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Part5: Singapore Trip Day 3 - Exploring Bugis and Chinatown

On our third day in Singapore, we went out to explore Bugis and Chinatown.  I heard that it is best to go to these places when hunting for souvenirs.  We love buying pasalubong (souvenir or food products) for our friends and family back home.  Yes, most often, it cost a lot but we wanted to share the happiness brought to us by traveling.  I guess that's our culture, Filipinos are so thoughtful. :)

Bugis Street

On our first stop we went to Bugis Street.  It is just few walks from MRT Bugis Station.  Lots of items available here. We looked around for now and ate at another hawker center in the other side fronting the other side of Bugis street facing Little Red Dot Backpackers. 

Bugis Street Street Shopping Location

Durian, lots of it!

souvenir shirts

food products too


Afterwards, we went to our next destination which is the Chinatown!  I'm curious as the only Chinatown I've been to was of course, our own Binondo in Manila.  I'd like to see what in store for us here, and I also took some notes on places to visit in Chinatown in Singapore.

Like Bugis, the street is full of souvenir items to choose from.  Some items are cheaper in Bugis, some are cheaper in Chinatown. The MRT Chinatown station is right the area so no need to worry your transportation.

arrival in Chinatown upon exit in MRT

cute stuff toys found in Chinatown

Even though many tourists flung in this area, the place is clean and lively with its colorful houses and chinese decorations.

street in Chinatown

While walking continuously to visit a famous temple here, we saw lot of old men (senior citizen) gathered in an area, and as I checked, they were playing Chinese Chess perhaps.  I instantly remembered our old men playing chess in Luneta Park (Philippines).

his turn now

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is a Buddhist Temple located in Chinatown.  Based on wikipedia, the temple is based on the Tang dynasty architectural style and built to house the tooth relic of the historical Buddha.

The temple also houses One Hundred Buddhas.   Placed at both sides of the main hall of the temple are statues of One Hundred Buddhas, which are mentioned in the "Sutra of the Names of the One Hundred Buddhas".   In this sutra, Buddha told Sariputra, "If a devout person hears the name of the present Buddha with reverence, he will be protected from all evils, accumulate immense merit, accomplish the Way of Bodhisattva and gain knowledge of the past, present, and future."


The temple like any other religious temple is 'sacred'.  Anyone who visits the place must where a proper attire.  Nevertheless, they do provide a cloth to cover woman's legs

One Dollar Ice Cream

Upon exit of the temple, I saw a man with his cart selling ice cream.  I've been looking for it all over Orchard Road but unable to see one, lucky I got to buy one in Chinatown.  They say it is a MUST TRY when you're in Singapore.

The Famous 1 Dollar(1.20 SGD) Ice Cream

Their version of ice cream bought in the street is really delicious. It is sandwiched between wafers and I love it.

Maxwell Food Centre

Another famous hawker food center in Singapore is the Maxwell Food Centre.  I was able to get a free map in Suntec City so I just follow where Maxwell is located.

It's almost lunchtime so we ordered rice meal, mine was Chinese broccoli and Hainanese chicken rice.  Not just tourists, but lot of office workers are also dining here.

the busy Maxwell food centre

my meal

Lomography Shop

Walking onto our next stop, we passed by this shop and I couldn't resist getting inside.  Being a fan of photography,  I wish I have enough money to buy a lomo camera.  What's so striking about the store was the magnificent wall of printed photos!  Wow!

the one who assisted me even though he knows I'm not going to buy haha

The wall! How nice!

Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore.  This was the first time I was able to see a Hindu temple and I find the temple interesting with its colorful exterior and interior design.  I entered the temple but too bad I wasn't able to witness any ceremony or prayer time.  There's a fee when bringing a camera inside and you need to leave your footwear outside.

I love it.

great details and bright colors

the ceiling is also a story to tell

Chinatown Heritage Centre

If you want to know the culture and historical elements of Chinatown in Singapore, it is also a good idea to visit Chinatown Heritage Centre.  The Chinatown Heritage Centre opens daily from 9.00am-8.00pm.


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