Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Part2: Baguio Flower Festival 2011 Day2 - Panagbenga's Grand Float Parade

It was 5am in the morning when we woke up to prepare for the Grand Float Parade on our 2nd and last day in Baguio. we're still sleepy but we need to get up to have a good spot in session road.  We decided to check out from North Pine in this ungodly hour because we knew it's hard to take a cab those days if we plan to go back.

At 530am we were set to go! Yey!

After a few minutes of waiting, we were able to get a taxi and arrived at Upper Session Road before 6.  The road is already closed and to my surprise, there were lots of people already, pretty numerous than the Grand Street Parade! I realize, that you should be here at 5am! We walked along and saw some floats already set at their positions.   

Grand Float Parade

It was hard for me to take good shots because of the crowd, and the strict security for most floats but here's what I've seen from the parade. :) There are some showbiz personalities who joined the event too.  It was indeed a memorable experience for me as it's my first time on a festival. 

My top picks:
Dunkin Donuts - so colorful!
Choco Mucho - blast of anthurium!
Red Horse - Seem this was viewer's choice there.  Shot!!
LBC - Roses are red!!

Mines View Park

Again, we had our lunch at SM Baguio, left our baggages at the mall so we could have a peek at Mines View Park to buy pasalubongs.  As expected, tons of tourists were here, and the familiar things I saw during my previous vacation, were never changed - the pink-haired horse,  st.bernard dogs for picture taking; three of them in fact, and renting a native dress for unlimited shots!

 After buying pasalubongs we went back to SM Baguio to take some rest, claim our deposited baggages and proceed to victory liner to go home... 

You may want to see these too..


Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Such vibrant photos! Wish I took photos as good as these. I was too sleepy to even concentrate, haha!

adventurousfeet said...

Sabagay, it was hard to take pictures, mas masarap talaga panuorin lang at tumunganga! said...

the parade surely is refreshing!
may i know, ano amoy ng lugar kung halo haloong flowers ang anjan? im really curious. =)

Ed said...

miss ko na lamig ng Baguio! we only stayed here for a day and met up with Gat (pinaytraveljunkie) but it was crowded cause it was the last day of the festival.

will visit Baguio when it's quieter - i think that's where the place will show its true charm. :D

lakwatsera de primera said...

mukhang mainstay na talaga ang dunkin donuts at sm sa float parade, at least you were still able to take good pictures even though the crowd was so thick :)

adventurousfeet said...

@chyng parang wala namang amoy.. ayaw din magpalapit ng security dun sa mga float

adventurousfeet said...



adventurousfeet said...

@lakwatsera de primera
talaga? siguro they're really up for promotion, and i think this is one good advertisement

Currency trading for dummies said...

I had a chance to watch this flower festival. Watched the colorful festival and it was very memorable day!

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