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Quezon City: Gloc 9 and Parokya Ni Edgar at 70's Bistro

It was one Monday night of October, when Gloc 9 and Parokya ni Edgar hit the stage of 70's Bistro. I'm one of the many Filipinos who grew up with a lot of Parokya ni Edgar songs.  Almost everybody's a fan, not only because of their great songs but they also manage to stay intact after all these years, where at this point, new bands come into the mainstream continously, and old band members tends to go on separate ways.

It took us almost a year, yes, almost a year, before I was able to watch their gig in 70's Bistro haha. Why?  I was kind of hesitant because of their usual Monday schedule at 70's Bistro, where I still need to get up early for the next day's work.  But upon watching Franco a week before their gig, I realized, whoa, I can manage the puyat pala (sleepless night). Hehe.

70's Bistro is newly renovated.  It was close the whole month of September and even the performers where excited with the brand new 70's Bistro.  The gig performance will start at around 10pm but I wanted to have a great seating view, so we arrived early, around 630pm.  

Entrance fee is Php 250.  Pay it at the door, and a free drink is included with your entrance, just show your entrance ticket to the waiter when you order. They told us they don't reserve seats (first come, first serve basis), but I was amused that the all best seats in front were already taken and reserved. I've been told by the waiter that center seats were always occupied and reserved every night there's a Parokya ni Edgar gig.  Kamag-anak daw nila yun.  (That's their relatives)  Oooh, i see. I was a bit sad but that's okay.  We were at the left side, at least we still manage to have a good location.

We ordered our dinner and two front act bands performed first while everyone's waiting around 9pm.

And so the waiting is over! I went to the restroom and when I got back, a guy in front of me is blocking me that I couldn't pass by, back to my seat.  Ohh.. it's Gloc-9 blocking me haha.

And so Gloc 9's set came first!  Awesome!  The moment he sang his songs, the crowd totally gone high! It's all worth it!  Felt goosebumps when he sang his last song 'Kaleidescope World' (probably dedicated to Francis M. since it's his bday month as well).  It was hard to take pictures because some people who were late and didn't have seats go straight near the center so I wasn't able to shoot up close, plus Gloc-9 rarely face our side hehe.  But nevertheless, the night is young and we enjoyed the performance!  

Gloc 9 called her Protege to perform with him with the song "Upuan".

Gloc-9's performace took around 30 minutes, I was like bitin!  There was a breaktime for setting up of instruments for the Parokya ni Edgar's performance.  Yeah!  Because a lot of latecomers went up to the front, I grabbed the chance to follow them as well haha.  I'm too happy to shoot up close hehe.  

Parokya ni Edgar sang Buloy first, followed by a lot of their hit songs.  What I can remember is Chito telling the crowd "Susulitin natin ang binayad ninyo, na parang ako pa may utang sa inyo!" How cool is that?!   And they're really not kidding! They performed almost 2-2.5 hours with lots of laughters and fun.

It was also Gloc-9's bday celebration, they gave him a cake to blow at least hehe.  Then PNE sang their latest single One Hit Combo with Gloc-9.

You can watch their official video below if you haven't watched it (my cam don't have video capability, I just embedded youtube vid here).

Wanna see the crowd?!


One of the most astig nights of my life!  I will do this again with PNE and invite more of my friends. Don't mind the siksikan haha. Rakenrol everyone! :)

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Unknown said...

great CA! 630 ka nandun pero di pa ren ganun kaganda nakuha mong upuan sabi sa iyo eh.

Unknown said...

Great pictures Ca! PnE reminds me of my high school days. I still know Yes Yes Show by heart. :D

Batang Lakwatsero said...

yun oh. rakrakan na!

Chow said...

Nice pics and article CA. Franco and Hilera uli sa 70s! \m/

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

I miss watching PnE because... Ahihih. Secret. I-PM ko na lang sayo ;p

Nonoy said...

Great experience! I only get to watch Parokya ni Edgar at tanduay Frist Five in Mandaue. I wish i can watch Gloc 9 perform too. Lovely!.:-)

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

rock n roll yeah!
di ko lam bukas pa pala ang 70's bistro!

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