Saturday, November 9, 2013

Garage Sale Online: Fundraising For Earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda Victims

With the help of social media, you might be aware of all the calamities happened in the Philippines.  From terrifying earthquake which hit Bohol badly, to that strong typhoon named Yolanda causing many people lives in a bad state from Palawan, Samar, Leyte and other part of the country.

We can help.  We can do something even if we don't have much financial resources.

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How you can help?
1. Buy items posted here. Aside from the old clothes to donate, here's a list of items I would like to sell. Things I think worth selling. Prices are in range, adjusted to your budget.
2. Sell your items too! You can send me an email at or you can sell it on your own.
3. Donate via paypal/bpi. If you still insist on cash donations, I have bpi or paypal account.  Just make sure to email me and take a picture of the deposit slip.
4. Prayers.  I always believe that prayers really work.

Shipping Fee is not included.
I hope you understand that everything here is for the benefit of earthquake and typhoon victims.  It's your choice of shipment din but you have to pay the shipping fee.

QC Meet up
I have work during weekdays in UP-Ayala Technohub, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.  If you have time, we can meet. For big items, I would suggest that we just meet nalang.  For weekends, let's meet in Trinoma or SM North or Gateway/ Farmers Cubao, or Welcome Rotonda QC.  Upon agreement and availability lang po, mag-isa lang kasi ako eh hehe.  Thanks for understanding. :)

Send me an email or a private message in my Facebook Page.

If this is something to do with money, of course, you'll expect transparency.  Any items sold or donated for this fundraising will be updated here.  If you don't have access, give me your email so I can keep you posted on email.

This online garage sale will run until December.  Proceeds will be donated and will be posted here.  Of course! Transparency nga eh! Suggestions are very much welcome. Thank you and God Bless You. :D

“Every day you have the opportunity to learn and experience some-thing and some-one new. Seize the opportunity. Learn and experience everything you can, and use it to change the world.” - Rodney Williams

Item #1 - Class A Backapacker's Bag (used once) Php 400-600 - SOLD!
Got this from a college friend Reycel. (I hope di ka naman magalit I'm selling this)

Item #2 - Lagu Beach Towel (never been used) Php700-800 - SOLD!
I won a contest courtesy of Pinay Travel Junkie and I know this cost around Php 1000 in malls.

Item #3 - 2 Pairs of Cute Slippers (never been used) for Php 300 - SOLD!

Item #4 -Puruntong I bought from Cambodia (never been used) for Php 200 - SOLD!

Item #5 - Forever 21 Summer Dress (used once) for Php 500 - SOLD!

Item #6 - Snorkeling Gear (never been used) for Php 350-400 - RESERVED MUNA

Item #7 - Choose Philippines Bag for Php 80
Got this from Choose Philippines family. :)

Item #8 - Air Asia's Pencil with cute toppers for Php 120 - SOLD!
Got this from Air Asia family.  :)

 Item #9 - Casio Calculator fx-991ES (for engineering students) for Php 150-200 - SOLD!
I used this during board exams.  Baka may kapatid kayo who need this one.  Box, nasa akin pa.

Item #10 - Gray Hat (used once) for Php 100
Used this one for an event.

Additional items #11-16 courtesy of Mai Flores of
Thanks girl! :)

Item #11 - Sun Hat for Php 50 - SOLD!

Item #12 - Khaki Fedora Hat for Php 50 - SOLD!
 - Medyo loose lang yung black stash

Item #13 - Brown Toiletries Bag/Pouch BODY SHOP for Php 100 - SOLD!

 Item #14 - Nike String Bag - Needs cleaning lang / hard plastic material for Php 100 - SOLD!
Item #15 - Bloomfields Shower Gel and Body Lotion for Php 150 - SOLD!

Item #16 - Authentic Levis Scarf for Php 100 - SOLD!

Items 17-20 is courtesy of my friend Darlene

Item #17 - Pink Lady Slipper (unused) for Php 100-150 - SOLD!
Item #18 - Air Pump (slightly used worth 99) for Php 30
Item #19 - Fitness First earphones & sports bottle (unused) for Php 70-100 - SOLD!
Item #20 - Cheetah Shawl (unused) for Php 50 - SOLD!

