Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Enjoying Singapore While on a Stopover

If you're going to be flying and will have a stopover in Changi Airport in Singapore, you'll find a lot to do before you continue on your journey. Whether you have a few hours or an overnight layover, you'll find plenty of options while you're stuck waiting for your next flight.

If your layover is relatively short, less than five hours, you may not want to chance going into town on your own because the drive there and back will shave an hour off your venture. While at the airport you can thoroughly treat yourself to a massage, spa services, work out in a gym, and even hit the showers. You can indulge yourself in a foot or calf massage at one of the many stations throughout the airport, or go further with a full massage or spa treatment. All services are free, so make the most of it while you can.

Singapore's airport also has two free movie theaters and gardens like the Cactus and Sunflower Gardens, the Butterfly Garden, Bamboo Garden, and koi swimming in a pond in the Orchid and Fern Gardens. Your stopover doesn't have to mean sitting in a cold atmosphere wishing for time to move faster because of boredom.

There are also 500 internet stations if you want to surf the net for a while. Whether you're checking email or you want to check out a social networking site, you can easily pass the time away while realizing it. You can also have access to a fax machine, photocopier, and other equipment that will help you get some work done and keep in touch with business associates.

If you'd like to take a dip, head to the Crowne Plaza Hotel which is connected to Changi Airport by a link bridge, and for a small fee you can go swimming. The hotel has its own beautiful gardens and the pool is landscaped for a relaxing retreat. With fine dining available too, you can enjoy a nice meal away from the hustle and bustle of the airport. Of course, if your layover is a long one, you can always book a luxury room for the full hotel treatment.

In the airport you will have a blast with the 4D motion simulator at the 4D cinema. Imagine yourself speeding down a ski slope and actually feeling the wind in your face. With several fun movie titles to choose from, you'll have a unique experience and feel rejuvenated too.

There are several events going on at any given time at the airport, many geared toward keeping the kids occupied and happy, which in turn keeps parents even happier. Opened in May of 2010, kids can have a blast on Singapore's Tallest Slide at T3. At 12 meters high, the kids will be impressed.

Through November 2012, you can earn chances to win in the Be a Changi Millionaire game by shopping in the airport. If you have a Changi Rewards card, you can earn more chances to win. Becoming a millionaire while stuck at the airport would have to be the best thing ever.

If you are able to go into the city, take advantage of sight-seeing tours available from the airport that will take you into Singapore. You can book the tour for free, though it is first come, first served. Tours run several times a day and last two hours.

Having a long layover at an airport can be brutal, but if you're lucky enough to have one at the Changi Airport, you might wish your flight gets delayed. It's almost too good to be true. 

This article was written by Ross a freelance blogger, who loves Singapore and writes at


tour packages singapore said...

Thanks for sharing blog..Singapore is very good City.
I love it

Hbeautytips8 said...

Interesting blog..great place to visit.

Unknown said...

Hi, we would be flying from Clark to Phuket and we have a layover at Singapore of about 18 hours.Can we go out of the airport? Are there papers that we need? Can you give us advise on what and what not to do when we do go out?

adventurousfeet said...

hi kim are you a Filipino? as long as you have passport then you can, there's no visa needed. maybe you just need to show your flight details and told them you'll just explore the city in a few hours.

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