Monday, June 21, 2010

Part5: Cebu-Bohol Trip (Day3) - Off to Bohol

We woke up at around 4am for our 5:45 schedule ferry trip to Bohol. Oops! we don't have ticket yet, as the MV Starcraft said before, they do not book in advance.  Again, when we arrived at Pier 1, we asked guys wearing MV Starcraft Shirt where can we buy tickets and he just pointed it out. 


MV Starcraft Cebu to Tubigon (one-way)
Pier 1, Cebu
Non-aircon - Php 200.00
Aircon - Php 220.00

Pier 1 Terminal

The ferry boat is fine with us, good airconditioning, comfortable seat with television much like you're in a bus.

checking our tickets

Tubigon Port is much better location if you wanted to start your day to Danao. Less time travel. As early as possible. Tagbilaran is roughly 2 hours drive to Danao.

To help you visualize and plan better, the above picture is the whole map of Bohol.

Tubigon Port

We already inquired car rentals before the trip because we do not want the hassle of haggling with the drivers at the port due to time constraints.  We wanted to take this whole day to start with Danao adventure then to Chocolate Hills and Land Tours afterwards. 

Kuya Arnel waiting for us!

Php 4000.00
Danao Adventure Park
Sagbayan Peak (optional if time permits)
Chocolate Hills
Man-made forest
Butterfly Sanctuary
Loboc River Cruise
Hanging Bridge - we skipped this one but this is also included
Prony the Python
Blood Compact Monument

This is much expensive than the normal rate of the Chocolate Hills and Bohol land tours, but we were happy because we managed to experience danao and the land tours in just a day. We have only few days here so hitting two birds in one stone is way good for us.  Danao is about 30-45 minutes far from Chocolate Hills. I'm proud to say that our rented car got a very very good air conditioning, we need it because of a very hot weather.

TIP: Try to ask and search for some car rentals with much cheaper price. Haggle!

Other Options:
-You can do Danao Adventures for the whole day, there's a lot more to offer, most especially if you're the adventurous type.
-If you have more time, you can also visit Sagbayan Peak first before the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol. This is a miniature park of the Chocolate Hills.

Contact directly our tourist driver not the car rental like what we did, maybe he can give you a cheaper rate.

Car and Van for Hire
Arnel Laniba
Bohol Tourist Driver

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Ding said...

Thanks for the information you posted. It will surely help me on my trip to the Visayas.

adventurousfeet said...

thanks ding, it's my pleasure to help in any way. i love to promote the beauty of Philippines :)

Anonymous said...

We tried to contact Kuya Arnel to take us to the same EAT Danao-Bohol countryside tour, the price he offered us was P4,500. Maybe it's because of the rising gas prices. But we were able to haggle it down to 4,000. Not much of a discount, but it's better than nothing. :)

adventurousfeet said...

aw, he just offered the same rate. anyway the reason why we wanted to take danao and chocolate hills tour at the same time is because of the transpo rental that might cost us more if we would do this for 2 days.. just be very very early. para mauna po kayo sa danao adventures and would take more time to explore other sights. reminder lang loboc river cruise with buffet lunch ends at 2pm. pwede po kayo magpadaan sa bilihan ng pasalubong :)

if anybody can provide a cheaper car rental for this one-day tour, please comment to help future travellers!

Anonymous said...

great source of info! thanks a lot! we will be traveling from Cebu passing Bohol, Siquijor and Dumaguete. your blog helps a lot in our planning.

adventurousfeet said...

wow! your trip is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just like to ask what other ferry can take me from Tubigon to Cebu aside from MV Star Crafts?

adventurousfeet said...

Hi, i think lite shipping can also take you to Cebu, just that it's slower (2hours travel time). Please refer here: Cebu Bohol Ferry Schedules for your reference

Anonymous said...

hi.. ym mo ba is eyci20? may tatanong lang sana ako sayo regarding bohol trip mo.. ang ganda ng blog mo, very informative.. :)

adventurousfeet said...

sure no prob.. thanks, i just wanted to share :)

dreamgiver said...

hi can u tell me how much was ur total expenditures per person? i just wanna compare cause im not sure if i got the best deals already. thanks!

adventurousfeet said...

hmmmm... for this five days trip,
the first 3 1/2 days, we were group of 4. the last 1 1/2 days, we're just two so the rest of our expenses (including the balicasag and bohol bee farm tour) we're subdivided only into two. Roughly it's around 10-11k/head (plane not included).

The real best deal is if you'll be going with groups. Van/car tour for rent, and island hopping tour is fixed. And also hotel accomodations will be much cheaper.

Enjoy, hope you'll have fun the cheapest way!

nancy said...

may i ask... the 4000 php is for one car or one person ???

how about taking one day trip to BOHOL, can it ?


adventurousfeet said...

