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Part5: Bukidnon-CDO-Iligan-Camiguin Trip Day2 - Maria Cristina Falls and NPC Nature's Park in Iligan

It's our 2nd day and we're planning to go falls hopping in Iligan! Falls lovers as we are, we're really excited for this backpacking daytrip!

Iligan City

Iligan City is an urbanized city of the province Lanao Del Norte. Iligan is known as the City of Majestic Watefalls.  With its 23 waterfalls, 8 springs and 15 caves (visit for more info), it is a wonderful place to refresh as this city will never have problem with water!!

How To Reach Iligan From Cagayan De Oro

From Cagayan De Oro, Iligan can be reached by bus for more or less 2 hours of travel.  Go to the Westbound Terminal in CDO where bus and vans to Iligan are located. Luckily, from where we stayed at, Yacapin St. is very near to J.R. Borja St. where you could find jeepneys bound to Westbound Terminal of Cagayan De Oro. 

We dropped off at the terminal and there's a van waiting for passengers for Iligan. We chose to ride the bus because we felt we'll be much comfortable with it.  There are available aircon and non-aircon buses available trips to Iligan.  Not sure about the schedule of the bus but it usually leaves every hour or as long as all seats will be taken.

pay your ticket here :)

Transportation Details From Cagayan De Oro to Iligan - Maria Cristina Falls, Timoga Spring, Tinago Falls/Mimbalut Falls

Jeepney Fare from Borja St. to Westbound Terminal in CDO - Php 12.50/head
Bus Fare from Cagayan De Oro to Iligan (aircon c/o Rural Transit) - Php 70.00/head
Jeepney to Siudad (Iligan Market) - Php 6-7.00/head
Jeepney to Buru-un (drop off at Ma. Cristina Falls) <jeep board signage should be 'Buru-un'>- more or less Php 10.00/head
Jeepney from Ma. Cristina Falls to Timoga Spring <jeep board signage should be 'Buru-un'>- Php 6-7.00/head
Jeepney from Timoga Spring to Habal habal for Tinago Falls <jeep board signage should be 'Buru-un'>- Php 6-7.00/head
Habal-habal to Tinago Falls or Mimbalut Falls - more or less Php 50.00 one-way

Optional: Hire a habal-habal service for all destination

First Stop: Maria Cristina Falls and NPC Nature's Park

 Ma. Cristina Falls is located at the Agus Bridge. It is a waterfall of the Agus River in Mindanao also known as the "Twin Falls".  This is also their source of electricity and once you see it, you don't have to ask why! :)

How To Reach Ma. Cristina Falls?

Upon reaching the Rural Transit's terminal in Iligan, ride a jeepney to the Iligan proper or Iligan market where you could find jeepneys with signage "Buru-un" or going to Buru-un. Once you're already on a jeepney with signage Buru-un, tell the driver that you'll be dropping off to Ma. Cristina Falls. You'll never get lost because Agus Bridge is huge and you'll hear the water flowing from the falls. 

Another option is to ask the jeepney driver to drop you off at motorcycle aka habal-habal drivers that will bring you to Ma. Cristina Falls and other destination.  The driver will be your service on different spots here.  Just get his cellphone number, and text him to pick you up once you're finished at one spot.

A police officer is guarding the Agus Bridge post so it's much secured.  You can just walk 2-3 minutes towards the Ma. Cristina Nature Park's gate.

I've read before that to reach Ma. Cristina, you have to walk for about 30 minutes or so.  But now, thankfully, they offer shuttle car services for a cheap cost! What a convenience!

The NPC Nature's Park

Our first stop: the NPC Nature Park: a simple park beside the overflowing water from the falls with animals around: crocodile, ostrich, and butterfly garden.  You can actually bring your packed food and have a picnic here.  The shuttle car will leave you and just wait for another shuttle service to pick you up and bring you on to the last but the must see destination - the Ma. Cristina Falls

TIP: It is said to be the best, to visit Ma. Cristina Falls during Saturdays and Sundays on or before 11am.  You'll be able to see the great Twin Falls which they open for public viewing (and not during other days).

It was an amazing experience to see the great Ma. Cristina Falls.  Nobody is allowed to swim here for safety but nevertheless, this big and powerful falls is superb!

The treetop adventure is also located here, so if you're up for some adventure, why not try it while enjoying the view. :)

Maria Cristina and NPC Nature's Park (National Power Corporation)
Agus 6/7 HEP Complex
Tourism Triangle, Boundary Ma. Cristina-Buru-un,
Iligan City

Ma. Cristina Falls Nature Park Fees

       Regular - Php 30.00
       Student - Php 20.00
       Senior Citizen - Php 20.00

Shuttle Car - Php10.00/head

Zipline Treetop Tour - Php 200.00/head (Treetop is closed every TUESDAY for maintenance)
Contact Nos.: (063) 221-9032 or (063) 221-3988

Park Hours: Daily from 9AM - 4PM

Tip: The park is at high security so don't forget to bring an I.D. and pay exact amount.

Next Stop: Lechon for Lunch, and the fantastic Tinago Falls!

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Kriza @ cagayan de Oro Philippines said...

Great adventure. I've never been to NPC park before. I hope they have zip line that will cross to MC falls:) .Thanks for sharing your experience.

adventurousfeet said...

no problem, hope you could take a chance to see that great falls :)

Anonymous said...

hello. my mom and i will go to cdo aug20-23 next year. i would like to ask for your help pls... because its really confusing to plan. we will arrive AT CDO 9:20 AM. we want to visit dahilayan park, camiguin, iligan and to also try river rafting. Help! our flight back to manila is 3:55pm on aug 23.
thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

Hi I believe its not proper to call it Rural Transit Terminal since they do not own it. It would be better if you refer it as the North Bound Integrated Bus and Jeepney Terminal.

As an Iliganon, I don't patronize that bus company for they are not doing business fairly.

I believe Super 5 is much better, cleaner.

Unknown said...

do you have expenses summary for this trip. Thanks, very informative.

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