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Part3: Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud Day1 - The Ultimate Vigan City Tour

We have the list of places to visit,  but somehow we were clueless on which to go next.  Asking one vendor from the calle crisologo, she suggested to continue walking to reach the Crisologo Museum.

2nd Stop: Crisologo Museum

Crisologo Museum is a Vigan Ancestral House turned museum which used to be a residence of the Crisologo Family. Flor Crisologo was a congressman during his time and the one who established SSS or Social Security System. He was assassinated (shot in the head) at the Vigan Cathedral probably due to political issues. 

We took a tricycle to Syquia Mansion to make our tour much faster.  We paid Php10/head (2 tricycles).
3rd Stop: Syquia Mansion

Syquia Mansion is the ancestral house of Doña Alicia Syquia, the wife of our 6th President Elpidio Quirino.  It was interesting to know that Alicia's family is actually a chinese clan with their surname Sy Kia eventually became Syquia as its Spanished version.

The ground floor seems like nothing, but wait until you see the actual mansion on the second floor.  Antiques and prestigious paintings/portraits are everywhere.  The patio and the furnitures were beautifully maintained as well. 

Fee: Php20/head

4th Stop: Plaza Salcedo, Vigan Cathedral, Plaza Burgos
The heat is too much so we took another tricycle to our last stop before lunchtime. (Tricycle - Php10/head) Plaza Salcedo, Vigan Cathedral, and Plaza Burgos is just beside each other.  Nothing much to see with the plaza plus we're really hungry so we just took some pictures of the place.  There's an ongoing wedding at the Vigan Cathedral, funny I was able to take some shots which I think they didn't mind.

5th Stop: Plaza Maestro for lunch

Just beside Plaza Salcedo is the Plaza Maestro - a Vigan mall, built like an ancient house too. We ate here for lunch and roam around to buy some stuffs.

6th Stop: Burgos Museum

Around 1pm, we walked towards Burgos Museum, passing by the Ilocos Sur City Hall.  We realized then that we arrived early in the museum so we waited until it opens again.

The economic life & Iloco-Kankanay-Itneg's culture is the museum's ground floor while the memorabilia & photographs of the Burgos Family will be seen on the second floor.  If you can recall Philippine history, Father priest Jose Burgos is one of the martyred-priest accused of mutiny by the Spaniards during their colonization in the country.

Fee: Php10/head

7th Stop: Pagburnayan Jar Making

We took another tricycle to Pagburnayan Jar Making. (Php 50/tricycle). You'll be able to witness how a jar was made by hands. If you think jar making is easy, then you're wrong! Out of curiousity, we tried it out! It was a lot of fun, and even though most of us failed at first try, the actual experience is totally remarkable.  One jar maker taught us how to make one, we just gave him a tip after (pangmerienda).  

Boys vs Girls!
yeah, mukhang mas magaling ang girls hehe

8th Stop: Hidden Garden

Tired but we're still up for more! Took another tricycle to Hidden Garden.  The 2 tricycle drivers charged us Php80/tricycle, I contest! It was very much closer compared from our ride from Burgos Museum to Pagburnayan.  I told them, "Sobrang mahal naman manong!" (Too costly!) They probably felt the guilt so our negotiation went down to Php50/tricycle.

Hidden Garden is a very relaxing restaurant garden quite far from the city proper of Vigan. Plants are all over the place, good ambiance, but don't expect much on seeing flowers here.  We tried the famous Vigan Empanada too for Php45.00.  (They also have a unique comfort room that you should try hehehe.)

9th Stop: Baluarte ni Chavit

We took another tricycle to witness Chavit Singson's proudly owned Baluarte (His real name pala is Luis Crisologo Singson, maybe he's part of the Crisologo clan in Vigan).  I've seen Baluarte featured numerous times on television, and I'm proud to be seeing this at last.  I think Baluarte started for Chavit's love for animals, and he opened this zoo for public without any entrance fee. 

There's an ongoing program too and lucky us we were able to participate. After that, we enjoyed taking pictures around!!

10th Stop: St. Paul's Cathedral and Bell Tower

It was around 530 pm and off we went to St. Paul's Cathedral and Bell Tower aka Bantay Church Belltower.  This is located in Bantay, Ilocos Sur.  If you can remember my first post, the Florida bus dropped us off at the gas station which is actually infront of Bantay Church and Belltower.  It was already closed, luckily, the guard was still there so we were able to get inside the area.  We gave him tip too for his snack.