4000 is per vehicle for one day, can be a car or van. Usually it's around Php2500 if you're choice is to do only the Bohol Land tours. Ours is Bohol Land tours + going to danao (for the zipline and plunge adventure)that's why it is much expensive.

If you wanted to explore more of the sites, you can do a one day tour: Danao adventure(optional only) + Chocolate hills + bohol land tours. (see part 6 and part 7 of this blog)

If you're an adventurous one, you can just visit Danao for the whole day with zipline, spelunking/caving, rapelling, plunge, river tubing, etc. (see part 6 of this blog)

You may also do the Panglao Tour for one day (see part 10 of this blog) which includes bohol bee farm, hinagdanan cave, etc. and if you have time, you may want to explore the beaches of panglao too.

If you love the beach and snorkeling, you can do half day of it in Balicasag Island (do snorkeling or diving), trip to white island, and half of your day you may enjoy swimming at beach in panglao island (see part 8)

Bohol has a lot to offer, if you're going there only for 1 day, check and choose which one suits your taste. :)

Anonymous said...

same din pa ang tagbilaran sa tubigon? thnks

nancy said...

how about my itenary like this :

take a morning boat from cebu to tugibon, rent a car for one day to sagbayan peak, chocolate hills, man-made forest, butterfly sanctuary, loboc river cruise, hanging bridge, tarsiers, prony the python, blood compact monument and going back to cebu on the same day via taglibaran ( we want to play a while at panglao island ) via ferry at 6.30 pm

my question :
1. how much the fare for the car ? if my itenary like that ?

2. how long the tour takes if my itenary like that ? can we have time to take a look at panglao island for a while ?


des said...

Hi,thank you for this informative site.

can you recommend a nice place to stay in Danao?


adventurousfeet said...

@anonymous, same in what sense? both do have port/pier locations coming from cebu

adventurousfeet said...

hi nancy,

I only know that the usual rate for a car/van is more or less 2000-2500 going to these places: chocolate hills, man-made forest, butterfly sanctuary, loboc river cruise, hanging bridge, tarsiers, prony the python, blood compact monument. Make sure to ask your contact car/van how much if you'll be adding sagbayan peak. Make sure to haggle the price :)

since we went to danao first, we left danao around 10am. We skipped sagbayan peak, had our buffet lunch cruise around 2pm already, ended our tour around 5-6pm. If you really wanted to see the panglao island, and be at the port at 630pm, sacrifice one site (in our case its the sagbayan peak - miniature park of chocolate hills) or do not stay too long on sites.

P.S. if you're not going to danao or sagbayan peak, you can just go to bohol via tagbilaran port, probably see the monument, church and panglao beach first then go ahead to other site. But it actually depends on the driver because he should know the best route for your tour.

adventurousfeet said...

hi des,

E.A.T. Danao also offers room rates!
here's their website

speed motor rental said...

thank you for featuring bohol...

adventurousfeet said...

@speedmotorrental it's my pleasure to feature this wonderful place :)

des said...

Thanks! i'll be checkin it out.. cause we're plannin to try eatdanao next feb..and i'll be taggin along my singaporean friends! :)

want 'em to enjoy the beauty of the philippines..

your blog is pretty awesome.

keep rockin'.keep bloggin.


adventurousfeet said...

thanks des! i'm sure you'll have fun there!

Anonymous said...

Hi, how much time did you spend in Danao for the Plunge and Zipline? Were there many tourists queueing for each activity?

adventurousfeet said...

We visited Danao early around 8am and saw some tourists too.

We're lucky to be the first in the zipline. Unlike other zipline, you don't need to wait too long because they do the ride one after another just few seconds difference or sometimes while one is doing the ride, they're already preparing your safety gears!

Meanwhile in plunge, it takes 10-15 minutes of preparation. Since we started to do our zipline first, one person is on queue for the plunge while we wait for our turn. You may try this first because usually, people try this as their last stop as this is the highlight of the adventure.

We finished it roughly about 2-2.5 hours for these two rides.

Anonymous said...

cheap rent a car in bohol

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for this site. i just booked kuya arnel to tour us in bohol this april! we are skipping the monuments and churches though, so were doing chocolate hills, tarsiers, river cruise, butterfly sanctuary,hanging bridge, manmade forest and bee farm. thanks for the informative blog! -kathie

adventurousfeet said...

thanks katie for taking time reading my blog. hope you enjoy your vacation :)

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to thank you for such an informative site! :-D Your blog was really helpful and in fact the IT I made for my friends and I were based on your IT.

Kuya Arnel was very accomodating and I wouldn't hesitate to refer him to others. :-D

The Suislide and The Plunge were the greatest! All of us jumped! Even my 12 year old nephew! We are doing the head-first position next time!

Thanks Again! CBB Adventurers!

adventurousfeet said...

wow that's good to hear! thank you for your loving words.. I'm happy that you enjoyed travelling as much as i did. :)

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