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Part9: Bukidnon-CDO-Iligan-Camiguin Trip Day3 - Pabua Cottages and Half Day Camiguin Tour

Hello Camiguin! Kuya Chris dropped us at Pabua Cottages which is almost 30-45 minutes from the port so we could leave our bags before we start our tour.

sweet Lanzones ranging from Php 25-30 per kilo
Pabua Cottages

Pabua Cottages is in Yumbing Mambajao near White Island.   I reserved a room for two pax but because there's no more room for 2, they gave us a room with 3 beds!  Not so much with any amenities, but because most of the time we will be spending our time with the tour, we decided to choose a budget room. You can borrow utensils without any charge here. They can also cook for you, too bad I only learned it when we're about to go home.  The best thing I noticed was that they have Wi-Fi for free! Sweet!

Kuya Poloy, our contact at Pabua Cottages was very accomodating. We didn't have problems with him, just text him and he'll reply to your questions qickly.  He could also arrange your boat ride to White Island.

Pabua Cottages
Contact Number: +639064152557 - Kuya Poloy

Room Rate:
Php 700 - for 2pax - Aircon Room, with private cr, with cable tv and free wi-fi
They have room/house accomodation for bigger groups too at a cheap rate just ask him thru his contact number.

Pabua is just beside Paguia Cottage (another budget room accomodation) and is also infront of the Paras Beach Resort.

Half Day Camiguin Tour

We left our bags in Pabua then had our lunch at a carinderia somewhere near with Kuya Chris.  It  was half raining earlier when we arrived in Camiguin so the sky is still half dark (Oh, sun where are you?!).  Nonetheless, we're excited with the tour! Kuya Chris already knew where to go so we just sit back and let him do the driving!  If you're alone, you can also hire motorcycle to tour the whole island.

The unpredictably active Mt. Hibok-hibok, and the birth of Mt. Vulcan, its erruption, and the effects made a remark on history.   Let's start the tour. :)

Walkway to Old Volcano
7 Station of the Cross up to Old Volcano is very popular especially during the Holy Week.
Environmental Fee: Php 5.00/head

Sunken Cemetery
During the volcanic birth of the Mt. Vulcan that lasted from 1871 to about 1875, some areas in the town of Bonbon subsided, sinking the cemetery of the town to below sea level.  <Go to Wikipedia for more details>. The big cross is not originally in here during the eruptions.  It was only placed to mark the site of the cemetery swallowed by the sea. No fees to be collected here. You can have an option to rent a boat to reach the big cross for a fee.

Old Catarman Chruch / Guiob Church Ruins
This was destroyed during the volcanic eruptions of Mt. Vulcan.  I guess this place is best mostly for pictorial shots.  No fees to be collected here.

Sto. Niño Cold Spring
This is known for fish spa for some because of the small fishes that will suck your feet and legs more like a massage.  You can also have lunch here if you're early because outsiders can cook for you, Kuya Chris told us that chicken is their specialty here. Salbabida (life buoy) can be rented outside for Php 15.00.

Entrance Php 20 /head
Shed Php 50/head

Soda Swimming Pool
Though water here is purely natural, it has a strong distinct taste and the water bubbles up when poured from the hose to the pool, similar to a soda.  Alert: do not drink directly from the pool, drink from the hose/faucet hehehe.
13 yrs. old and up - Php 20 /head
12 yrs. old and below - Php 10/head
Cottage - Php 50

Ardent Hot Spring
A hotspring lover like me definitely enjoyed staying here. I've also tried their 27 degrees part which is very relaxing for me!

Facilities Rates:
General Admission - Php 30/head
Children - Php 15/head
Overnight Tent camping - Php 125/head

Shed rental
  Family Size - Php 150 for first 3 hours
  Regular Size - Php 70 for first 3 hours
  Excess of the 3 Hours - Php 10/hour

Rent of Barbeque Grill - Php 20

Accomodation Rates:
Duplex Cottage - Php 1200/room/day - good for 2 pax (aircon room with cr)
Additional Bed - Php 175/head/day

Family Rooms - Php 2,750 good for 5 pax

Dormitory Rooms - Php 3,080/room/day good for 7 pax (aircon room without cr)
Additional Bed - Php 175/head/day

Our tour ended around 5-6pm, but we still have our next day to tour some more.

