Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Batangas: Summer Company Outing at Stilts Resort in Calatagan

Last month, our company went to Stilts Resort in Calatagan, Batangas for a summer outing.  I wasn't able to join for the last two summer outing, but thankfully, I was present this year. :)

Calatagan beach front

Stilts Calatagan, have a huge area for events.  In our case, it was a company outing.  I love the huge trees surrounding the area, perfect shade for a very hot summer.  I've been to Calatagan before and I know that beach here seems always in low tide. That being said, I don't have high expectations of the beach but more on what to see in the resort despite this.

Our company set up a registration table, they gave us free shirt and other freebies! After registration, we had our morning snack (pansit and barbeque), and took some photos during the program proper! 


360 degrees Camera selfie.  Pahiram ako sir rene!  

Some of QA peeps I'm with

The dance number by our company's dance troupe while everyone enjoyed sitting in mats.

Presentations a la dubsmash.  It was fun :)

Exhibitions eh?

Under the Sea team. Oh-kay. =))

Rihanna's Umbrella

The winners of the presentation.

After the dubmash style of presentations,  part of the program was to play Bingo.  Hanna and I didn't finish the bingo, we went for a walk to explore the resort instead.

Bingo de Janeiro


My ever fave model everytime there's a company outing. 

Stilts Resort is known for their stilt houses for vacation rentals.

The restaurant

More of the girls

The other side of Stilts, another event happening here.

I love the idea of Sungka in chairs.

Some of our managers enjoying the pool

Their pool, one for adults and one for kids.

After exploring the resort, we're back for an afternoon snack.  Yay, more food!  Then afterwards, we took a bath, freshen up, as it was time to say goodbye to an awesome outing.  There are other facilities/amenities available in Stilts such as ATV, their mango farm and a lot more, that we'll probably explore next time.  (Someone bring me here again!)

More photo ops, mga fresh na!

With lunchmates

Oh yan espesyal, last pic! Haha!

Special thanks to Pointwest for bringing us here.  :)  'Til next summer outing! <3


Unknown said...

wow nkapagpost na sya ulet! hehe

adventurousfeet said...

After 58 years hahaha. Ikaw kaya kelan :P

Anonymous said...

it was like WOOOOWWW!!! :D

John said...

How fun!

Unknown said...

Calatagan, Batangas - one of the best places in the Philippines to have an outing or a weekend getaway.

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gary said...


I love the accommodation there,,, is the water deep enough to jump right in??

There is something special about staying somewhere like there,being close to nature and the sea,, love the swimming pool too

First time i have come across your blog, and i just love it

Keep up the amazing work you are doing!!

Anonymous said...

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