Monday, August 11, 2014

Part3: Trip to Siquijor Day 3 - Things To Do in Siquijor | Places To See Part 2

We still have one day to explore the so called Mystical Island of Siquijor.  So far we enjoyed, the spots we already visited.  Now that we still have another day to explore, here's other places we checked out.

First, we had our breakfast in JJ's Backpackers where we were staying.  There's not much place to eat around so we just opt to dine here everytime.  They also have a bar for those who'd like to drink at night.  While waiting, we just wander around and took some photos.

JJ's Backpacker is a dorm type and tent accommodation.  The house on the right is where the owner stays.  In the left is their cafe area.

Enjoy na enjoy po ang koreano

JJ Backpacker's serving american and filipino breakfast.  It costs usually Php 100++.

First Stop: Capilay Spring Park

Our first stop which is very near JJ's is the Capilay Spring Park.  This park is free for everyone.  There are tables around where you can sit, relax or have a picnic.  We've seen quite few locals enjoying their dip in this spring pool.

Second Stop: Buying a Love Potion

Siquijor island has a reputation to be a place where sorcery is being practiced. Siquijor is famous for their faith healers and mangkukulam. We went ahead to see one because Angel wanted to buy a love potion aka gayuma to give to her friend as a pasalubong.  We met an old lady, a typical grandmother (yes, her daughter and granddaughters is living with her), wearing her normal clothes.  We also saw a woman who went there to hire her "kulam" services.  I took her picture but I guess I don't want to put her pic on web. Takot makulam, eh?  The love potion, costing around Php 1k++, told us to just use it to one person only for it to take effect.

Off to her house

Love potion. Angel, did it work to your friend?

Third Stop: Cantabon Cave

On our next stop, we went ahead to explore the Cantabon Cave.  Isn't amazing that Siquijor got a lot of places to see?  Siquijor got great beaches, beautiful waterfalls, interesting story of faith healing and sorcery, and now this!  We're about to do spelunking!

Our kuya driver already knew where to go.  We went to Cantabon barangay hall first to register and pay the necessary fees.  You can book a guide in advance but it seems like the cave was not as popular as other tourist spot here in Siquijor.  We didn't wait at all, there were two available guides that guide us during our spelunking activity. 

Cantabon Cave is not as 'hardcore' as the caves in Sagada, but being a fan of cave, I think it was worth a visit.  It is required to wear a helmet because most part of the cave is low and your head might hit the ceiling.

Pagoda mirasol!

Fourth Stop: Kagusuan Beach

On our next stop, we went to Kagusuan Beach.  I've read good reviews of this beach, but to our dismay, the beach area was hit by the previous typhoon and that nobody took care of the beach after.

They say Kagusuan beach is famous for its rock formations and private area to swim but the area is not swimmable at that time.  We just wandered around, took some photos and went back to JJ's Backpackers after.

While heading back to JJ's, the tricycle got broken.  Kuya told us to wait as he will go to the nearest talyer to fix it.  We  walked the street for few meters, then we met these bunch of kids curious about us. 

We got a little conversation and had fun chatting with them.  They were busy practicing a dance number for the upcoming Banana festival in their town.

Makopa (macopa) fruit, when was the last time you had them?

They were so kind enough to climb a tree to get some makopa for us. We went to their house, just a block away, then they showed us some of their dances to the tune of kpop song.  Her mom would even invite us to eat but then we still have to go back.  How can you not love Siquijor with these people! Kuya driver is only across the street that he saw us and picked us up from there.

Hilot | An Art of Healing

Later that evening, we availed the hilot service in JJ's.  Hilot is an ancient Filipino art of healing, commonly used to relax stressed muscles.  Apparently, we met one of the famous manghihilot in Siquijor.   We learned that there were numerous foreigners out there who would stay in Siquijor for few months because of their healing massage.  The best thing I like about it is that he knew something wrong with you while he is massaging you.  Like I was told there's something wrong about my lungs (yeah, got problem with my lungs few years ago), and liver (I realized that now).

The pretty lady in the picture above is the manghihilot's observer.  She's a writer, working on a book, regarding all the facts about hilot as an art of healing. 

Dinner time is ready! Last supper na ba to?

Because it's our last night in Siquijor, it's socials night!  We took this time to mingle with our new acquaintances.  I learned so much about Siquijor, faith healing, and the sorcery stuff.  I also learned that every holy week, there's a healing festival in Siquijor, that's the best way to know more about the healing process in Siquijor.  Cool!

The next morning, we went back to Dumaguete, buy some box of sylvannas in Sans Rival.  It is one of the famous sweet delicacy in Dumaguete.  Another awesome adventure with awesome friends.  Siquijor is love. :)

Thank you for patiently waiting for this series.  (Too busy at work)  Will post the itinerary and expenses soon!

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