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2D/1N Trip to Quezon during Pahiyas Festival - Itinerary and Expenses

Day 1Saturday
4:00AMETD Jac Liner Bus EDSA-Kamias to Lucena
7:00AMArrival in Lucena Grand Terminal
7:10AMBreakfast in Lucena Grand Terminal
8:00AMETD mini-bus bound for Unisan
8:45AMDrop off at Brgy. Polo Crossing
9:00AMTricycle to Lukang Gate (plus few minutes stop over at checkpoint in Pagbilao Power Plant Station)
9:50AMArrival in Lukang Gate
10:00AMOff to Lukang Gate (via two short boat rides)
10:30AMArrival in Puting Buhangin Beach / Kwebang Lampas aka Lukang Gate
10:35AMSwimming! Enjoying the beach! Checking out Kwebang Lampas
1:00PMPick up by our boatmen / Back to Lukang Gate
1:30PMArrival in Lukang Gate - standby in a sari-sari store 
2:30PMOur tricycle arrived, ETD to Brgy. Polo Crossing (tip: you should text him earlier)
3:15PMArrival in Brgy. Polo Crossing, took a normal non-aircon bus to Lucena
4:00PMLate Lunch at Lucena Grand Terminal
5:00PMOff to Lucban - jeepney ride from the Lucena Grand Terminal
5:45PMArrival in Lucban
6:00PMCheck in at J&J's dormitory
6:10PMTake a shower, prepare for Dinner & Pahiyas at Night
7:45PMDinner at Buddy's Restaurant 
8:30PMCheck out house decorations in the streets of Lucban
10:00PMBack to the dorm, rest and sleep.
Day 2Sunday
7:00AMWake up. Prepare for Pahiyas Festival.
8:30AMBreakfast in a carenderia
9:10AMTricycle ride and proceed to Kamay Ni Hesus
9:20AMExplore Kamay Ni Hesus
11:00AMBack to the main streets for Pahiyas house decoration, explore and take pictures!
3:00PMLate Lunch
3:45PMOff to Buy Pasalubong
3:50PMPecto's Bakery to buy apas in can
4:00PMRest and look for Eker and Ely's Lucban Longanisa
6:00PMBack to dorm for check out
7:45PMJeepney ride back to Lucena (doing topload!)
8:30PMArrival in Lucena Grand Terminal and had some dinner
9:30PMJac Liner Bus bound to Cubao
12:30AMArrival in Manila

Date of Visit: May 2011
Number of Bakasyonistas: 6 people

Day 1Group ExpensesPer Head
Aircon Bus Manila to LucenaPhp 218
Breakfast in Lucena (fastfood resto)
Php 70
Lucena to Polo crossing (mini-bus)
Php 20
Tricycle Fare: Polo Crossing to Lukang GatePhp 300/tricycle; 1 tricyclePhp 50
Boat ride to Lukang BeachPhp 250/boat (good for 8 pax)Php 42
Boat ride back to Lukang GatePhp 250/boat (good for 8 pax)Php 42
Non-AC big bus back to Lucena
Php 24
Lunch in Lucena Grand Terminal
Php 100
Jeepney Fare: Lucena to Lucban
Php 30
Accomodation: J&J's DormitoryPhp 1700Php 284
(Php 1500 + Php 200 electric fan charge)

Dinner at Buddy's Restaurant
Php 150
Entrance Fee - Check Point entry in Pagbilao Plant area
Php 10
Entrance Fee - Puting Buhangin /Lukang BeachPhp 50
Miscellaneous Expenses
Softdrinks bought in Lukang GatePhp 50/literPhp 8.50
Other Possible Expenses

Lukang Beach cottagePhp 500
Parking Fee (Lukang Gate) - Van/Car/Jeep Php 100
Parking Fee (Lukang Gate) - TricyclePhp 30
Parking Fee (Lukang Gate) - MotorcyclePhp 20

Day 2Group ExpensesPer Head
Breakfast (carenderia)
Php 60
Tricycle Fare: to Kamay ni HesusPhp 10
Jeepney Fare: Kamay ni Hesus back to Lucban few kms before reaching main streets
Php 8
Tricycle Fare: to Lucban street (from jeepney drop off)Php 8
LunchPhp 80
Tricycle Fare: to Jeepney TerminalPhp 10
Jeepney Fare: Lucban to Lucena
Php 30
Dinner at Lucena Grand TerminalPhp 80
Miscellaneous Expenses
Pansit habhab in the streetsPhp 10
Kiping with sugarPhp 10

Apas/Broas in Can (Pecto's Bakery)Php 100
KipingPhp 40
Eker & Ely's Longanisa (small)Php 70
Eker & Ely's Longanisa (small)Php 140
Miki Lucban (big pack)Php 42
Buddy's Pansit Lucban small (8-10pax)Php 420
Buddy's Pansit Lucban med (12-16pax)Php 560
Buddy's Pansit Lucban large (20-25pax)Php 840

Book your accomodations very early.  Pahiyas festival is being celebrated on a fixed date (May 15).  Other people booked their hotels almost one year in advance especially if it falls on a weekend.  Best if you know some locals who can adopt you for a night. :)
If you plan to visit Pahiyas on the exact day of the feast, go very early to avoid traffic.
You can visit their municipal hall to get a map/ program schedule during the festival.
Parade is around 2-3pm and will pass by along the houses with colorful decorations so look for a spot around that time.
Check out Pahiyas festival at night with a different look with the lights around. :)

Other sidetrips (aside from Kwebang Lampas) would be a trip to:
Majayjay falls
Tsinelas festival in Liliw Laguna 
Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan Laguna
Borawan and Dampalitan Beaches in Padre Burgos, Quezon

Other must try food trip (aside from Buddy's):
Kaffe Klutch for coffee addicts
Palaisdaan in Lucban
Patio Rizal Hotel and Restaurant

Part1: Trip to Quezon Day 1 - Kwebang Lampas / Puting Buhangin aka Lukang Beach in Pagbilao
Part2: Trip to Quezon Day 1 - Night Before Pahiyas Festival in Lucban
Part3: Trip to Quezon Day 2 - Kamay ni Hesus & Colorful Pahiyas Festival in Lucban
2D/1N Trip to Quezon during Pahiyas Festival - Itinerary and Expenses


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wow! ikaw na ang masipag! :) very helpful tlga to CA. sayang d kita nakita dito.

chris said...

I'd love to go to pahiyas pero sabi ng friend ko mahirap daw magpunta pag yung mismong pahiyas na or even the day before it,totoo ba?hindi ba masyado marami tao

adventurousfeet said...

ang problem dun ay traffic :) don't expect na konti ang tao. It's a festival. Normal po sa pyesta ang maraming maraming tao :)

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hello sir, I dont like J&J dormitory, meron po ba dung may pension house. 350 per day..

adventurousfeet said...

hi, if your read my blog series I am not recommending J & J because of our bad experience there. check this out :)

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