagayan de Oro hotels said...

I really wish I can visit the 100 islands in Pangasinan. I've seen documentaries of the place, and it's really lovely.

adventurousfeet said...

every place is incomparable.. cdo is one big tourist spot too :)

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

via 800php for boat tour you can visit more than the 3 islands that is populary visited?

adventurousfeet said...

800 for small boat is limited only to 3 islands

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

how about more than 3 islands. We might visit Hundred Islands this April. This post is helpful... Thanks!

BTW, linked your site already.

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Ian,

here's the boat rate for more than 3 islands when we're here. Rates may change, but i hope not that too high..

BOAT RATES Overnight/Service Boat

SMALL (1-5) 1,400.00
MEDIUM (6-10) 1,800.00
LARGE (11-15) 2,000.00

thanks for linking my site :)

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

^^^ are the rates above is for day tour... I want to savor every isand to see in visiting Hundred Islands. Is there also entrance fees for each islands esp, the 3 main known and popular island?

Thanks for the reply. This is useful.

adventurousfeet said...

Hi there ian,

there's no entrance fee on the three popular island, there's an entrance fee in general that you have to pay at the wharf before you start your day tour.

avail the 'Service Boat' rates as this is not only limited to 3 islands.

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

^^^ Thanks, how much pala yung entrance fee sa national park?

adventurousfeet said...


Entrance Fee:
Day Tour - 20.00
Overnight - 40.00

5 years old and below - FREE
20% discount on Senior Citizen

here's the rates po nung pumunta kami... hope kung tumaas man di naman sobrang taas :)

Ivan said...

this is extremely helpful.. thank you po ms. CA

adventurousfeet said...

thanks ivan!

Lorraine Wong said...

Hi! Do you have a contact number of The Last Resort? Your blog is so helpful. :)

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Lorraine,
here's the contact number of the Last Resort when we were there.
Contact Number: +63910 709 1505 - MARCO VIRAY

Anonymous said...

mei mga restrooms po ba sa islands where there are tents for rent?

adventurousfeet said...

you can rent tent at the wharf. please read the rates above. restrooms, quezon island definitely meron. i think meron din sa governor's and children's island since these three islands yung madaming tao.

Anonymous said...

what kind of tents do they have po??

adventurousfeet said...

not sure of the kinds... but here are the tents they usually offer for rent

Tent Big (6-10)

Tent Medium (4-5)

Tent Medium (1-3)

Jessie said...

A lot of hotels have spacious ballrooms to accommodate conventions and business meetings.

Hoteis Em Joao Pessoa

Anonymous said...

very helpful thank you, its our trip tomorrow!

adventurousfeet said...

no problem!

Anonymous said...


just want to ask if you have any idea sa rates ng transient houses.. We're only two planning to go there this weekend. Also, if they do have availbale rooms kaya? kahit on the day kme maghanap..

Many thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Salamat for these info CA...very helpful.
we're planning to go there next week.

-renen(qcpc) ;)

Dizon Wilfredo said...

very helpful - especially the pictures of accommodations and rates

Anonymous said...

hello! we were having our grand reunion in hundred island and we were searching for an affordable hotel like Last resort but we're more or less 20 pax, do u have any idea if we can provide that room which is go0d for 10 pax only? thankyou in advance..

adventurousfeet said...

i don't think it will fit you if you plan to stay at Last Resort and you're around 20pax. Ask them if they have other recommended homestay for 20pax :)

jelkutits19 said...

Hi just want to inquire if they have a proper accomodation to one of the 3 popular islands that we could stay overnight aside from the tent. And is there any cheap carinderya or fast food within the 3 main islands. Salamat nang marami po and this is very informative.

Dublin, Ireland

adventurousfeet said...

hi tyrone,

there's a house in Governor's Island for accomodation but you need to ask for availability, fastfoods are in the alaminos downtown and not in the island. You might want to buy a lot of food for overnight stay before the start of island hopping. There's a store in quezon island where you can buy softdrinks, chips, but at a higher price.

Mitch said...

Hi! i just want to ask where can I inquire about the house in Governor's Island? how much it is and can we do our cooking there?.. Thank you for your answer! :)

rets said...

nice blog! very helpful and informative. we're planning to visit hundred Islands this May, and I'm sure it will be a breath-taking experience. Thanks for the tips!

fhaye said...

hi sir, very helpfil and informative blog. even when we plan to visit vigan blog mo lang bnsa ko,. hehe anyway my bf and i planning to visit hundred island and bolinao,. just want to ask sana kung pano kame makakahanap ng transient house sa alaminos na gud for 2,. thank u soo much and Godbless.. :))

Anonymous said...

hellow po tnung ko lng magkano po lhat1 ng mga2s2s nmen dyan pag punta nmen sa hundred island dlwa lng uh kmi...pwd po b maggstay ng 3days dyan mga magkno po magagas2s nmen tnx po....

adventurousfeet said...

usually if its a transient 'house' means its for big groups.. if you're going there on a weekend maybe its best to search over the net first and call. Baka kasi madami din pumupunta ng pangasinan at mahirapan ka maghanap :)

adventurousfeet said...

thank you rets!

adventurousfeet said...

you could contact the information center at the wharf regarding that matter :)

Anonymous said...

your so fabulous and great!!!!!! youre so unselfish...sobrang laking tulong sa mga gustong pumunta don.napakalaking tulong last question lang kung me dala kaming sasakyan safe po ba ang parking don sa transient house na napili nyo?kasi yon nalang din ang rerentahan namin.

adventurousfeet said...

may parking naman po :) thank you, like us on fb to get updates!

Anonymous said...

Is it safe to go there with a lots of kids?

Anonymous said...

hi can i ask is there kayaking jetski or parasailing here? i saw kc in one the website.. thanks!

Issa said...

Hello, adventurous feet! :)

Is it safe and is it allowed to explore the islands on your own?

Thanks so much!

adventurousfeet said...

hi issa, the islands we've been too are small enough it will take you more or less 15-30minutes to wander. You need a boat to get to one island from another so you will have a boatman with you na din diba, and because this is already a well known attraction, I don't think anyone will harm you. :) Goodluck on your adventure! :)

Anonymous said...

hi my family is planning to visit hundred island this Dec....If we choose for an overnight stay in the island is there any accommodation with in the islands with facilities....

adventurousfeet said...

i know the governor's island has only one house, the one used during pbb days ni km chui and gerald anderson, may generator siya sa gabi but no electricity yata pag day time. Since nagiisa lang siya, you have to inquire first para mareserve nyo. Else, magtent nalang po kayo...

Anonymous said...

hi! mrs roxas here.. bka meron kyo pwede irefer samin na mura lang pero maayos naman na pinakamalapit sa hundred island pra mabilis kami makarating sa 100 island

Jayson Ocean Man said...

I want to visit Hundred Island National park! Hopefully the fares and rates are lower now. I'm kinda confused, you could only visit three islands? out of a 100? that cave looks amazing though. Soon I will go there. Soon...

omane said...

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