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Part10: Bukidnon-CDO-Iligan-Camiguin Trip Day4 - White Island, and other tours in Camiguin

My Bukidnon-CDO-Iligan-Camiguin series is about to end. Yey! On our last day, our plan is to visit White Island in the morning then take a peek at Katibawasan falls, and Giant Clams Sanctuary after.

White Island

It was raining real hard when I woke up around 5am on our 4th and last day. I was nervous that the last league of our adventure would not be successful.  I could not sleep again because of my worries, so I just prayed and wished that it will stop (Should I try some sun dance here? ).  At around 6:30am the heavy rain stopped but I'm still seeing dark clouds outside, so I asked Kuya Poloy if it's still okay to visit White Island during that time.  Kuya Poloy, our contact at Pabua cottages told me that water in white island is clear so we won't miss the fun.  Hooray! At 7am we were off to the shoreline beside the Paras Resort (only few walks from Pabua) and so we go to white island for more or less 10 minutes travel by boat.  Just get your boatman's cellphone number and he'll be back in no time when you're done exploring the island. :)

Boat to White Island: Php 400/boat roundtrip
Environmental Fee: Php 20/head

White Island is a white sand bar without any shades or trees, shaped like a horseshoe. If the sun is up, better to visit the island early morning or bring your sunblock too.  There are locals who will ask you to rent their snorkeling gears or umbrella so make sure to prepare to decline if you're not up to it.

I was excited too when we're going to taste sea urchin one local is selling for Php 10.00.  There are souvenir items too for your friends.

Katibawasan  Falls

After our White Island escapade, we went back to Pabua Cottages to prepare for check out as Kuya Chris is already waiting for us outside.  Our next stop is at Katibawasan Falls.  The weather is somehow cold so we just pay a visit and took some pictures here.

Entrance Fee: Php 15/head

Giant Clams Sanctuary

Last but not the least, is the Giant Clams Sanctuary.  Their seabed comprises of around a thousand of small ang big clams in which you should not miss - never.  The biggest clam they have is about 1 meter. This is highly recommended by a forum so I really took the chance to visit the place.  This is run by local's cooperative and the people are so kind and down to earth.  The local guide will first explain everything you should know about clams.  But I suggest you should do snorkeling here to really appreciate the place.  At first, it looked like a normal beach to me, but once you get to explore it, it's extra ordinary.  Too bad i don't have any underwater camera but there are beautiful table corals, different fish species and lot's of giant clams around.  I enjoyed it unexpectedly!!!

Entrance to Giant Clams Sanctuary: Php 25.00/head
Snorkeling Fee:
Foreign/Local - Php 150/head
Mask and snorkel - Php 100/head
Floaters - Php 50/head
Goggles - Php 50/head
Flippers - Php 100/head

They also offer glass paddle boat tours, I took a screenshot for the rates.

Our snorkeling for an hour ended at 1pm.  We decided to go back to CDO and take the 2pm or 3pm  roro ferry from Benoni port of Camiguin to Balingoan Port.  For the transportation details, please see this link:

Other Options:
You can have a sidetrip to Mantigue Island costing Php 500/head
Have lunch at J&A Fishpen (We heard it's somehow expensive so we skipped it hehe. Just had our late lunch at Benoni Port)

Going Back To CDO

We arrived in CDO at 6pm, then we bought a lot of  yummy Vjandep Pastel (Php 60 for 6pcs., Php120 for a dozen) in Agora Bus Terminal.  We checked in at D'Morvie again for 12 hours rate because we're going back to Manila early morning the next day.  We decided to had our dinner at Limketkai Mall to see what's around it.  This trip had a lot of adventures which is a one dream vacation I had.  Hope you had fun reading my blog series! :)

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Nonoy said...

Wow1 You got a very lovely pictures from your tour. What camera do you use? if I may ask?

You're a talented photographer.;-)

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Nonoy,

Thanks for dropping by, I used canon 450d for the pics. I'm not a photographer really, I still need to learn a lot :)

btw, your site is impressive too :D

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Love the first photo! Pink sky :) Great photos and awesome adventure!

adventurousfeet said...

