Monday, August 30, 2010

Part2: The Davao Experience - Zip City at Night and Dencio's Hilltop

Where to go in Davao?

What are the places to visit in Davao? Here are some places in Davao where you can have fun. Mostly spots here have been travelled by taking a cab or by just riding a jeepney from our hotel.

I'm planning to create an itenerary for you guys to help with the tour. I've been here with a limited time so I haven't checked out everything about Davao.


go up high!

My first zipline back then! Just near the famous Dencio's Hilltop, It's a saturday so we went up here around 6pm. It's actually shorter from other Davao zipline, but doing zipline at night is fun where you won't be able to see how high it is, and where lights are out there, sparkling beautifully. I would like to commend the operators of this zipline because they are very patient and kind especially for first timers like me who are afraid of heights! Hehe!

funny, it's the kid's second time, and still loving it :)

yeah, it's my turn!

How to get here?
Of course, if you do not want the hassle, just ride a taxi and tell the driver to bring you to Zip City, tell that it's just along Dencio's Hilltop. Haven't seen much transportation along this side because it's far from downtown Davao. We're so "kuripot" so what we did was to ride a jeep from Quirino Ave with signboard "MATINA" to NCCC Mall. From NCCC Mall, we ride another jeep with signboard "Ma-a" going to the end of Ma-a Rd called the Diversion Rd. From there, we get a taxi. I see a lot of habal habal at the end of Ma-a Rd, maybe they could also bring you to it.

Zip City
Hilltop, Barangay Langub
Landline: (082) 282 - 2339, 286 1055 or 271 - 2626
Cell No: +639236586049
Rate: 300 Pesos per zipline per person. (100 Pesos consumable at zip city canteen, or at Dencio's Hilltop)
Opens during:
Wed/Thurs/Sun 9am-5pm
Fri/Sat 9am-8pm
First come, first serve


After some fun loving adventure at Zip City,we tried  dining at Dencio's Hilltop. I was actually amazed that it is a lot cheaper than Dencios here all over Manila. It can be a romantic evening for couples or friendly dining for groups.

Davao is somehow a smoke-free City

calamares, crispy shrimps, mago shake, buko juice

Taxis don't usually get here, but no worries! Just ask the guard here that you'll be needing one and they will call one for you.

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Anonymous said...

What could we expect in Hill top? any other places that could be found just here in davao city please, thank you.

adventurousfeet said...

A cool zipline and eating on a high place like Dencio's with overlooking are things to do here on hilltop. Nature tripping would be a bit far from downtown but can be reached by riding a taxi like the crocodile farm, hilltop, matina hill for overlooking.

In downtown davao city, there are lot of food trips out there, like cheap eat all you can buffets, grilled meats, fruits like durian, mangosteen, pomelo. Check out jack's ridge resort or shop at aldevinco.

Adventure Sports India said...

ohhh tough one, but interesting too!! Thanks for insightful knowledge about zip-lining and the interesting places of Davao. I am in India and surely try it soon :)

adventurousfeet said...

yes you should try it. We've got lots of adventures here in the Philippines! Thanks for dropping by :)

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