Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pasay City: Microtel Mall of Asia - Manila

It's not everyday I get to stay in a fine hotel within the metro so when I got invited at Microtel Mall of Asia  Manila my excitement level goes up.  Few nights before, I was literally in lack of sleep due to a neighbor's party rock at 2am in the morning so the thought of staying in a relaxing place is really coming to my senses.

Microtel Mall of Asia - Manila is indeed in a very good location.  It is few minutes walk from SM Mall of Asia where shopping and entertainment is at it, hence, most of the guests more often than not stay here because of the fun they're getting at the nearby mall.  Conveniently, SMX Convention Center is within the vicinity the reason why business people choose to stay here as well.  Philippine airports are also in the southern area of Metro Manila, and it is a short cab ride from there. 

Don't be fool by the map, you don't need to cross the water to get there.  From SM Mall of Asia, take few minutes walk to SMX Convention Center until you see the church (Shrine of Jesus The Way).  From there you can see Microtel Manila.

Aside from a great location, the rooftop is fantastic! Upon seeing the rooftop pool, I was estactic and already thinking of booking here in the near future.  With the warm weather in Manila, who would not want to dip into the pool as the sun sets over the bay?  

If you're into photography or maybe love seeing city lights, the night is yours by falling in love at a romantic view of the bay plus the giant ferris wheel called MOA Eye.  I had another encounter with MOA Eye again! Lucky too if you spend your friday or saturday night here as SM Mall of Asia usually set off fireworks at 7pm.  Unfortunately we arrived late hence we didn't catch any.

The room is quite huge for two.  It has two queen size beds, cable television, refrigerator, cabinet, a clean toilet and bathroom with basic amenities you need in a hotel like towels, soap, etc.  They do have a glass & pitcher, there's available drinking water near the elevator. 

To see a view of MOA eye in our bedroom is definitely cool! We didn't want to go home without our so-called  'pang fb profile pic'.

The stay here includes a buffet breakfast from 6am to 10am at the ground floor by their own Millie's Restaurant.  It was good they thought of including healthy stuff (vegetables/fruits) as some people preferred healthy eating.

I would love to go back! A vacation not so far from home. Happiness. :)

Coral Way Ave. corner Seaside Boulevard
SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City 1308,
Phone Number: (63.2) 403-3333
Fax Number: (63.2) 659-4226
Mobile: (63.917) 5905914
Email: mallofasia@microtel.ph

TIP: online reservation is cheaper than their published rates.


Christian | LAKAD Pilipinas said...

happiness indeed :)

Elal Lasola said...

In fairness, pang profile pic talaga. Natagalan tayo kaka picture with the view. Hehe

Wends of Journeys and Travels said...

i love the concept nung deck resto nila plus the pool, priceless.

Unknown said...

Ganda naman dito!

Unknown said...

Great post as well as great information too about in this hotel. How I wish to visit and experience in this hotel someday. Thank you and I'll definitely refer this to my friend.

Marian said...

Nice! What do you think about Go Hotels?

Marian said...

By the way, here's there website, http://www.gohotels.ph/.

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