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Part9: Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud Day3 - The Best of Pagudpud North Tour!

Bangui windmills from Saud Beach

We asked Kuya Arnel to pick us up at around 8am on our third and last day for our Pagudpud North Tour. It's still early so some of us walk few steps (from Cathy's homestay) to the beach to see and enjoy the view while sipping a cup of cofee. 

We're feeling hungry and we don't have food when I saw Ate Cathy cooking for another group. I hesitantly ask if she can cook for us too, and  apparently she agreed although she told me next time to tell her ahead of time.  She don't usually cook  for guests and don't advertise it because she don't have any helper at all.  She only do it for emergency like when we have nothing to eat at all.  Thankfully she have some spare hotdogs & eggs and while we still have rice from yesterday night, Ate Cathy pulled it out too, to make fried rice. Yum yum. I helped her do some stuff in the kitchen while chatting with her. :)

Kuya Arnel just arrived in time we agreed, another day to see more of Ilocos!

First Stop:  Kabigan Falls 

Though I've heard there are lots of waterfalls in Ilocos Norte, Kabigan falls is famous as it is recognized by the local government as highly part of the tour.  A small environmental  fee is required at the starting point, and a guide will lead you the way. You need to walk for 30 minutes or more but the green lush view of the surrounding will never dull you. The water is cold and not really deep, the reason why my friends enjoyed staying at the center of the falls.  You might meet a buko seller on your way back to the gate for Php20.

Entrance Fee: 10/head
Tour Guide Fee: 20/head

from gel's cam

mr. dreamboys eh?!

Second Stop: Patapat Viaduct

Patapat Viaduct is a typical well-paved highway but what makes it unique is its great view of the sea. This is very ideal for jump shots, just make sure there's no vehicle going along the highway hehe.

Third Stop: Agua Grande River Park

Located at the other end of Patapat Viaduct is the Agua Grande River Park.  Unfortunately, it looks like the park is not maintained well because the swimming pool have not been used for so long, but the attraction here is a huge cascading fresh water coming from the mountain that flows to meet the sea at its end.  You can take a dip at its inviting cold water but be careful of the strong current ahead of you.  We took some pictures then got out to see some more. 

Entrance Fee:
Day Rate
Adult: Php 25
Children: Php 15
Picnic Tables: Php 300
Picnic Huts: Php 400

Night Rate
Adult: Php 100
Children: Php 50
Picnic Tables: Php 400
Picnic Huts: Php 500

Fourth Stop: Paraiso ni Anton

Paraiso ni Anton is a small grotto, in which the water flowing beside it is said to be miraculous. This is just located along the highway and infront of it are vendors selling different kind of fish paste.

Fifth Stop: Timmangtang Rock

Timmangtang rock is called as such, because it looks like a bell in which sounds like, 'ting...tang'.  We stayed here for few minutes then  after taking some photos, we're off to our next destination.

Sixth Stop: Bantay Abot Cave

Bantay Abot Cave  can be viewed from Timmangtang rock.  It can be described as a sea mountain with a hole, the reason why they called this a cave.  It's a beautiful spot to take pictures with a great effect of its hollow portion.

Seventh Stop: Blue Lagoon Cove

Fall in love with the beautiful Blue Lagoon Cove, in Maira-ira beach in Pagudpud. Because we didn't stay in any resort here, Kuya Arnel brought us to the right side of Blue Lagoon (facing the sea) where no resorts can be found and only open cottages and communal cr is available. We were asked to pay a small fee as we pass by a land on our way to Blue Lagoon which is privately owned by someone .  As soon as my friends saw it, I felt their excitement as we were the only people in this area.   Fortunately the waves weren't big, we loved feeling its sand, and the turquoise color of the water greeted us. 

Entrance Fee: 20/head (we passed by a private property)

this photo taken from gel's underwater cam

At around 3pm, we decided to go back to Saud Beach to prepare going home (super bitin). Upon loading onto our van, heavy rain falls down continuously. (Pinagswimming lang talaga kami bago umulan, hehe) We're still about to see Bangui Windmills on our way to the airport so we need to be early from our planned schedule.  (Note: We ate our lunch in a carenderia somewhere in between.

Thank you for reading my post.  Please do not COPY my posts on your sites, and take any of my pictures without my permission. Good vibes! Good karma! :)

This is part 9 of MY ILOCOS SERIES


tina said...

wow! I love your Ilocos series! :D

Dame ko nkukuhang tips, can't wait to go here din. Sana summer na ulet ;D

adventurousfeet said...

thanks tina :)

Admin/Author said...

Ang saya nyo naman! btw, I love your perspective of the Bangui Wind mills (first photo0 from your POV. I have never seen a shot of Bangui wind mills like that.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

patapos na din ang Ilocos Norte series ko... halos sabay tayo... hehehe!

adventurousfeet said...

thanks, you can actually see the windmills from Saud beach :)

adventurousfeet said...

hehe apir!

Anonymous said...

i bookmarked your site, sobrang helpful, i'll be going there this weekend!!thanks for all the tips :)

adventurousfeet said...

thank you! appreciate it :)

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Blue Lagoon Cove is a nice highlight of the story. I enjoy reading.

adventurousfeet said...

thanks ian for dropping by!

VJMacatangay said...

your site is one i constantly visit to look out for great local adventures. i'll be going to ilocos this weekend and i have already printed out your complete itinerary. i admire you and the pictures you capture! thank you for this post! :)

James Ken said...

Hmm.. makapunta nga dito.. madugo-dugong biyahe ito.. Hehehehe!!!

Unknown said...

Hi MsAdventurous feet, I've been reading your blog since last week as in ini-isa isa ko every details hehe :) kasi we're planning to go to Ilocos this December ako ny hubby and yun 10years old son namin..may tanong lang ako..kasi di ba from Vigan sinundo kayo ni Kuya Arnel (naki kuya ahehe) kaya nung nag to-tour na kayo around Laoag for sure all your bagahe naiiwan sa Van pano kung puro Tricycle lang kami?dala dala namin? kasi di ba kung magchi-check-in kami agad sa Cathy's Inn malayo kakain ng oras?ano tip pwede mo bigay?ang mahal kasi for sure kung magba-van kami tatlo lang kami e..e we're ON A STRICT BUDGET hehe..

will appreciate your reply..thank you :)

nakakatuwa sobrang detailed ang blog mo..laking tulong!! :D

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Ms Jessica! Thank you for your time reading my blog. :)

-tama po kayo nakavan kami on our 2nd & 3rd day
-ano po bang it ninyo? you can share it here po para matingnan po natin :)

Unknown said...

hehe..actually nakalimutan ko banggitin magpapaalam sana ako.. gagayahin ko sana ang it mo..okay lang?:D

At ng dahil sayo naka plan narin ang Mt.Pinatubo trip namin..dun lang kami sa by bus travel hehe

Isa pa bakit parang wala ka yatang adventure sa Sagada..galing kami dun nung May..punta kayo dun..ganda :D

adventurousfeet said...

wala naman po problema dun, ang ayaw ko lang po yung copy paste yung mga sinulat ko sa blog and post it in their website without my permission. (nangyari na po kasi before)

wow thanks ingat po sa Pinatubo nyo. Been to Sagada twice before I'm into blogging pa kasi, then last holy week c/o detoursPH, agree super ganda! :D

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