Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camarines Norte: Pacific Kaos - Surfing and Skating Competition in October

This coming October, a grand surf  and skate competition is about to happen in Bicol Region.  For surf and skate addicts, here's your chance to show your talent now!  I've tried surfing and I totally love it so I highly support this one and hoping this to be a successful event.  Kudos to the people behind this for their love in their craft, an event that will gather great surfers and skaters around the country, and hopefully from other parts of the world.

NEWS ALERT!  I would like to inform everyone that this year's surfing and skating competition is cancelled.  This is too bad :(  I hope it will be a bigger event next year. 

October 7-12, 2011

Bagasbas Beach in Daet
Basud and Mercedez Camarines Norte

Here are the list of events to watch out for:

Men’s National Surfing Competition
Men’s National Long-board Surfing Competition
Wahine’s National Surfing Competition

Long Board Skate Boarding
Downhill Skate Boarding Competition
Women’s DH Skate
Men’s DH Skate Open (Class A and Class B)
Free-Style Skate Boarding Competition
Push Race Skate Boarding Competition

Marathon (Run/Promotional Run)
Surf Clinic
Coastal Clean-Up

I honestly felt the excitment upon seeing this video!

And so, you can join the video contest as well!

Theme: Our Ride for Gaia
…a board riding tribute to mother earth.
(Soul Surfing , Longboard skate, skimboard & Environment awareness)

Mechanics: - combination of two(2) board riding discipline
- Filmed in the Philippines
- Pinoy Inspired
- showing the board riding life in thePhilippines
- having environmental factor(s)
- 5 minutes (min.) 7 minutes (max) - video length

Price: The Best SSPI Film


Day 1 - October 7, 2011 (Friday)

8:00    Registration (Bagasbas)
           First day of Surf Clinic
12:00  Lunch Time
15:00  Motor Cade (skater, Surfers, Runner and Guest) 30 mins.
           Assembly Area: Bagasbas Park
           END: Camarines Norte Capitol
           with Welcome Remarks from: Gov. Egay Tallado
17:00 Push Race (40mins) PADYAK PARA SA KALIKASAN
           start line: Capitolyo
           finish line: Bagasbas Park
20:00 Orientation and Briefing for Downhill and Surfing
           Welcome Party

Day 2 - October 8, 2011 (Saturday)

6:00   DownHill - Long Board Skate Competition (Basud)
          with Welcome Note Mayor of Basud
          Womens DH Skate
          Mens Open DH Skate (Class A and Class B)
12:00 Lunch Time
13:00 Resume Race
15:30 Race Concluded - AWARDING (mock awarding)
16:00 Slide Jam (Basud)
20:00 Dinner & SPONSORS Night (Bagasbas)
          with Live Band (Tropical Depression or others)
          1st Batch of Film Entry

Day 3 - October 9, 2011 (Sunday)

6:00   Marathon (3.5K and 10K)
          Start line: Bagasbas Park
7:00   Finish line 3.5K: Provincial Capitol
          Finish line 10K: Mercedes Municipal Hall Beach front
          Welcome address Mayor
          Surf Comp Start
7:30   Coastal Clean-up
8:00   Surf Clinic
12:00 Lunch Break
16:00 Surf Comp End of Elimination
19:00 Dinner (Mercedes area) Sinugba Party with Live Band
          2nd Batch of Film entry

Day 4, (October 10, 2011; Monday)

6:30   Sponsor Island tour
          Surf Comp RESUME
          Reef Clean-up (Optional for Divers)
8:00   Beach activity
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Beach activity (Bagasbas)
16:00 Free Style Long Board Skate
19:00 Dinner Techno Party with DJ: (Bagasbas)
          3rd Batch Film Entry

Day 5, (October 11, 2011; Tuesday)

6:30  Surf Comp RESUMES
         RESUME Surf Clinic
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Surf Comp Finals
19:00 Dinner
          Awarding of Prizes
          Party with Celebrities
          Closing Remark from Sponsor and Organizer

Day 6, (October 12, 2011; Wednesday)

This is a contingency day which will be utilized should there be weather interruptions for the competitions of skateboarding and/or surfing.


Start of Registration is on September 5,2011

1. Mens National surfing championship (open slot)
2. Wahine National surfing championship (16slot)
3. Mens National Longboard championship (24slot)
4. Mens & Wahine LongBoard Beginners
5. Downhill express championship (61slot)
6. Push race Padyak para sa kalikasan (unlimited)
7. Slide Jam (60slot)
8. Freestyle
9. Marathon (3.5K 200person) (10k+ 200person)
10. Film Clip contest "OUR RIDE FOR GAIA"

Check Pacific Kaos for more questions:
Email address:


Chyng said...

may balak sumali? hehe
sarap manood nyan for sure!

Pack up and Drift said...

masaya to pero di ko alam kung makakapunta ko.. namiss ko na yung instructor ko sa bagasbas. hehe.

senyor lakwatsero said...

ayos. dyan sa bagasbas ako natutong mag-surf, hehe. sana makapunta ako :-)

The SoleSisters said...

Dito ako unang na sprain habang nag su surf! Woohoo, but it was worth that long ride. I hope to make it for this event! Thanks for posting.

June Osida Benitez said...

this will be fun and exciting..looking forward!

Zurcaled said...

hi adventurousfeet, i recently added your site into, hope you can add me into your blog list as well ;-)
You never fail to make your readers well informed ;-)

Aleah said...

Wow, marathon in Bicol? Sarap sumali!!! You going there?

Sebab said...

That sounds wonderful. Are you going to take part in it? Cruise Pictures

adventurousfeet said...

im planning to go there, but hindi siguro as contestant, beginner palang ako hehe! mukhang exciting talaga!

adventurousfeet said...

@pack up and drift
ako din miss ko na ang bagasbas at ang surf instructors namin :)

adventurousfeet said...

@senyor lakwatsero
ako nga din if time permits i'll be here to watch and try surfing again na din :)

adventurousfeet said...

@The SoleSisters
thanks for dropping by :)

adventurousfeet said...

@June Osida Benitez

adventurousfeet said...

i already add yours :) thanks for dropping by

adventurousfeet said...

go register! i know you'll love it. Im still planning, pag may budget go na go :)

adventurousfeet said...

i'm just a beginner so I'm not joining the actual competition, but i think i fit well in surf clinic so I'll learn more on surfing :)

Kura said...

ay ano ba yan hindi ako maka-relate. hahah! Surfing is also one of the few sports I'd love to try. Parang ang saya saya pag nakikita ko ang lunod moments ng mga bloggers. lol! thanks for sharing..

Bob Crunch said...

Unfortunately I will be busy during that time but it sounds like a lot of fun. I would not compete, just be there to watch. Oh well, I wish all the contestants good luck!

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Sounds FUN! I miss Pinas :(

fetus said...

my gulay this is me! surf, skim, and longboard! gawwwdddd...

joei ♥ said...

Wow a surfing comp in Bagasbas. I wanna go! (to watch Lang muna hehe)

Lalaine Mateo said...

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thepinaysolobackpacker said...

yihaaa! sana makapunta ako kahet d ako marunong mag-surf, eh kase naman nung nagpunta ako sa Bagasabas weekdays yun tas super excited ako na makakita ng mga nag-surf, ayun tinks pagdating ko walang katao tao. haha thanks for sharing this dear!

Nonoy of Cebu said...

Ganda sana manood nito. Sana makapunta ako sa Bicol sa October.I'm planning to go to Manila on October. Pag matuloy ako, i'll visit Bicol to witness this event. How I miss Naga and Legazpi. :-)

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