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Tagaytay | A Weekend Getaway at Taal Vista Hotel

First weekend of January, I was in Tagaytay City and I got a chance to experience an overnight stay in Taal Vista Hotel. The hotel has been running since 1937 and its great advantage is the location as you get to enjoy a stunning view of Taal Volcano.

Lake Wing Main Entrance

Upon entering the hotel, the Lobby Lounge & Bar caught my attention because of its high ceiling and beautiful glass window that makes it more relaxing.  Later on, I got the information that anyone, even without accomodation in the hotel, can unwind here as long as you have a minimum purchase.  (around Php 150.00 I think).

Lobby Lounge & Bar

Drinks and cakes are available here. They have this kare kare cheesecake (bottom center) which is one unusual cake if you're an adventurous eater.

Cafe on the Ridge

We arrived around lunchtime hence we went first to hotel's restaurant named Cafe on the Ridge because it is too early for check in. Cafe on the Ridge offers themed buffet lunch and dinner.  I highly suggest to try having lunch here on a weekend as you get to watch the cultural show for free.  Even without accomodation, you can visit Cafe on the Ridge just wear something casual (avoid sando/shorts especially for men).

Every Friday night: Mexican themed buffet from 6:00pm-10:00pm for PhP788.00++
Every Saturday night: Caribbean themed buffet from 6:00pm-10:00pm for PhP888.00++
Every Saturday & Sunday lunch: Filipino themed buffet from 11:30am to 3:00pm at PhP988.00++

Because it's a Saturday, their themed buffet lunch is Taal Vista Heritage Cuisine.  There's a special stand of dishes in the middle of buffet that promotes proudly Filipino food.


There are other choices as well.  How I wish I can post it all here. :)

Galunggong Sardines, my ultimate favorite

You can ask for assistance if you want Shawarma

Huge baked fish

Fruits for dessert


While eating, a band is roaming around and playing sweet and romantic melody for everyone.

Bughaw Dance Group

Like what I said earlier, a group of dancers is usually performing cultural dance while you are enjoying a sumptuous lunch every Saturday and Sunday.  I enjoyed the performance and I think we should support this kind of show.  I instantly remembered my elementary days dancing folk dances for Teacher's Day Program or United Nations.  Nakakarelate din ba kayo?  

the highlight: Tinikling

You can also eat outside at The Patio and it is an open area to gaze at Taal Volcano.

The Room

Our room is located at the Lake wing where you get to see the view of Taal Volcano.  The bathroom is stunning too with toiletries provided by the hotel.  I love the room,  do I need to explain more?  The pictures tell it all.  

The toilet is separated from the shower.

Mica, our kapitbahay (neighbor)

Asmara Spa

We also tried their aromatherapy massage at Taal Vista Hotel's spa - the Asmara Spa.  Talk about pampering!

Tagaytay Suite

One of the best rooms in Taal Vista is the Tagaytay Suite.  This is usually booked by bride or groom for weddings.  It got the closest view of Taal and the window is remarkably huge, wedding photographers may find this cinematic for a shoot.

Dinner at Taal Vista

We had another fully loaded dinner and one of the highlights that everyone enjoyed the most is eating Bulalo.  It was cold and windy and you're in Tagaytay. Period.

Sunrise at Taal Vista

Robbie, Elal, Joan and I ended the Saturday night packed with fun stories, and we didn't realized the time.  We set the alarm at 5:30am, although we heard it, we fell asleep again.  Good thing it's never too late to catch it when we woke up few minutes before 6am.  My very first sunrise, taken from the room.  Ang hirap gumising haha!

Buffet Breakfast

When booking your accomodation, why not include buffet breakfast to make your morning perfect!

Danggit!  I need rice!

The Pool

We visited the very inviting pool near the Mountain Wing.  Most families booked Mountain rooms because it is near the gym, spa and last but not the least the swimming pool where kids get to enjoy.  The weather is so cold early morning and at night but really hot before 12pm until afternoon. Yes, it is very tempting with this great weather.

cute toy figurines courtesy of Nina's friend

The Function Room

For just an overnight stay here, I've seen around 4 weddings in Taal Vista.  Yes, their hotel is known for weddings, and here it is, their spacious function room.

The Farm

For fresh vegetables served in the buffet, most of it came from their own farm.  Saw a lot of lettuce and eggplants here.

Open Area

We went back to the open area and saw a lot of kids playing with bubbles!

Overall it is one great weekend getaway I savored blissfully.  Got a thousand photos for a weekend trip haha. :)

Pinoy Travel Bloggers with Celine Arenillo and General Manager Mr. Walid Wafik

I have to see you again Taal Vista!

Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City 4120, Philippines
Tel No: +63 (2) 917-8225 / +63 (46) 413-1000
Mobile No: +63 (917) 809-1254
Fax No: +63 (46) 413-1225
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/taalvistahotel
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taalvistahotel



i must say na i am craving for galunggong and danggit :) hay yaya magluto ng isang sakong rice now na! jajajajja

Wander Shugah said...

beautiful! If only I can fly right away.. every angle of the resort is beautiful.. the view of the taal volcano is a GREEEEEAAAT BONUS!

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Ang saya ng staycation natin. First weekend pa lang yan ng January, ang sarap-sarap na <3

Nonoy said...

Ang ganda. Yung lechon sarap papakin. Sana makapunta rin ako dyan sa Tagaytay.:-)

Elal Lasola said...

Naexcite ako kasi may picture ako dito, gitl. Hahaha Nakakamiss :D

Budget hotel said...

Lovely Photos! This is a very nice place and food is also looking delicious.

Baby Shower said...

Simply superb! The images tell the whole story how good is this place. Mind blowing atmosphere.

D'QXTC said...

the last picture made me stare for a long while..

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