Dinner at Luna Istorante

Because we learned late that Pabua Cottages serve cooked meals (paluto) too, we went outside to check where can we eat for dinner.  Just few walks from Pabua is the Luna Istorante, a pizza place at the heart of Camiguin. Pizza here costs around Php 200++ that can be good for two. They are open from 7am until 11pm and they have free wi-fi too. (Charges 10% service charge)

Next Blog! Last Day in Camiguin, last day vacation!

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Anonymous said...

your blog is very informative for a budget traveller like me. thank you very much for your passion in writting and travelling.

adventurousfeet said...

no problem thanks for visiting

enola said...

buhay na buhay ang mga paang gala. ayos CA!

adventurousfeet said...


Anonymous said...

what time did you started the tour? makakaya kaya namin to ng one day lang?except sa white island.. we want it on the second day kasi.. tnx..

adventurousfeet said...

It was around lunchtime when we started our tour. We reached camiguin at 1030am, transported to Yumbing Mambajao (other side of camiguin) to check in at Pabua Cottages at 11am, then had a quick lunch after. Kung maaga talaga kayo, say 7 or 8am tour na agad, I think it's possible naman talaga to tour the island except white island na gusto nyo naman on 2nd day, and giant clams sanctuary -- this is time consuming as well if you're up for snorkeling.

Anonymous said...

What time did the tour end or how many hours did the tour last? Yung sa giant clams okay ba hapon siya puntahan?

Kriza @ cagayan de Oro Philippines said...

NIce! i love your shots. There lansones really taste good. I almost ate all the 2kls. :)) ,aside from lansones they also make a great leche flan there. Overall, not only the place that i super like but also there food.

adventurousfeet said...

as long as there's light it's okay to visit the clams

adventurousfeet said...

i didn't knew lansones that makes a great leche flan. hope to visit it again so I could try that out :)

Anonymous said...


i am planning to follow ur itinerary from bukidnon, cdo, iligan and camiguin...may i just inquire if u stil check in at other hotels other than pabua cottages?

Anonymous said...

kase i am wondering if the sto. nino spring,soda and ardent close to each other for me to bring just a set of clothes for wet purposes?did u check in at ardent?

adventurousfeet said...

i think there are lot of resorts/cottages to choose from, we chose pabua because it suites our budget and they replied instantly on my text hehe.

we didn't check in at ardent, the three spots are not too close to each other but of the same way. We just brought one set of clothes for these.

Anonymous said...

have been in camiguin, we contact ms.jennifer a young fellow in camiguin for a counrtyside tour. she also have a cottage near paras beach resort for as low as 1,000 pesos good for 5persons. ms.jennifer mobile number: 09065321260(globe)

Pabua's Cottages said...

Hope you enjoyed your stay at Pabua's Cottages.
Also take a look at our new website:

adventurousfeet said...

yeah it was a pleasure staying at pabua cottages :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, tnx for this. It helps me a lot to do our itinerary at Camiguin. More Power! From Mina of Bataan

Anonymous said...

hi kaya ba ng half day ang tinago falls? like 6 am dating namin sa laguindingan airport. mga ilang oras kaya aabutin ung byahe ? before 12 kc kelngan nsa cdo na kmi for rafting?

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Hi Ms.Ca... I want to know who was your tour/driver around the island tour of Camiguin? Is it via tryke or via multicab. I thinki multi cab is expensive to avail for the tour especially when there's only 2 or 3 passengers.

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Ian, we rented a multicab. It's okay to just choose a trike as it is cheaper. ;)

kuripotpinoy said...

Thanks for the very detailed trip on camiguin. Planning to visit my friends from Mindanao next month. And they were asking me to go on a tour with them in Camiguin. I guess the hot spring there is better than here in Luzon (Hidden Valley Laguna). Do you have any other tips for me to prepare myself for my upcoming trip?

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