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Corregidor Island: The AdvenTour Challenge

Corregidor Island also known as "The Rock" is a tadpole-shaped island that used to be a military headquarters of Philippine and American forces.  Although Corregidor is near Bataan Province, there's always a misconception that the island is part of it, when in fact it is within the province of Cavite City. It's a must-see place indeed especially to people who would love to go back to old times without going too far, and witness the ruins that once became our defense.

How to Get to Corregidor Island

Getting to Corregidor island is quite easy.  Sun Cruises ferry caters daily trip transfers to Corregidor island from Manila Bay.  You can take reservations at their website or/and tickets can be bought at their ticketing office just beside Harbour square.  The ferry docks beside the Floating Restaurant (inside Cultural Center of the Philippines) but need not to walk as a free jeepney ride is at your service (from ticket office to sun cruise ferry).  The ferry is airconditioned, and while sailing, you can just go up in their open deck to see the view and enjoy the cruise. Travel time from Manila Bay to Corregidor is 1.25 hours.

Corregidor Tours

Upon arrival in Corregidor Island, "Trams" or "Tranvia" buses of Sun Cruises, Inc. will be your means of transportation in the island so exploring Corregidor is just a breeze. 

There are three ways to explore Corregidor:

Day Tour - Different location awaits you during this tour such as seeing the canyons, barracks, lighthouse, ruins, etc., plus a hearty buffet meal during lunchtime.
Overnight Tour - Take the day tour and stay in a comfortable & airconditioned accomodation at Corregidor Inn and enjoy the facilities at the heart of the island.
AdvenTour Challenge - This is the chance for thrill seekers who wanted to explore corregidor in a daring way.  Not your ordinary day tour.  If you would like to test one's strength, stamina, mind, ability of teamwork, and build friendship through an exciting race, then this is for you.

Things To Do in Corregidor Island

I was pretty surprised to know that Corregidor has a lot to offer aside from seeing the ruins.

Zipline - Php150.00
Visit the Malinta Tunnel's Lights and Sound - Php150.00  -- must try experience! I'm planning to do this when i go back to Corregidor again :)
Swimming at their pool
Camping and rock balancing at the beach
Photo Ops

What We Did - The AdvenTour Challenge

When it seems most of us is up for an adventure, we chose to take the AdvenTour Challenge at Corregidor Island.  This is relatively new so we 're lucky to try this out, thanks to Sir Bobby of Sun Cruises and Ivan Henares for giving us an opportunity to do so.

Everybody was so excited with this trip. It's my chance to meet our fellow travel bloggers so this is really special for me.

 Roman and Nicely Rom at sun cruise ferry

Ruins at Middleside Barracks while on our way

Our first stop was the Battery Way.  Because it's a race, we were only given a few minutes to change. Huge canyons will greet you here so we grabbed the opportunity to take a peek and took some shots of it.

We were divided into two groups, red and orange.  But before we started, we took our very first group picture before we head on the race.

Timer starts now!! The clues were fairly distributed among different tourist spots in the island.  Aside from building teamwork, we were able to witness the beauty of Corregidor. Here are some of the pictures taken during the race. 

Chinchan of Juanderfulpinoy, Ivan Cultura of Ivan - Batang Lakwatsero and Mica of MicaMyx

Taking our time to read what's in the clue

Let's just walk

Battery Grubbs
Battery Grubbs is composed of two huge 10-inch disappearing guns.  A disappearing gun  is a type of heavy  artillery for which the gun carriage enabled the gun to rotate backwards and down into a pit protected by a wall (the parapet) or a bunker after it was fire. (See wikipedia for more info).

Battery Way
Heading back to Battery Way, searching for the clue in the Battery Way's storage area.

I still feel strange everytime I look at this picture

Duck Walk Tunnel
You have to bend down, walk like a duck to cross this tunnel.

Corregidor Hospital
Corregidor Hospital  was structurally designed like a shape of a cross so when enemy plane sees it, they'll avoid bombing it.  Japanese did not agreed with the Geneva convention (forbids destruction of medical facilities),  hence they bombed it as if there's no tomorrow.

Mile Long Barracks
It used to be a three-story concrete building with a hurricane proof roof that accomodate soliders  popularly known as one of the world's longest barracks though it's length is really less than third of a mile long.

Cine Corregidor
For entertainment purposes in Corregidor, soldiers usually go here to watch a movie. "Gone with the Wind" is one of the movies lastly shown here.

Pacific War Memorial
We passed by the Pacific War Memorial for our next  challenge.  It was built in 1968 by the US Government, honoring the Filipinos and Americans who fought during the Worl War II.

Eternal Flame Monument

The view from the top

My Team: Marcos of Ambot-ah!, Ada of Adaphobic, me, Lloyd of The Lost Boy Lloyd, Roman of Roman Leo Reyman, and Nel of NelDeLeon

Japanese Tunnel
Crossing the Japanese Tunnel is one of the most challenging part of the race. One of the best experience to try out.  Take the advenTour challenge if you want to get in here.

Spanish Lighthouse
Up for another challenge, the clues brought us here at the Spanish Lighthouse. A beautifully structured lighthouse were constructed at an elevation of 628 feet above sea level.  The original lighthouse was destroyed during the war, so replacement of a bigger lighthouse was built on the same spot.  Souvenir shops are located here as well.

What happen's next? We were on our last challenge, everyone was busy, wanting to win it.  The orange team won, and we lost. Nevertheless, the experience was all worth it! And having new found friends is the next best thing.

La Playa Restaurant
We proceed at La Playa Restaurant to have our lunch, it's a yummy buffet included in the tour with a perfect view to relax, dine and enjoy the moment with your friends and family.

View from the restaurant

Our one day adventure doesn't end here.  We tried their zipline that ends at the beach shore. So much fun!

Ian of Dreams of a Brownman and Aleah of Solitary Wanderer - we're trying out the zipline!

The stunning view at the beach

If I have the time and money, I'll definitely go back here again.  I wanted to stay here for overnight and try out the night tour and visit Malinta tunnel as well. :)

Sun Cruises Philippines

Reservations Office
CCP Terminal A. CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines
Tel. Nos. (632) 831-8140,(632) 834-6857 to 58
Fax No. (632) 834-1523

Sales Office
21st Floor Times Plaza Bldg., Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Tel. Nos. (632) 527-555 local 4511 and 4512
Fax No. (632) 527-5555 local 4513

Corregidor Inn
Corregidor Island, Cavite
Mobile: 0917-5276350


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