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Complete 2D/1N Itinerary During Baguio's Flower Festival Panagbenga 2011

Here's my itinerary during the festival


Day 0
1130PM              Departure from Victory Liner Caloocan Terminal

Day 1
5AM                   Arrival at Victory Liner in Baguio
5AM-615AM     Buy tickets going home
615AM               Short walk in Session road to find a good spot for the parade
8AM                   Start of Grand Street Parade
930-945AM        End of Grand Street Parade (in upper session road at SM Baguio)
10AM                SM Baguio opens, bought water
1030AM            Brunch (Breakfast/Lunch)
11AM                Walk to Baguio Cathedral via session road
12PM                 Back at SM Baguio to fall in line to get a taxi
                          (it was really hard to get a cab during those days)
1PM                  Taxi to North Pines Transient House and rest for a while
230PM              Jeep to Burnham Park
330PM-4PM     Taxi to Bell Church in La Trinidad, Benguet           
5PM                  Jeep going Back to plaza/market
515PM              A loooong Walk along session road   
545PM              Early Dinner at SM Baguio
                         (We're supposed to eat at 50's diner but couldn't get a taxi and we're really tired walking how sad)
630PM              Fall in line to get a taxi at SM Baguio
730PM              Arrival at North Pines       

Day 2
5AM                 Wakeup call
530AM             Check out at North Pines
550AM             Arrival at upper session road
6AM                 Hunting a spot again..
8AM                 Start of Grand Float Parade
945-10AM       End of Grand float Parade (at upper session road/SM Baguio)
10AM-1030AM    Deposited our bags at baggage counter.  Thanks to SM! :)
11AM               Early Lunch at the mall
12AM               Fall in line to take a taxi
1PM                 To Mines View Park
120PM             Mines View Park
330PM             Left Mines View Park
4PM                 SM Baguio, eat snacks
5PM                 Claim our bags at SM Baggage Counter, bought a takeout dinner, proceed to Victory Liner
6PM                 Victory Liner Baguio
7PM                 Departure from Baguio
130AM            Arrival in Manila

Expenses in Baguio

Day 1
Manila to Baguio via Victory Liner- Php 430/head
Taxi from SM Baguio to North Pines Transient - Php 50
Jeep with signage 'Plaza' from North Pines to Burnham Park - Php 10/head
Taxi Burnham to Bell Church - less Php 50
Jeep from Bell Church to Plaza - Php 8/head
Taxi from SM Baguio to North Pines (during the night) - Php 60 (due to traffic)
North Pines Transient - Php 550/room + Php 50 (BDO Charge)

Taxi from North Pines Transient to Upper Session Road - Php 50
Taxi from SM Baguio to Mines View Park - Php 60-70
Taxi from Mines View Park to SM Baguio - Php 70-80 (due to super traffic -- part of session was closed again)
Baguio to Manila via Victory Liner - Php 430/head

Other Miscellaneous Expenses:
Manggang Hilaw + Bagoong at Burnham/Session Road= Php 20 (ate 3 times haha)
Hat = Php 25
Corn = Php 25
Strawberry = Php 50
Popcorn at Burnham = Php 20
Bonsai Plant(small) at Mines View= Php 50
crinkles/pastillas/choco flakes for my pasalubong = 3 or 4 for Php 100 (bought 4)
Banana Chips for my pasalubong = 2 for Php 100
Mineral Water at Victory Liner = Php 35
Take-out Breakfast at Jollibee SM Baguio (opens early for the festival) = Php 100
Lunch/Dinner (depends where you want to eat)

For the photos during the festival, kindly check it here:
Part1: Baguio Flower Festival 2011 Day1 - The Panagbenga Experience 
Part2: Baguio Flower Festival 2011 Day2 - Panagbenga's Grand Float Parade

Book your hotel/rooms as early as December-January.  Better be early than sorry.
If you don't have a vehicle, book a hotel/transient near session road.
Beware of pickpockets, they usually take advantage of the busy crowd.
For commuters, we were able to bought tickets going to Baguio via Victory Liner on first week of Feb.

Flower Power!

As a tribute to the City of Pine's flower festival.. here's my share of the flowers/plants taken at Baguio. Cheers!!


Ivan said...

ganun pala yun (reservations as early as december).. nandito din sana ako kaya lang naubusan kami ng matutuluyan.

tina said...

ganda ng shots ng flowers :)

lakwatsera de primera said...

di din kami nakapagpareserve dati nung nag-Panagbenga kami, buti na lang merong pang available sa YMCA, advance booking is recommended talaga lalo na kapag festival season

Pinoy Adventurista said...

wow! very useful IT.. nice shots too! thanks for sharing.. =D

Ed said...

I'm loving your itineraries dito! thanks. parang sinulog na book dapat in advance talaga.

adventurousfeet said...

ok lang yun. there's always next year :)

adventurousfeet said...


thanks for dropping by :)

adventurousfeet said...

@lakwatsera de primera.. yup. tama ka jan :)

adventurousfeet said...

@pinoy adventurista

thanks for dropping by :)

adventurousfeet said...

never been to sinulog! sana sa future :)

tengturista said...

thanks for sharing a very detailed itinerary!

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

Thanks for this!
Sa daming beses kong naakyat ng Baguio di pa ko naka attend ng Panagbenga kahit isang beses =P

adventurousfeet said...

may next year pa naman!

jhengpot said...

hi! Thanks for this :) will be going to Panagbenga this year, sobrang helpful nito :)

jhengpot said...

hi! Thanks for this :) will be going to Panagbenga this year, sobrang helpful nito :)

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