Thursday, July 26, 2012

Foodtrip: Mezza Norte Mercato Centrale Goes to UP-AyalaLand TechnoHub

Mercato Centrale is now on U.P.-AyalaLand TechnoHub in Commonwealth Avenue Quezon City!

Just after work, (how lucky to be working here in TechnoHub!) I took a quick view of the newest foodtrip in Quezon City.  Mezza Norte is a big hit with all the employees working in UP-Ayalaland Technohub, students from nearby schools, and those who want to try different food choices other than restaurants available in the area.

RJ Ledesma had an opening remarks followed by Joy Belmonte, the Vice Mayor of Quezon City.

I took some pictures, I might have another follow up blogpost on the particular food stalls around.  But for now, you can check Our Awesome Planet's website ( for the initial lists of vendors here!

unexpectedly saw my cousin with her friends here. :)

Happy Eating!
Mezza Norte
UP AyalaLand Techno Hub, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

Facebook Page: Mezza Norte
Twitter: @MezzaNorte
Operating Hours: 6pm to 3am every Thursday, Friday & Saturday


Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

swerte mo naman, pagbaba sa office, food trip agad :)

Ada Lajara said...

CA!! Sa Technohub ka rin pala nagwowork! Sa Technohub din ako nagwowork haha!! Malas lang kada long break ko dami laging tao nakakinis HAHA!! Eh yung uwian ko ay 5am eh di na abot :(

adventurousfeet said...

oo nga eh sira ang diet! hehe!

adventurousfeet said...

talaga?! nice sige minsan kita naman tayo dun :)

Anonymous said...

too bad parking fees are ridiculous

adventurousfeet said...

agree. i heard from my officemates you need to exchange 300pesos worth of receipt bought in any establishment in technohub so your parking fee is free :)

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