Sunday, January 9, 2011

16th Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Subic 2011

Rise up from your seats and plan your trip to this event! Take note that next month will be the much-awaited hot air balloon fiesta/festival in Clarkfield Pampanga.

Photo by JC Francisco

Here are the schedule of events for your convenience:

Note: schedule may change without prior notice

February 10 THURSDAY

Hot Air Balloon Flights                                                     5:30-7:00 AM
Paragliding Exhibition                                                        6:30-7:30AM
Ultralight Aircraft Formation Flying                                   7:40-8:15AM
Ultralight Bomb Dropping Audience Participation              8:15-9:00AM
Aerobatic Flight Display                                                   9:00-9:40AM
Kite Flying Exhibition                                                       9:40-10:00AM
AOPA Light Airplane Balloon Bursting Competition         10:00-10:45AM
Sky Diving Exhibition                                                      10:45-11:30AM
R/C Demonstration Flying                                               11:30-12:00PM
Open                                                                              12:00-1:00PM
Sky Diving Exhibition                                                       1:00-2:00 PM
AOPA Light Aircraft Balloon Bursting                              2:00-2:45PM
Aerobatic Flight Display                                                   3:45-4:30PM
Rocketry Demonstration                                                  4:30-5:00PM
Ultralight Formation Flying                                               5:00-5:20PM
Hot Air Balloon Fly-In                                                     5:20-6:00PM

February 11 FRIDAY

Hot Air Balloon Flights                                                     5:30-7:00AM
Paragliding Exhibition                                                       6:30-7:30AM
Ultralight Aircraft Flyby & Flour Bombing                        7:40-8:30AM
Aerobatic Air Show                                                        8:30-9:15AM
R/C Helicopter Show                                                      9:30-9:50AM
AOPA Aircraft Flyby                                                    9:50-10:30AM
AOPA Aircraft Balloon-Bursting Competition              10:30-11:15AM
Skydiving Exhibition                                                     11:15-12:00PM
Choreographed Kite Flying Exhibition                            12:30-1:30PM
Fire Fighting Exhibition                                                    1:30-2:15PM
Skydiving Exhibition                                                        2:15-3:00PM
Wings Over Asia Aviators Gathering Seminar                  3:00-6:00PM
Rocketry Demonstration                                                 3:00-3:45PM
Aerobatic Flight Display                                                 4:00-4:30PM
Paragliding Exhibition                                                     4:30-5:15PM
Hot Air Balloon Flights                                                   5:30-6:00PM

February 12 SATURDAY

Hot Air Balloon Flight                                                    5:30-7:00AM
Paragliding Exhibition                                                     6:30-7:30AM
Ultralight Aircraft Flyby                                                  7:40-8:30AM
Krukspec Airsoft Speedball Competition                        8:30-5:00PM
Aerobatic Flight Display                                                 8:30-9:15AM
Search and Rescue Flying Exhibition                              9:15-10:00AM
AOPA-P, Wings Over Asia, Thai Flying Club Flyby    10:00-10:45AM
Skydiving Exhibition                                                    10:45-11:15AM
AOPA Light Airplane Balloon Bursting Competition    11:15-12:00PM
Kite Flying Exhibition                                                  12:00-12:45PM
open                                                                            12:45-1:15PM
Piper Turboprop bly by of Ed/Citation Mustang fly-by    1:15-1:45PM
Skydiving Exhibition                                                       1:45-2:15PM
AOPA Light Aircraft Balloon-Bursting Competition        2:15-3:00PM
Choreographed Kite Flying Exhibition                             3:00-3:45PM
Aerobatic Flight Display                                                 3:45-4:30PM
Rocketry Demonstration                                                4:30-5:00PM
Ultralight Flyby                                                              5:00-5:30PM
RC Airplane Flying Demonstration                                 5:30-5:45PM
Hot Air Balloon Flight                                                    5:45-6:15PM
Hot Air Balloon Night Glow                                           6:45-7:30PM
Aviators Ball                                                               7:00PM-onwards

February 13 SUNDAY

Hot Air Balloon Flights                                                   5:30-7:00AM
Paragliding Exhibition                                                      6:30-7:30AM
Ultralight Aircraft Flyby & Flour Bombing                       7:30-8:30AM
Krukspec Airsoft Speedball Competition                        8:00-5:00PM
AOPA-P, Wings Over Asia, Thai Flying club Fly-by       8:30-9:30AM
R/C Helicopter Show                                                     9:30-10:00AM
Helicopter Flying Exhibition                                          10:00-10:30AM
Skydiving Exhibition                                                     10:30-11:00AM
AOPA Light Airplane Balloon Bursting Competition      11:00-12:00PM
Choreographed Kite Flying Exhibition                            12:30-1:15PM
Ultralight Flying Display                                                    1:15-2:00PM
RC Airplane Flying Demonstration                                    2:00-2:30PM
AOPA Light Airplane Ballon Bursting Finals                     2:30-3:30PM
Aerobatic Exhibition                                                        3:30-4:15PM
Rocketry Demonstration                                                  4:15-4:45PM
Microlight & Ultralight Flyby                                            4:45-5:30PM
Hot Air Balloon Night Glow                                             5:30-6:45PM
Crew and Awards Night Party                                         7:30PM

TIPS: Since Hot Air Balloon Flights are scheduled early morning and late afternoon. You can always have an option to take a  sidetrip to Treetop Adventure, Ocean Adventure, and Zoobic Safari. :)

Entrance Fee: Php 150.00
Want to ride a hot air balloon? (optional only) - US$150

For more details check this out:
Clark Subic Marketing

Exact Venue:
Clark Special Economic Zone.
Clark AirField, Angeles City, Pampanga. 
Take the North Luzon Expressway from Manila and exit at Dau, Mabalacat. Turn left towards Angeles City in which there's an easy right turn to Clark.


Diamond R said...

ang galing naman ng mga kuha kakaingit.

adventurousfeet said...

right! this shot was taken by a friend :)

Anonymous said...

nice photo by Carlo! :D

Pinoy Boy Journals said...

this post came really really helpful! thanks so much! will check out the festival soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi po, alam nyo po ba kung saan yung exact venue ng event? anung corner or street po? Kung meron po sana makapag point using google map. Thanks in advance.

adventurousfeet said...

Exact Venue:
Clark Special Economic Zone.
Omni Aviation Complex in Clark Field, Angeles City, Pampanga.

Take the North Luzon Expressway from Manila and exit at Dau, Mabalacat. Turn left towards Angeles City in which there's an easy right turn to Clark.

Aiza said...

Punta kmi dito! Xempre kasama si Adalie, cam ko. :) Excited.

adventurousfeet said...

Enjoy Miss 'Chievous!

Kriza @ cagayan de Oro Philippines said...

I was looking for these kind of recreational activities, and i really thought these allows people to try. It definitely gets me S.A.D for knowing its just an exhibit, but its still nice though. Thanks for sharing.

adventurousfeet said...

you can try to ride a balloon for an expensive rate though

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