@pinay travel junkie
thanks! we really have something in common hehe

Calvin said...

yan ang namiss namin. the giant clams. i didn't do much research on what to do sa CDO. hehehe. it's ok though since nakakita na rin nman ako ng giant clams. nice post! :)

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Calvin,

I'm a fan of your blog and it was nice to see your post here! It's ok, more travel for us! :)

Anonymous said...

your blogs really helped us a lot in planning for our mindanao trip on holy week. Loved every bit of your detailed trip especially the costs, transpo, food and tips.

adventurousfeet said...

no problem, it's just my way of saying thank you because i also read blogs to get info before my trip. so it's payback time!

Anonymous said...

Great adventure! :)

judy said...

hi. thanks for the valuable infos. makes my planning for our NoMin trip next month a lot easier.
after our trip, im keen also on making my own blog to encourage others to visit NoMin also and to help them plan their trip well.
but i need to know how to make a blog (haha)
oh btw, i noticed why didnt you buy your vjandep pasalubongs in camiguin where they have a bakery and resto ( i read they offer good food there, at P99 for a buffet--so will try that)..instead of buying them in CDO?

adventurousfeet said...

yes, it was my first plan but its a lot to carry as we still need to go back to cdo, i bought 4-5 dozens, and 6 half dozens so that's really heavy, my companion bought for his friends and family too

we're not really for the food, but I think if it's good you should try that out :)

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Giant Clams Santuary is interesting. I've never seen an itinerary of Camiguin trip where this visit is listed. How's the snorkling with the clams?

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Ian,

enjoyed the sanctuary too much, they have too many clams, both small and giant clams growing up to 1 meter long. Table corals are a must see too. Too bad i don't have a underwater camera, but experience is great. If you love snorkeling i'm sure you'll enjoy it too :)

lakwatserong tatay said... really excited too see those 4 places on our trip. thanks for sharing your trip. i do hope we could do it also...^_^

adventurousfeet said...

you can do it!!

Kriza @ cagayan de Oro Philippines said...

Great shots! And great adventure! I hope you enjoyed your stay here at Cagayan de Oro, there are still lots of places you haven't been gone yet. :)

adventurousfeet said...

yup i know that's why I plan to go back there in the future :)

Anonymous said...

Hi adventurousfeet.
Wonderful adventure!:)

Would like to ask if what is your total expenses each for the whole trip? I just need an idea coz we're planning to visit those places too. Btw, I'm Diane

Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I wanna know also the total expenses...i will follow ur really made me think we can do it...we are also 4 in a group...hope to receive feedback from you =)

Jaycee Dee =)

adventurousfeet said...

hi Jaycee Dee and dianne, we spent around 8-9k (without airfare/pasalubong) for the trip. We were four ONLY on the first day, so I guess it will be much cheaper if you'll be in a bigger group. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.. It was very informative and it will really be a great help for me whose planning this end of the month. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice blog, super informative & helpful! Me & my partner will be in CDO on Dec 10-12 for a 3D/2N (actually its a halfday since on the first day we will be there around 10:30 am) & it makes me confused on how to plan our itinerary. Could it be possible for us to go wwr on the first day? Then on the next day dahilayan adventure park then camiguin? Could wwr guide could accomodate us since were only 2?

adventurousfeet said...

as long as you're going to try wwr on a weekend, yes, the rafting company can fill you up to other groups. The usual afternoon rafting is 1pm so once you were able to contact your chosen rafting company you can ask where can they pick you up upon agreed time. So my answer is yes, it's possible for you to do wwr on your first day. :) If you're going to dahilayan, go very early and make sure to make it on time in Camiguin on the 2nd day.. Somehow going to camiguin is time consuming that you need to alot at least 1.5days as there are lots of spots to visit there. If you have limited time, choose only the places you want to see in camiguin. That's just my suggestion, it is still your decision. Hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

Tnx's! If I may ask again is it better if we go to dahilayan on the first day, then take the mrng session of WWR before going to camiguin? Can we make it to camiguin at 4PM on the 2nd day? Can we ask the rafting comp for much earlier time to start? I wish I read the blog first before purchasing an airline ticket huhuhu! Yeah ur right we decided to choose the places we have to go.

