Monday, April 18, 2011

Sandari Forest Trekking Adventure for May 7, 14 and 21 at Mount Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas

If you're still thinking where to go next month, why don't you try Forest Trekking Adventure c/o Sandari Batulao with family and friends.  Sandari Batulao is a 800-hectare promising housing develeopment at the foot of Mount Batulao in Nasugbu Batangas. What's good about them is they tend to promote the different plants species, shrubs, and gigantic trees.  A forest guide will be on hand to facilitate the trek, provide information about the plant life within the habitat and help maintain the safety of the participants.   The event is free, no registration fee for joining so take this opportunity to embrace the lush & green picturesque view of Mount Batulao.

Located at Km77, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas and 10 minutes away from Metro Tagaytay, along the Nasugbu-Tagaytay Tourism National Highway, Sandari Batulao is just an hour and a half drive from Makati via the South Luzon Expressway, through Sta. Rosa Exit.
• Bawai’s at Sandari – A Vietnamese kusina inside Sandari Batulao for a taste of authentic Asian flavors
• Sandari View Deck – Bring your own hearty lunch and spread a blanket under the tents overlooking Mt. Batulao for a cozy family picnic
• Roadside Eateries near Evercrest Golf Club – For the adventurous ones wishing to sample affordable home-cooked Batangas fare

1. Assembly will be at Nalé, Sandari Batulao, at 9:00 a.m.
2. Participants will be asked to sign a waiver before they will be allowed to join the trek.
3. Pregnant women, people with heart ailments and those with health conditions that forbid strenuous activities will not be permitted to join the trek.
4. Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes. Slippers and high heels are not advisable. Long sleeved shirts and long pants are recommended to protect trekkers from protruding tree branches along the trail.
5. Participants are advised to wear insect repellent lotion.
6. Participants are advised to bring drinking water.
7. Smoking and littering are strictly forbidden inside the Sandari forest. Likewise, participants are not allowed to pick and take home flowers, leaves and other such items from the forest.

To join, simply visit Sandari Batulao’s Official Facebook page ( to register. They may also call 817-5876 or 894-3019 or visit  for more details.


Pinoy Adventurista said...

Mt. Batulao is one of my favorite hiking destinations... very picturesque!

Batang Lakwatsero said...

pag pumunta ka ms CA, sama ako :)

sioMai said...

Hey CA! Mai here. I was planning to go there but wala pang may gustong sumama sakin. Pwedeng sumabay sayo? Hehe:) Nice blog. I followed it. :D More power!

adventurousfeet said...

@pinoyadventurista thanks! i know you're really up for trekking :)

adventurousfeet said...

nagsign up ako for may 7. Sign up ka na din, pag pwede ako that day go ako. para sabay sabay nalang tayo

adventurousfeet said...

hi mai! sure sign up ka lang po, then sabay na sabay na tayo kung matuloy din ako :)

sioMai said...

Aww..I can't make it on the 7th coz I have prior engagement. Sayang! But I tried signing up for May 14. :) Thanks!

tina said...

ai, gusto ko din toh m-try :) sana ok sa sked ko.

Nwei, out of topic lang, can you please update my site feed on your blogroll, na-tanga kc ako eh. hihi! thanks :)

MarLiesTravels said...

Hi! Thanks for this information.. We will try this as well.. :) Nice blog! Keep it up! :)

Nonoy said...

I heard a lot of beautiful things about Bantangas in Cebu. I just wich I can get there this year;perhaps visit Sandari Batulao. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

lakwatsera de primera said...

This would have been a good reason to finally visit Mt. Batulao, sayang :(

adventurousfeet said...

@siomai enjoy!

adventurousfeet said...

you're welcome!

adventurousfeet said...

come here in manila, papasyal ka namin :)

adventurousfeet said...

lakwatsera de primera
pagbalik mo akyat tayo :)

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They left the place very clean. I asked for the wood to be cut up into stump removal by Lewis Tree Service Inc firewood lengths, which they did. I also asked them to leave the smaller pieces so I could use them for kindling, which was also no problem.

Soil compaction said...

I like your adventure story and waiting for your another new story :)

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