TIP: Avoid going to Vigan during Mondays. Museums/mansions are usually closed on Mondays for cleaning and maintenance. Usual viewing hours: 8:30am/9am-11:30am / 1:30pm-4:30pm
Other place you may want to visit as well:
  • Juan Luna Museum
  • Celia's Longganisa
  • Vigan City Palengke
  • Irene's Empanada - my officemate Jepoi (he's from Vigan) suggested this place if you want to try empanada too.

We didn't notice the time and it was getting dark.  We went back to Casa Teofila Lodge to have some rest.  We're sleepy and exhausted, maybe we need to freshen up for our dinner.  (Php80/tricycle)

This is part 3 of MY ILOCOS SERIES:


Batang Lakwatsero said...

buti pa kayo nakapasok sa museums.. closed sila nung pumunta kami grr. kainggit.. pati yung burnayan.. lunch break nila nung dumaan kami.. wlang gumagawa ng palayok..

adventurousfeet said...

onga noh mahilig ka pa naman sa mga museums, pwede naman bumalik :) sayang nga yun sa pagburnayan, enjoy talaga yun

Pinoy Adventurista said...

i can't wait for your Ilocos Norte posts... I'll be there next weekend... hehehe!!! =D

Quirky Classic said...

very nice blog :D We are going to Laoag this July. I'm excited to see your blog about Laoag so that we'll know where to go :D may you have more adventures to come!

Unknown said...

Love the pictures, CA! Wanna go back to Ilocos...

C A R L A said...
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Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Naghahanap din me ng guide for Ilocos province trip and then kakapasyal mo lang pala dun... this is a good guide.

chyng said...

barkada trip are always fun, kahit saang destination pa yan.
looking forward sa ilocos norte series =)

adventurousfeet said...

Ang weird bakit kaya may comment na nareremove eh wala naman akong nireremove :(

Aleah said...

@CA, baka yung sumulat ng comment ang nag-remove? Anyway, I've been to Vigan a long time ago. Sayang wala akong pics :( Now I want to go back, for the hot empanada if nothing else. haha

Go Tara Lets! said...

ang angas ng last pic! (clap clap) naalala ko tuloy un trip namin nila lagawan, itchy feet pinay, at byahilo last 2009 sa Ilocos. di ko pa din naba-blog haha anong petsa na! Lol.

Ps: CA ni-add kita sa blogroll ko :)

lakwatsera de primera said...

grabe ang Ilocos series mo girl, marathon talaga at syempre hindi mawawala ang Baluarte ni Ninong Chavit ;)

rica said...

waiting patiently for the rest of the series. trip looks real fun! nakakamiss umalis in big groups tuloy. =)

adventurousfeet said...

@pinoy adventurista
thanks! my pc just crashed, im happy i could start writing again :)

adventurousfeet said...

thanks quirky classic,

pressure na ko, and im really excited to share my ilocos norte trip:)

adventurousfeet said...

super thanks!

adventurousfeet said...

thanks ian,

@chyng yup! the more the merrier!

adventurousfeet said...

@go tara lets
haha tagal na nga nun!
add na din kita :)

adventurousfeet said...

@lakwatsera de primera
true sana ninong ko si chavit hehehe!

adventurousfeet said...

thanks! please bear with me kung mabagal post ko haha

JeffZ said...

epic and classic ang last pic! (rhyme kung rhyme).. hehe

tina said...

hahaha! ang kukulet ng pics! aylovet :)

Edmar del Castillo Guquib said...

=> hello there! Napa-comment ako para sabihing ang cute ng mga pics ninyo kasi ang kukulit lalo na ung nasa crisologo museum kayo at bantay belltower. Tuwang tuwa ako dahil angkulett!

adventurousfeet said...

thanks hehe!

adventurousfeet said...


hehe ako din!

adventurousfeet said...

hi edmar thanks for dropping by. hope you had fun with the pictures ;)

Anonymous said...

nice photos

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Tryk din po ba kayo going to St. Paul Cathedral hindi mo kasi nabanggit? Yung Crisologo Museum ba along Calle Crisologo/Heritage Houses? Thanks!

adventurousfeet said...

hi ian! yes po nagtrike kami ulit from baluarte ni chavit. crisologo museum not along calle crisologo pero nilakad lang namin nasa kabilang dulo kasi siya ng calle crisologo

Unknown said...

hi there i just wanna ask sana if same pa din kaya ung entrance fees ng mga places na pinuntahan nio this year?
I and my friends want to go there by April...

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