Ur a really big help!


adventurousfeet said...

Hi Aileen,

As long as you will proceed directly to dahilayan upon arrival in CDO (1030am right?) yes you can do it. You may check their website to check until what time dahilayan park is open so you'll be prepared too(I guess its mid afternoon). By the way, are you going to rent a car or just commute all the way to dahilayan? Commuting will need more time, so make it a habit to always check the time. :)

I think rafting companies got the same time for morning session, and once finished, proceed to Agora Bus Terminal, ride a bus to Butuan so you'll be at Balingoan Port on the way to Camiguin. Yeah, this option is possible too.

And thank you for reading my blog, you guys are my inspiration on blogging helpful travel info :)

Vicky M. said...

hi. saw your blog and photos. do you mind if i ask for your cp as i would like to ask some questions? or maybe pm on fb? thanks in advance.

adventurousfeet said...

please email me at :)

Anonymous said...

hi thanks for an awesome blog... i want to ask if its possible to have the rafting in Thursday afternoon? planning to have a 4 day vacation... from thursday - sunday...

or can you give me an itinerary?

thanks alot...

emmail me at

adventurousfeet said...

hi, kindly email me at I'd be glad to help you with your itinerary but tell me in your email your exact flight details so I would know what IT I could suggest. And yes it is possible to have a rafting in thursday afternoon just that you need to be in group, they may accomodate less people but they probably would charge a little bit higher. With that, you could contact the rafting company you chose for clarifications :)

Pang Seguban Tejones said...

I've read every chronicles of your CDO trip adventurousfeet and it's most helpful specially the directions and rates. Awesome! I'll be flying to CDO in Oct and I'll base my itinerary with yours. Only I'll stay there for 6 days, any other additional places you may suggest as interesting? Thanks! :)

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Pang,

Thank you, I appreciate that you liked reading it. We didn't make it to dahilayan zipline in bukidnon so add it in your IT. You can also try river trekking in Mawapa Nature Park in CDO. You can also try canopy walk in Misamis Oriental. :)

Pang Seguban Tejones said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I will really consider those places. :)

bang said...

Hi! Thanks for this blog. You gave me ideas for our itinerary. Di kasi ako sure if possible ba tong ganitong itinerary sa 3D/2N namin. Sana pwede... kasi our ETA in CDO is 8:30am on the first day and ETD from CDO to MNL is 9PM pa on the third day.

Anonymous said...

hi!thanks for this blog...daming ideas , very informative...we're going to cdo-camiguin-bukidnon-iligan nxt year aug..though malayo pa..could you help us planning?our flight coming aug 6-11 430am flight from manila..from cdo 6pm..we love to stay in iligan during our tour maybe a nite?btw we are only 2 pax mas magastos?...hope you could help us...thanks....

adventurousfeet said...

hi bang.. siguro piliin mo nalang mga pupuntahan mo, as long as you enjoy the place, your trip would be worth it..

ill reply this weekend ha :)

Anonymous said...

hi!ok lng po take your time to help me planning our trip to cdo...wait for your reply nlng...thanks!

adventurousfeet said...


hi sorry ngayon lang ako nagkatime, anyway, mahaba pala ang bakasyon mo 6days ka. And yes, mas magastos po talaga...


You can go straight to Camiguin, and catch the ferry in CDO port
You can either hire a multicab (jeepney) to tour camiguin.
Other option is to commute until you reach your resort then ask where to hire a motorcycle so you can tour camiguin (with this you need to have a Camiguin map and you're willing to tour the island on your own but this is cheaper)
Half day tour in camiguin (after lunch until late afternoon)
stay in Camiguin with your choice of resort

aug 7

Camiguin tour again, dont miss snorkeling in giant clams!
Go back to cdo around 4-5pm
Stay in CDO with your choice of hotel

aug 8

Go to bukidnon for one day
I'm just not sure if you wanted to hire a habal-habal or rent a car service to tour you for a day. It dependes in your budget :)

If flying gecko is available try it!! - but go to bukidnon very early as in around 5am hehe. You need to make reservation with Ms. Gina
Check the dahilayan zipline adventure as well
See the pineapple farm
Check out Monastery of Transfiguration and museum
Go back to cdo and rest

aug 9

Check out and go to iligan and stay for a night. (as per your request)

You can visit:
Ma. Cristina Falls
Tinago Falls (and other falls as well)
Macapagal ancestral house
Mimar Spring pool
Eat lechon in front of Spring pools.

