Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Part9: The Davao Experience - Kaputian Beach Park in Samal Island

After the hidden Canibad Beach Cove exploration, we are set to go in the southern part of Samal Island. Because it's a long ride, our motorbike drivers/guides took a break and so we had a chance to check some overlooking somewhere along the highway.

We felt real hunger and we don't have packed foods so we asked our guide/driver  where can we eat cheap meals. They brought us to a carenderia where they usually eat, just few meters outside Kaputian.  Meals usually costs Php40-50.00. Chow time!

a cat in the carenderia where we eat

Kuya Jojo in his biggest smile!

Kaputian Beach

In far southern part of the Samal island lies another white beach known as Kaputian. Kaputian Beach is actually within the same stretch as the Pearl Farm Beach Resort (wish to visit this resort someday hehehe...). Kaputian Beach is of real fine white sand and clear blue waters, just that there are lot of scattered stones/pebbles around the beach. If only stones were cleaned up or put farther away (into the sea), the quality could really be comparable to other highly maintained resorts in Samal Island. 

How will you know it's Kaputian Beach? When you see this sealion infront of you, you'll know you're there. It's genuine and is well-preserved when it died.

Entrance Fee:
(Adults) Php  10-20.00 for daytour and less Php 100.00 for overnight

May rent tables, chairs. Public restroom available.
Cottages and rooms (communal cr) are also available.
Some people here bring their own tents too.
No corkage fees for foods and drinks.
Check this one for other prices:

How to reach Kaputian Beach?

As from the earliest part of my blog one can reach it via ferry in Sta. Ana Wharf  near Magsaysay Park in Davao City. If you'll be coming from other way like from Babak or Penapalata District, no worries because the road to Kaputian is well-paved. While riding a motorbike I actually feel drowsy because of our smooth ride, of course I'm not the one driving it hehehe.  There are lot of habal-habal/motorbikes outside this public beach too.

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Diamond R said...

nalungkot ako doon sa sealion. ang Pula ng bandera espanola,humanga sa ng beach.at nagandahan sa babaeng nakatalikod

adventurousfeet said...

salamat sa pagbisita..

jaz photographie said...

correction po... that stuffed sea mammal is not a seal lion it's actually a DUGONG...hope you enjoyed your stay...

adventurousfeet said...

oh okay thank you will note that!

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