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Part9: Cebu-Bohol Trip (Day4) - Balicasag and Virgin Island Escapade

Aside from extreme adventure and land tours in bohol, one of the best attraction here is the balicasag tour. Balicasag Island is best for diving and snorkeling.  The best time to do this is early morning with Dolphin watching first, but because this is not part of the plan, we end up doing it in the afternoon (just did swimming and beach bumming in the morning).

Balicasag Island

Cool blue seawater of Balicasag Island, it takes about an hour to reach it from Dumaluan Beach, maybe shorter travel time if you'll be coming from Alona beach. 

Ask directly from boatmen for this tour and not from the resort. It is much cheaper.  It was offered to us at Php 2,000 by the resort.  I would like to thank Kuya Gilbert from Whites and Greens for being so hospitable even if I didn't stay at their resort.  He gave me Kuya Doro's contact number too.  Once you reached Balicasag Island, you still need to rent snorkeling gear and boat for your snorkeling. There's no electricity here during the day. Our boatman is not allowed to guide us to the snorkeling area, there's another organization/operators in Balicasag doing it.  Many species of fishes and beautiful corals are waiting for you here.  I so love Balicasag. :)

TIP: Bring breads or flakes during snorkeling!

Kuya Doro
Contact Number: 09396093005
Php 1,500 - Balicasag Island
Php 1,800 - Balicasag and Virgin Island
His boat can accomodate upto 10pax, with lifevest

kuya doro and his boat
Balicasag Operators
Php 300.00 boat rent at Balicasag Island
Php 150.00 each for snorkeling gear

eating grounds in Balicasag Island
OPTION: You may also try diving!

Virgin Island

Our second and last stop, the virgin island. An island extending to its long stretch of sand.  Better to visit this island when the sun is up. 

is it korean? i just took a picture :)

It's time to bid goodbye to some islands of Bohol.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful photos! really great posts! =)


adventurousfeet said...

thanks edz!

Anonymous said...

nice shots! it's a beautiful spot!!!w'ere planning to visit cebu and bohol next year!!!

adventurousfeet said...

@anonymous enjoy your visit next year!

Anonymous said...

hi, is it possible to do the dolphin watching, island hopping, and panglao tour (bee farm, hinagdanan cave, etc.) in just one day? or until maybe 5:30pm of that day to be exact because we still need to go back to cebu for our flight. thanks a lot. :)

Unknown said...

hi, we were offered:

3500php for the danao-country side tour (pick-up in tubigon, EAT danao, blood compact, baclayon church, python, tarsier, hanging bridge, man-made forest, butterfly sanctuary, chocolate hills, drop-off in panglao) car rental and 4600php if all entrance fees and lunch at loboc river is included.

2100php for the dolphin watching and island hopping including the boat ride to balicasag and virgin island, boatman, lifeguard, snorkel gear, boat ride to snorkel area and lifeguard.

1800php for the panglao tour (bee farm, hinagdanan cave, ostrich, dauis church, panglao church and watchtower) car rental and 1910php if all entrance fees are included.

is it expensive or just enough? and is it possible to be done in two days? thanks a lot. :)

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Marie,

I think the rates are just enough.

Danao-Country side tour is definitely a whole day experience.

I haven't tried everything in panglao tour but dolphin watching and island hopping will take you about half of your day (depending on how long you will be staying in virgin island and snorkeling in balicasag) so it's important to watch your time. Of course you still need to have your lunch, so kindly ask the car rental how many hours the whole panglao tour will be finished. I've only checked bohol bee farm in panglao tour because like you we also need to get back to Cebu. Our Bee farm experience took us more or less 1 hour.

Unknown said...

thanks a lot adventurosfeet :) we decided to just have the countryside tour for our first day for 1,800php with a target of 12 spots including bohol bee farm and hinagdanan cave then dolphin watching and island hopping for the 2nd day. If time permits, we may also try diving but according to the dive shop that I'd asked, they normally start their dive session at 9:30am. :( we'll just try the E.A.T. Danao activities next time we visit bohol.

By the way, do you have any idea on how far Taoist Temple from Sampaguita Suites would be?

Thanks a lot. :)

adventurousfeet said...

Taoist temple is far from downtown city roughly about an hour ride to reach the site.

enjoy your stay there! :)

Cagayan de Oro news said...

(Sigh)I've been longing to re-visit Bohol for how many days. Goodie that this month I'm gonna have vacation! woohoo!

real estate bohol said...

amazing photos... you're a big help to the booming tourism industry in bohol

adventurousfeet said...


Anonymous said...


This is a wonderful and informative blog! Your blog has inspired the travel IT that I am making for our trip in May.

I have one question po. How long did it take for the Balikasag and Virgin Island Adventure? What time did you guys get back to the beach resort? We havn't decided if we head to the pier after or spend another day at the beach before heading back to cebu.

Thank you so much! :-D

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Thanks for dropping by :)

We did this trip in the afternoon started around 1-2pm and then we got back at our resort around 5-6pm. But I think it's better that you'll do this early morning.

If you don't mind skipping snorkeling at Balicasag, then you could just enjoy the wonderful beach in Panglao. But if you still have lots of time, you can try it :)

fetus said...

gawd balicasag is a haven for fishes. i'm shamed, i'm from bohol but didn't get a cheaper boat. jan of 2011, we could only find a Php 2,500 boat. tsk tsk tsk...

Evil Thoughts said...

yes, it was said 감사합니다 or thank you. thanks for your religious blog of this tour. i'm doing cebu-bohol too and your blog helped me set our itinerary.

adventurousfeet said...

wow thanks for the translation. enjoy your trip :)

munchwaffle said...

I'm planning my husband's birthday at Cebu-Bohol.

Our itinerary is almost the same, it's good that I get to see how much it will cost and how the tour will go. thanks for the very informative blog! :)

Will make sure to link you in our personal blog site as well once our trip is done ;)

adventurousfeet said...

thank you La Vie Magnifique. I'm excited to see your pics with your husband during this trip :)

Anonymous said...

Anu camera ginagamit mo?? Also, may special kang case para di sya mabasa? Thanks

adventurousfeet said...

for this particular post (part 9) I used my digicam canon ixus 85. Other pics part 1-10 except part 9, I used my dslr canon 450d. No don't have any special case po.

Anonymous said...


fatima said...

we have additional starcraft for Tubigon Starcraft 3 and 9

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