(You still have the next day to tour it only if you don't have that much time)

aug 10

Continuation of your tour.
Check out in Iligan where you plan to stay
Go back to cdo and check in your hotel. (hope you do this around lunchtime so you have more time to explore CDO)
You can go to Divine Mercy Shrine in Himaya El Salvador, Cagayan de oro city or go to mapawa nature park(they have their website but ubtil 4pm only) for nature tripping.

aug 11

White water rafting in the morning! I chose this to be your last because aug 11 is a saturday, you can ask the rafting company if its okay that you'll be joining other groups (tourists usually go on weekends) to lessen the expenses.
Rest and explore the plaza, or malls in cdo, buy pasalubong (especially pastel bread) and prepare for checkout. :)

Note: you can always interchange this IT. The best is you've got lot of times to enjoy the place. And yes, you need to have a lot of budget for this one.

adventurousfeet said...

and thank you for reading my blog :)

Anonymous said...

hello.=) i purchased a ticket aug 20-23 next year bound to cagayan de oro. its just me and my mom. we will stay in cdo. i would like to ask if its possible that we will visit camiguin in 1 day only? i was thinking if we can go early in the morning and go back to cdo in the afternoon. is it possible to visit the white beach and other spots? thanks!=) i really have no idea about this trip but when i read ur blog, im now more confident.=)

adventurousfeet said...


i would not really suggest visiting camiguin in one day. Unless you have picked only FEW spots and you go to camiguin very very early via balingoan port as in you have to be at the port at 6am (balingoan is around 1.5 hrs away from CDO), then you can tour around Camiguin at longer hours and you'll be able to back in late afternoon. :)

Anonymous said...

hi adventurousfeet! can you suggest an itinerary for 2 persons for cdo,malaybalay,camiguin,iligan we will go there dec 27-31..

is it advisable to have wwr and dahilayan adventure in one day?

we will also visit a friend in malaybalay bukidnon
Thanks! your blog have been really helpful!

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

excited na ko to snorkel at the giant clams!!

adventurousfeet said...

naku sir christian mukhang aabangan ko yang mga pics mo dun hehe!

Mischele said...

hi sir! thanks for sharing your northern mindanao experience. worth reading kahit hanggang part 10 pa siya..nice will help me a lot in making our itinerary. we will be in cdo kasi next month from feb7-11 (5days,4nights. im planning to have the first two days spend in camiguin,3rd day at dahilayan and exploring around cdo, 4th day at iligan and last day will be wwr.kaso reading your blog,thinks me twice if i will move the iligan trip to our last day since the maria cristina falls is open to public viewing on weekends but im also considering kung may makakasabay ba kami na group sa wwr if we do it on weekday. dalawa lang kasi kami ng friend ko..hope you could help us out on our IT.ang dami kasing pwedeng gawin,isip ko pa nga kung pwede naming maipasok ang pagtrek sa's more fun lang talaga in the philippines..hehehe..thanks in advance =)

Krystee said...

Hello, btw nice blog....would ask your help with our trip to cdo, iligan, bukidnon n camiguin, im with my family, 2 teenager, a toodler n my hubby.....will arrive at cdo at 5 pm on july 26 then beback at manila on july 28 at 9:00 pm so that would be 2 nights and 2 days....i can use two whole day for the trip....would really be thankful for ur help.... My 2 teeners, both girls are adventurous n so is my husband while im not but love nature, my youngest is just four years of age and also a girl... Hope this info can be use for my iterinary.... thanks n God Bless!

Ps. Include ur estimated expenses....transportation, entrance, activities n hotel....much appreciated

-ay-uis- said...

Now I'm itching to visit them places! Ang ganda ng Pilipinas, di mo na alam kung anong unang pupuntahan! Well, definitely, your entry will be of great help to my future plans. Hehe. Kudos!

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