Monday, November 29, 2010

Part3: Bukidnon-CDO-Iligan-Camiguin Trip Day1 - White Water Rafting in Cagayan De Oro City

The Meet-Up

We still have hangovers on our Bukidnon adventure, yet we are already excited on our rafting after lunch. Hehe. We asked Kuya Boyet to drop us in SM mall as one of us needs to buy a pair of rubber slippers. We took our lunch here and wait for our contact person in Redrafts to pick us up.

Kuya Rex is our contact person in redrafts. We're supposed to choose Kagay first during our planning, it's supposed to be a package tour (Dahilayan zipline + white water rafting), but we were only four and it was not in the package (at least 6 or more), eventually we were rejected.  And then, when we decided to try out the flying gecko in Bukidnon our plans changed. We rented a car service for our Bukidnon trip and just avail the rafting only. We forgot Kagay because of  the package negotiation earlier and found out the RedRafts, good for our budget.

Kuya Rex picked us up at 1pm in SM. We travelled most likely for 30minutes to reach the wild river. We rode a jeepney with cool sounds, I'm amazed, jeepneys here are far more hi-tech compared to jeepneys here in Manila. Our raft boat is on top of our jeep.

The Rafting Lessons

Upon reaching the starting point, we changed our clothes to proper swimming attire. We left our valuables in the jeep, just that we trust them, and thankfully, they didn't fail us. We changed our clothes in a simple house near the river and then had a walk down to the river. They gave us some rafting lessons like forward paddle and back paddle.  We can only bring water and sunblock into the river with their dry bag.

Last group pic and we're off to go! yipee!
TIP: Bring sunblock lotion for protection!

The Ultimate Rafting Experience

Do we need to explain things here? Let's check the pictures and videos! :)



high five! we conquered the rapids!


awesome rapids!

smile guys!

Jump off at this rock!

Here's some of the videos taken courtesy of  redrafts:

wild rapids can't beat us!

surfing with the rapids!

Corrales Avenue (fronting Consuelo\'s Steak House)
Cagayan de Oro City 9000
Phone: +63 (88) 857-RAFT (7238)
Mobile: 09195026317 / 09178556983 / 09228973175

Php 1000 per pax, 4 hours
Advance Course (21-22 rapids)
Inclusive of photos and video in cd (per group)
Roundtrip pick up before the rafting and drop off after the rafting
Rafting orientation and guides
Swimming and rock top jumps to the water
All necessary rafting equipments (helmet, dry bag, etc)

One of us left a watch (he's not aware of it) in the house where we changed our clothes before the rafting.  After our rafting, on our way back to city proper, the house owner asked us about the watch left in his house. So much for good moral! Redrafts drop us near Divisoria because it's already closed and they are not allowed to pass by. I'll recommend them definitely for their honesty and humor! 

If you're in Cagayan De Oro, do not miss this one!!! Definitely worh a try at least once in your life! :)

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pictures of bali said...

very good adventure. the pictures are all good and the video is very interesting. the question is, are you on there ?

adventurousfeet said...

yes of course I'm here! :)

Anonymous said...

difference between kagay and redrafts? sa kagay walang ganitong video, buti pa sa redrafts meron.

adventurousfeet said...

Siguro mas prestige lang ang kagay. at mas sikat

fetus said...

high five! ang galeng talaga :)

@anonymous uo nga walang video ang kagay... tsk tsk tsk

adventurousfeet said...

sana sa future magkaron na din sila free of charge :)

tengturista said...

makes me more excited of my CDO trip!

cagayan de oro house said...

When visiting Cagayan de Oro, whitewater rafting is a must. It's one of the most adventurous and exhilarating experience you could ever have. Been there, done that and wooh, I couldn't still forget the feeling.

Kriza @ cagayan de Oro Philippines said...

I love your first photo. If I'll be having my water rafting again I would definitely have great shots on the cave part. I really love water rafting because they always gives me thrills and excitement. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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