Thursday, February 21, 2013

Convenient Shopping For Travelers

Imagine a time I had wish I could go to the mall for a walk and shop for some items.  There are times I wasn't able to do that as I've been too occupied with work during weekdays, and been very busy with personal stuff during weekends.   In that favorable moments, sometime early this year, my officemates were busy looking at this site, Lazada Philippines, as they religiously looking for some items they plan to buy.   

I'd like to share some remarkable items I think fit for travelers, you can also find more here

Whether your travel is day trip or for few nights, one of the most essential thing you have to consider is a bag.  Investing a quality bag is really worth that lasts long.

i like this one, it's light and of unisex color

bag to properly protect your camera, one of the most expensive thing one could bring 

After I visited Hong Kong and Singapore, I realized that luggage is really a must have if you plan to go there.  Conveniently, all of their train stations do have escalators and bringing luggage inside a train is really not a problem.  I'm aiming for one, for my future travel.

Green is one of the lucky colors for 2013

Funky design for girls

Travel wouldn't be complete without essential things to organize or secure your things.  

This is a must have, a plastic pouch bag that should be used to put your toiletries.  

light lock for secured things

I have this one, I used this kind of 'chick' bag to camouflage my camera while in the street

I had my fare share of online shopping and I thought it's just the typical online website where buyers and sellers meet, a portal to connect and shop.   But this is different.  I don't have to check a seller's portfolio and feedback to see if they are trusted sellers.  You shop at Lazada itself.  Items here are brand new with warranty and offers free delivery for Php1000 and up.

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