Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Skin White's Awesome Whitening Lotion!

Few weeks ago I went out with friends to attend a surf & music festival in Zambales that will benefit the typhoon Yolanda victims in Samar.  Oh, how I love the beach!  However I knew some people, like my other girl friends and few of my cousins, don't like the beach that much because too much sun exposure while swimming makes them hard to achieve a fair complexion after. Well, I have to agree, mabilis talaga makaitim ang dagat.

during my recent trip in Zambales

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sony’s “We Are One” World Cup Giveaway

The world’s greatest football event is just around the corner, and Sony is giving everyone the chance to win tickets. You’re probably wondering what you have to do, and if it would be worth it. Surprisingly, Sony has made its We Are One contest incredibly cheap, easy, and even fun.

The We Are One campaign is all about football and how it brings people together. With that being said, Sony’s looking for people to make a YouTube video that convinces everyone that you deserve to win the tickets. The video needs to be 30 seconds, or less, of you showing the world how football brings people together.

There will be two rounds in the contest. The first is judged by people running the We Are One campaign, and they say that they’re looking for passion, creativity, and originality. Using those criteria, they will choose their top 10 from each country, and then it goes to a public vote. And there’s no restriction on the team being supported, so it could be for your national, local, kid’s team(s), or even just a general love of the game.

One thing’s for sure, creating a short video is a small price to pay for a trip to the World Cup, which includes airfare, 3-4 night stay, travel insurance, a Sony Xperia, and Category 1 tickets for two people. The seats that are considered Category 1 are the best and most expensive tickets available.

If you win, all you need to do is pick a match, and there’s plenty of teams that we could support. For example, Japan has a great chance to make a solid run. Jonathan Wilson, the World Cup expert at the betting and gaming giant Betfair, explained their chances best when he said, “Japan's is a balanced squad with a mix of ages and experience. They qualified with relative comfort. They have more players now with significant European experience than ever before.”

The odds for the other nearby teams, South Korea and Australia, aren’t nearly as strong and neither team is expected to make it out of their groups. But if you’re not interested in supporting a nearby team, there are some great matchups that are already set. Here’s a quick list of some of the best matchups during Group play:

Brazil and Mexico - This is the first true match for home team Brazil, and it’ll surely be an exciting one. The crowd will be explosive. Brazil is fully expected to handle Mexico, but anything can happen. This match takes place in Fortaleza at the Estadio Castelao.

Uruguay and Italy - Both teams are in the top ten in FIFA’s World Rankings. They are also in the same group with England, and both matchups with England should be top notch, as well. This match takes place in Natal at the Estadio das Dunas.

Spain and Netherlands – A repeat of last year’s final. Neither team lost in their World Cup Qualifying groups, but both are coming off poor performances in friendlies. This match will be in Salvador at the Arena Fonte Nova.

USA and Ghana – Neither team is all that incredible. The American team had a record year and is ranked 14 in the FIFA Ranking, but since Ghana has had their number in the last two World Cups, it should be an interesting match. Neither team is expected to qualify, since they’re in the same group with the teams in the next matchup. This match also takes place in Natal at the Estadio das Dunas.

Germany and Portugal – This will be a true clash of the titans. In the FIFA rankings, Germany is sitting at number 2, and Portugal at 3. This should be a high scoring, physical match, which makes it my top choice. This match will also be in Salvador at the Arena Fonte Nova.

Don’t get upset if you don’t win the Grand Prize trip, because the National Winners receive a Sony Smartphone and World Cup merchandise. The National Finalist also win the World Cup merchandise. You can also take the second- and third-tier prizes just by voting for your favourite We Are One video.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kevin Cherry Ever After: A Wedding in Casa Real Acacia Estates & Enderun Colleges

I rarely post wedding photos here, but this wedding was too lovely to be ignored.  Cherry is the best friend of my close friend whom now I consider a friend too.  She's pretty, charming and very down to earth, wouldn't be surprised why Kevin is so in love with her. :)

Wedding Venues
Ceremony: Casa Real Acacia Estates, Taguig City
Reception: Enderun, Mckinley Hills Taguig City

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