Sunday, June 15, 2014

Foodtrip 101: Adobo Unlimited @ Boni, Mandaluyong

Adobo is a famous and one of the most common meal in the Philippines.  Adobo is an old dish, wherein a raw food, is immersed in a stock or sauce such as paprika, vinegar, salt, garlic to preserve and enhance its flavor.  In the Philippines, adobo is considered a  method of cooking using vinegar (and soy sauce), already had developed independent of Spanish influence.

Me and my friends had a dinner get together in Adobo Unlimited at the back of GA Tower in Boni, Mandaluyong City.   It was very refreshing to see different set of meals inspired by adobo cooking. We couldn't wait to taste the different adobo meals Adobo Unlimited has to offer.

Left to Right:  Rochelle, Lyn-em, Myann, Joi, and Nina, one of the owners of Adobo Unlimited.

Adobo Ghetti.  Didn't expect spaghetti in adobo sauce will taste great!

T-bone Adobo

Adobo Diablo.  This is one of their best sellers, probably because we love spicy foods.

 Pansit :)

Adobo Didas.  Chicken feet! I miss this!

 Sulit Tawilis.  Glad they have this too!

 The Crew

Adobo Unlimited meals are usually below Php 100.  If you're in Boni Ave, I recommend trying it out.  This is just at the back of GA Tower in Boni MRT Station.

We still have to try Adobo Coco (Ginataang adobo), Adobo Liempo Bagoong, Adobo Keso, AdoBangus (Belly), Adobo Flakes, Adobo Squid, Adobo Tofu, Adobo Sisig. Can't wait to go back for more of our Adobo get-together sessions! :)


Travel Underwriters said...

This post is making us hungry! Looks like a delicious, gastronomical experience =)

Lloyd Angelo said...

i love adobo! pero how's the place madikit kasi amoy ng damit yung an worry ko pero parang ang sarap nung tawilis!

adventurousfeet said...

@Lloyd maliit lang po sya na open area sa likod ng condominium. baka pwede naman magtake out para di ka mangamoy. Nafeature na din sila sa tv5 so I guess ok naman siya :)

Unknown said...

The all time favorite food, adobo. Many tourists would love to taste this food when traveling our country.

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