Sunday, June 20, 2010

Part3: Cebu-Bohol Trip (Day1) - The Sky Experience Adventure

And you thought our day is over? After we ate our dinner, its time for some fun loving adventure. The Crown Regency Hotel and Tower's Sky Experience Adventure. 

Edge Coster Experience

At the 38th floor of the hotel is their edge coaster adventure. Well, forgive me as I'm afraid of  heights! It will only took you few minutes and its done. Edge, because the coaster is outside the building and can be tilt probably until 45 degrees.

Sky Walk Adventure

At the 35th floor of the building is the Sky Walk adventure, walking at the edge of building with safety equipment around your suit.

Sky Experience Adventure
mon-fri (2pm-12mn)
sat (10am-2am)
sun (10am-12am)
600/pax 2 rides
400/pax 1 ride

Sky Rate’s for Special Events & Holidays

* Whole Day (10:00am to 2:00am)
* Entrance – 250.00/pax (one snack with one round of ice tea)
* Ride – 300.00/pax
* Reride – 250.00/pax
* Entrance with one ride – 400.00/pax (Inclusion: One snack with one glass of ice tea)
* Entrance with two ride – 600.00/pax (Inclusion: One snack with one glass of ice tea)

My only heartache here is that they don't allow cameras! They have their own photographers to take limited shots, and of course who would not want to buy pictures as an evidence? So expensive! You'll have to pay separately for each adventure. For sky walk, it costs us Php 950.00 for 18 shots only (burn in cd) for 4 persons. And Php 550 for edge coaster (burn in cd) for 2 pax. Business as usual.

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