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Boracay Activities: Things To Do In Boracay

A small island in the Philippines located in Aklan Province, is one of the famous beaches in the Philippines called Boracay. The long stretch of powdery white sand, the turquoise water, plus the many activities available, makes it widely known to many tourists.  

How To Get To Boracay

Around the island, tricycles and mutlicabs are the usual public transportation to get from one place to another.   There is no airport in Boracay island.  To get to Boracay, one needs to take a short pump boat ride (10 to 20 minutes) to reach the island's port.  Unless you have private transfers to your resort, there are two available public port in Boracay, the Boracay Jetty Port and the Tanbisaan Port.  Both are located on the south east part of the island in Manoc Manoc area.

Meanwhile there are two ports in Caticlan.  The Caticlan Jetty port nearest to Caticlan Airport, while the Tabon Port, has shorter travel time to Boracay Jetty port.  If you'd ask me, you don't have to worry too much on which port to choose from.  The driver knows where to go depending on the season (weather and wind).

If you're coming from Manila, Caticlan Airport is the nearest airport in Boracay.   It could probably take you more or less 30 minutes to reach Boracay if you plan to take the Caticlan Airport destination route.  This is the shortest travel time to Boracay, and some prefer to take this route.  But most often than not, the next available option for you is to take the the flight to Kalibo Airport, where cost of the flights are cheaper.  While this will save you money, you'll sacrifice time as this needs more or less 2 hrs van ride to Caticlan Jetty Port.  Nonetheless, one need not to worry on finding a way to reach the port as there were available vans from Kalibo airport going to Caticlan Jetty Port in the arrival area.

Travel Expenses

Because flight tickets were cheaper we took the a flight going to Kalibo Airport.

Kalibo Airport To Boracay Island via Tabon Port to Boracay Jetty Port

Upon arrival in Boracay port, you still need to ride a tricycle or multicab to reach White beach.

Van Kalibo Airport to Tabon Port - Php 225/head
Terminal Fee in Tabon Port - Php 25/head
Environmental Fee in Caticlan Port - Php 75/head
Pumpboat ride Caticlan Port to Cagban Port of Boracay -Php 30/head

Fare: Cagban Jetty Port to White Beach
Multicab - Php 250
Tricycle - Php 100
+ 50 (night differential)

Boracay Island to Kalibo Airport via Boracay Jetty Port to Caticlan Jetty Port

Tricycle from White Beach Station 1 to Boracay Port - Php 100/head
Terminal Fee in Boracay Jetty Port - Php 100/head
Environmental Fee in Boracay Jetty Port - Php 75/head
Pumpboat ride from Boracay Port to Caticlan Jetty Port - Php 25/head

Arrival in Boracay

We didn't plan on staying in Boracay on the first night.  We assumed we will arrived late in Caticlan and we didn't know that pumpboats were still available even until around 8-9pm.  Good thing that my cousin told me to try it and he'll help me to look for a place to stay for a night.  He lives in Boracay by the way.

As soon as we have settled a place to stay on our first night, we went out for our first dinner just around D' mall.  We spent around Php 250 each for our dinner in Paradise Grill.

Walking along the beach, we saw some fire dancers showcasing their talent.  Cool.

La Oviedo Boracay

La Oviedo is not beach front resort in Boracay.  This is on the other side of the road near Bulabog beach.  This is where we stayed for our first night because we didn't have any bookings.  Resorts near Bulabog beach area are more for adventure type tourist  like those who are into Kite surfing and other water sports activities in Boracay.  We spent around Php 500 each for our room.

Boracay Activities

On our first morning, we wanted to do all our scheduled activities we selected so we could have more time to relax the next day.   Pikapi planned this well!  He was able to search for a contact person mentioned in Pinoyexchange forum that will help us do the activities in Boracay for a cheap price. 

From D' mall, free shuttle led us to Happy DreamLand to do some fun loving ATV.   It went smoothly and we had a stopover to check one of the highest point in Boracay for overlooking. We spent Php 350 each for the ATV for 30mins.

It was tiring to climb the stairs but was worth seeing the beautiful Boracay.