Item #21-22 c/o Mai Flores again

Item #21 - Book: The Purpose Driven Life for Php 60-100 - SOLD!

Item #22 - Chance is a Choice (change cards included) for Php 80-100 - SOLD!

Items #23-25 c/o Abby Enriquez
Item #23 - The Bible Code for Php 60-100

Item #24 - Magnificat CD Album for Php40

Item #25 - Iphone case bought from Apple store (name your price nalang)
- needs cleaning

Item #26 - Sealed and unused Pinoy Comic Book for Php 80 - SOLD!
-with tag price of Php120

Item #28 - Magic Card Playmat for Php 500 - RESERVED MUNA
(orig price 1k) donated by Michael Figueroa thanks pigi!

Item #29 - Parokya Ni Edgar Shirt - Php 200-250 - SOLD!
size L (nilabhan lang po di pa nagamit, malambot sya pramis orig price 500)

Item #30 - Place Mat for 70-80
2 pieces

Item #31 - Itouch 4 casing (never been used) - Php 70-80
bought at Php 200++ 

Item #32 - Bob Ong's Alamat ng Gubat - Php 50-60 - SOLD!
Item #33- Bob Ong's Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin - Php 90 - SOLD!
Item #34 - Bob Ong's Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan - Php 90 - SOLD!
Item #35 - Bob Ong's Kapitan Sino - Php 90 - SOLD!
Item #36 - Pugad Baboy #18 - Php 90 - SOLD!
Item #37 - Pugad Baboy #19 - Php 90 - SOLD!

Money donations
1. Senyora Santibanez- Php 200
2. Tulok- Php 500
3. Mond Carlos - Php 650

Items Sold
1.  Item #2 Lagu Beach Towel (sold to Angel) - Php 700
2.  Item #5 Forever 21 Summer Dress (sold to Mark) - Php 500
3.  Item #4  Puruntong from Cambodia (sold to Abby) - Php 200
4.  Item #16 & #20 Scarf - Php 100 + Php 50 (sold to Senyora) = Php 150
5.  Item #8 - Air Asia pencils (sold to Harris) - Php 120
6.  Item #1,3,19 - Backpacker's Bag, Slippers, Fitness First (sold to Gerry) - Php 1424
7.  Item #15,17,21 - Shower Gel & Lotion (150), Slippers(100), Book w/ change cards (80) (sold to Hannah) - Php 330
8.  Item #9 - Casio Calculator (sold to Elmo) - Php 200
9.  Item #13 - Body Shop Pouch (sold to Carina) - Php 100
10. Item #26 - Comic book (sold to Aldrin) - Php 100
11. Item #14 - Nike String Bag (sold to Tulok) - Php 100
12. Item #29 - PNE Shirt (sold to Ahmster) - Php 200
13. Item #33-37 - Bob Ong books + Pugad baboy (sold to TJ) - Php 450
14. Item #32 - Bob Ong book Alamat ng Gubat (sold to Kareen) - Php 100
15. Item #11&12 - Hat - Php 100
16. Item #21 - Book: The Purpose Driven Life (sold to Helen) - Php 100
17. Item #28 - Magic Card Playmat (sold to magic card player) - Php 500

TOTAL: Php 6,724

I'm also sharing this for my dear manager who used to volunteer in Bohol for a year or so.  You can also give your donations here.

You can also send your donations in Red Cross:
Or here in World Vision Philippines:

So many ways to help...



rregy14 said...

Nice idea adventurous feet :)

blissfulguro said...

galing! gusto ko yung cambodian pants. reserved naman na :(

goodluck on this one CA :)

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow! Great initiative. Thanks for helping affected families of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda Victims.
I've seen also organizations doing relief efforts in the Philippines. See the link:

Budget Biyahera said...

Good Luck, CA! Sana maraming mabenta! God bless you! :)

Elal Lasola said...

ngayon ko lang nakita girl. galing! :)

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