Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quezon City: Gloc 9 and Parokya Ni Edgar at 70's Bistro

It was one Monday night of October, when Gloc 9 and Parokya ni Edgar hit the stage of 70's Bistro. I'm one of the many Filipinos who grew up with a lot of Parokya ni Edgar songs.  Almost everybody's a fan, not only because of their great songs but they also manage to stay intact after all these years, where at this point, new bands come into the mainstream continously, and old band members tends to go on separate ways.

It took us almost a year, yes, almost a year, before I was able to watch their gig in 70's Bistro haha. Why?  I was kind of hesitant because of their usual Monday schedule at 70's Bistro, where I still need to get up early for the next day's work.  But upon watching Franco a week before their gig, I realized, whoa, I can manage the puyat pala (sleepless night). Hehe.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Caloocan City: My 30-minute Photography at La Loma Cemetery

As you know, Philippines celebrates All Soul's Day where Filipinos, mostly catholics visit their loved one's grave in remembering and showing how they care to those who passed away.  Because Nov. 1 is a regular holiday (All Saint's Day),  it follows Nov. 2 (All Soul's Day),  so this is the time they visit their deceased friend or family. 

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