Helmet Diving / Reef Walking
Helmet diving is another activity we did in Boracay.  Because we're curious how this feels, the helmet is really heavy but once in the water, it became our defense to breathe.  We spent Php 300 each for this activity.  Pictures and video included.

Parasailing is a recreational kiting activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that reminds one of a parachute, known as a parasail wing.  Was personally afraid of heights but it was fun being up in the sky.   Spent around Php 1000per head for parasailing for 15 mins.

Zorbing (globe-riding, sphereing, orbing) is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic. This is by far my favorite activity in Boracay.  Now we're talking!  What we did was the hydrozorb thing wherein they'll add some water inside this ball, so you'll slide once rolling.  We did this in Fairways and Bluewaters and we were rolled inside the ball twice.  I so love it!  Zorb ride is about Php 300.

Exploring D' Mall

After all activities we had, we explored D' Mall that night.  I initially thought that D' Mall is a huge building mall such as what I usually see in Manila, but I was wrong, it is more of a street mall where in shops/restaurants were lined up side by side.

Foodtrip: Dinner at D' Talipapa

Took a tricycle to D' Talipapa.  It's like dampa thing, where one can buy fresh seafoods in the market then ask the restaurant to cook it for you the way you want it.  We had our sumptuous dinner eating crabs, shrimps, and fish.  You wouldn't want to miss eating fresh seafoods while you're on a beach trip right?  We spent about Php 350 each for our dinner. :)

It was fun exploring activities in Boracay.  Search for recommendations in pinoy exchange forum. We got Kuya Nino / Kuya Ron (09158722855) in Boracay forum, check the updated contact number and prices.  Our trip was last 2012, so I assume prices mentioned here are much cheaper than today of course.  I would love to visit Boracay and try other fun activities here such as Flying Fish and Zorbing all over again haha.  There's also island hopping, snorkeling, and even the famous Boracay Pub Crawl (bar hopping)  you can also try out. :)

What We Did in Boracay:
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Pinoy Boy Journals said...

Thanks for the tips. ibang-iba na ngayon ang Boracay, sobrang dami magagawa. :)

Fabiana said...

I am doing my to do list for my upcoming trip to the Philippines, I'll definitely use this list to help me decide. Thanks for sharing.

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Actually Boracay trip is just ordinary if you will not try the activities. I would like to try Zorb next time. I missed it on a visit last Summer 2014.

BoracayStories said...

Those who want to know the published rates of water sports in Boracay, they are readily available at BoracayStories.com

Ashlhey said...

Great Photos! Thanks for sharing! So excited to try the Island activities! See you also The Orient Beach Boracay! very cozy and peaceful place to stay! Heard that was only 5 mins ride away from the world famous white Beach! Got a great deal with the cost! thank you so much. Cant wait to see you! ;)

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Can you tell me how much does it cost you for that whole trip? I was planning to go there with my Gf im trying to surprise her.. :D Thanks!

adventurousfeet said...

Hi, I think we spent around 7k/pax for the entire trip (plane ticket not included), with everything we did there. Please take note that we're in a group of 4.

Carol01 said...

Hi dear! May i know if may contact kpa sa person na nag arrange ng mga activities? We'll be in bora tomorrow kasi hehe

ainsley19 said...

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Unknown said...

Hi, who took the photo on parasailing? :)

adventurousfeet said...

hi jessalois, i took the pictures :)

SnoringSeal said...

Hi if you could provide me with the contact for all the activeties you have played. Ty~~ my email is epimeliad@hotmail.com

SethOswald said...

Indeed, one of the main attractions in Boracay Island is their exciting water sports activities. There are really a lot of water activities to do like Jet-Ski,Banana Boat Kiteboarding and the most popular Paraw Sailing.We all experienced these through the help of 7 stones Boracay Suites.
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Unknown said...

Nice shots! What camera did you use?

anwaruzz@gmail.com said...

Me and my wife, aged 55+, will be going to Boracay for 3days. Can anyone suggest activities suitable to our age. We are okay health wise.

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Thanks for this content. I always recommend Boracay to those who want to explore beach destinations in the Philippines. The sand is fine and soft. I love Boracay!

thirtysomethingtourist.com said...
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MJ said...

I've also written about some really nice beach destinations in Portugal if you guys are heading out to Europe

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