Monday, June 21, 2010

Part6: Cebu-Bohol Trip (Day3) - E.A.T. Danao Extreme Adventure (see the video!)

On our very first day in Bohol, we went to Danao to check the E.A.T. (Extreme/Eco/Educational Adventure Tour) Danao Adventure!  They offer lots of adventure here such as zipline, cable car, plunge - canyon swing (close to bungee jumping), caving, rapelling, river tubing and many more!  This is on first come, first serve basis. The only reservations i think is if you want to do some caving.

You could stay longer here, they offer accomodations too!

This is their zipline adventure.  Definitely one of the highest! 

Do the zipline to reach the other side!

This is the highlight of the adventure anyone should not miss. 

Here's the video!  Enjoy to take the plunge! Bombs Away!

take a "PLUNGE"!!! bohol style! from adventurousfeet on Vimeo.

Some of the rates per head:

Sky Ride Cable Car - Php 250
Plunge Php 700
(45 meters free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter)
Suislide Zipline Back and forth - Php 350
Rappelling - Php 600
Caving - Php 350

To check all other adventure, here's their website:

E.A.T. Danao
- 507-3106 local 187
Ian (Ayan): 0917-325-2426 or Ian (Eyan): 0917-622-7622.
Ana Loinda Saluan
Mun. Tourism Officer
- 0917-3021701
Ma. Weina Saguid
Booking Officer
0921-7594403 / 0917-3021700

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Chyng said...

exciting! :)

adventurousfeet said...

you should try it :)

Anonymous said...

any idea if there are any tricyle available from danao to tubigon after 5 or 6pm? coz we'll be going to cebu the next day after our danao adventure. thnx much! btw, like ur posts! =)

adventurousfeet said...

hmmm... i'm not really sure if there are available public transportation directly from tubigon to danao, but from eatdanao link it can be reached by bus from Danao to Sagbayan then Sagbayan to Tubigon. Fare from Tubigon to Sagbayan by bus/jeep is P25; Sagbayan to Danao by bus is another P25. (vice versa ) you may ask their booking officer if bus are available until 6pm. :)

lucky said...

howow..hope i can experience dat dis coming sept..

adventurousfeet said...

you should :)

Kyutipie_Misay said...

wow!.. i must try that!! :) nice blog.. can't wait to experience plunge this weekend!! :) weee

Stax said...

Hi! How early were you in Danao and how minutes does it take to get from EAT Danao to Choc Hills and Loboc River? thanks!

adventurousfeet said...

i think it could take about more or less an hour

Ash said...

Ohhh! eto pala yung EAT DANAO na nababasa ko. akala ko kung may resto something ito na masasarap ang dishes na dapat di ma missed! ahahah..but I was wrong. Looks fun talaga and they are right naman dun sa tagline nila na you're paying for the experience. :)

Hoping to visit Bohol this year din!

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