Thursday, April 2, 2015

Quezon City: Photowalk at UP Diliman and Quezon City Circle

Last year, my officemates decided to do a photowalk session around UP Diliman and Quezon City Memorial Circle.  It was a short afternoon trip nevertheless we enjoyed the stroll.  
beautiful trees around UP

TJ and Leonard adjusting their cameras

they just look so cool

trying out a panning shot, failed!


My ginger feet

Lara became our model for the day haha!

One of the monuments you can see around UP

ice cream cart wheel

We love ice cream!!

post no bill



Nix pacute!

Quezon City Memorial Circle

Food stalls around QC circle

need no gym?

kids having fun

The Quezon Memorial Circle is a national park and a national shrine located in Quezon City, which became the capital of the Philippines from 1948 to 1976.

Its main feature is a tall mausoleum containing the remains of Manuel L. Quezon, the second official President of the Philippines and the first of an internationally recognized independent Philippines, and his wife, First Lady Aurora Quezon.

water fountain in QC Memorial Circle


Anonymous said...

Nice :D

Angela Jane said...

Ang galing lang. paturo master :)

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