Monday, December 24, 2012

Pasay City: Dining Experience at Millie's Restaurant in Microtel Mall of Asia (MOA) Manila

Apart from experiencing overnight stay in Microtel Mall of Asia Manila, we had a sumptuous gastronomic adventure at Millie's.  Located at ground floor of Microtel Mall of Asia Manila, anyone can have a chance to dine here without accommodation in their hotel.

Who is Millie by the way?  Millie is the mother of the owner of Microtel Mall of Asia Manila.  She loves travelling and wanted to share the foods she tasted during her travels, hence the experience here is like a taste around the world.

With the new doctrine mostly used today, "shoot before eating", we had a chance of taking photos of the foods served to us cooked and presented by their resident chef Ana Go.  It's a fun experience that we were joking around 'Ms. Ana pwede tumira sa inyo?' (can we stay at your house?).  

(Please excuse my shots, I'm not good in food photography though. )

Millie's Garden Salad at Php 220 
We were served some great appetizers and their garden salad is one of my favorite. So healthy! :)

Calamares Fritos at Php 310
Talking about the good stuff, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.  It comes with two dips so you'll have options.

Blue Cheese Baked Oyster
Yummy cheese melted in oyster.  This is one of the best oyster I've tasted so far.  

Gambas at Php 295
Their own version of Gambas, chorizo added.

Grilled Prawns at Php 410
Prawns!! Prawns!! 

Baby Back Ribs at Php 325
This is one of their best sellers, really worth it for the price I must say.  And the coleslaw is great too!  

Pan Fried Salmon at Php 365
The dish comes with mashed potato.  I consumed a lot of this.

Oven Baked Lapu Lapu at Php 410
This is also a best seller dish.  

Seafood Marinara at Php 245
What I love about seafood marinara is the sauce.  I'm hungry writing this post!

Chicken Parmigiana at Php 325
Cheese melted over chicken, great tasting pasta meal.  

Tiramisu at Php 220
We had tiramisu for dessert.

Panna Cotta at Php 185
And Pana Cotta too.

Shakes at Php 100
My watermelon shake.  This is life. :)

We had our dinner at the rooftop (as it is a special event), but the restaurant is at the ground floor facing the entrance.

The restaurant is accentuated with Millie's collection of different piece during her travels. 

I've seen few of her passports displayed as well. Daming tatak!

Instantly I remember my grandmother because of the bags, (I grew up seeing her different small bags when going to church) like what Millie have in her collection.

Visit Millie's at Microtel MOA and experience the goodness of travel through eating. :)
Coral Way Ave. corner Seaside Boulevard
SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City 1308,


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