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Part 3: Trip to Quezon Day 2 - Kamay ni Hesus & Colorful Pahiyas Festival in Lucban

The most awaited moment for me in Lucban has come.  Pahiyas festival has been one of the most favorite festivals been frequently visited held every 15th of May. 

As soon as we go out from where we're staying, the busy streets of Lucban were already waiting for us.   We had our breakfast in a carenderia and most of us ordered longsilog (longaniza, sinangag/fried rice and itlog/egg) for around Php 50-60.  I also tried pansit habhab from the streets but I think I still like the taste from Buddy's.

Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center

After our quick breakfast, we rode a tricycle to reach Kamay ni Hesus (5-10 minutes travel time).  Kamay ni Hesus,  located on the slopes of Mount Banahaw,  is considered a sacred place for catholics.  This shrine has been proclaimed as a healing center, where healing sessions and prayer requests take place.  

Upon entering Kamay ni Hesus, lots of life-size religious statues are everywhere.   You may opt to climb 292 steps to see a very huge Jesus Christ statue, where devoted catholics go up in belief that their prayers will bound to happen, or will ask for forgiveness for not so good things they've done in the past.

Because it is considered a sacred place, you are not allowed to go up here wearing shorts or sleeveless. We weren't able to go up here because of that.  Nevertheless, beside it is the Station of the Cross you can complete by going uphill as well without restrictions.

Pahiyas Festival 

The sun is going up near lunchtime so we headed ourselves to check out the colorful house decorations in Pahiyas.  It took us a while to find a tricycle going back because of the huge crowd visiting Kamay ni Hesus.  We were lucky to ride a jeep going back but jeepneys were not allowed to go inside the main streets so we took another tricycle, until we reach the Southern Luzon State University.   From there, you still need to walk straight to the streets for about 10 minutes.

Here's my share of  Pahiyas Festival.  The weather is super hot during that time, so I bought a big hat for me hehe.

Some stars were spotted in the festival like Pekto & Ramon Bautista (too bad I haven't got the chance to take pic with him).  We're supposed to check out the parade but  Pahiyas Festival parade is supposed to start at 2-3pm that will pass by the streets where house decorations are located.  We're overly hungry and the crowd is somehow unstoppable so we decided to eat and not wait anymore.  Our late lunch ended at 4pm, but still, the pinoy stars like Sarah Lahbati (Kapuso starstruck artist) and Matt Evans (Kapamilya former pbb housemate) were still there on queue, gladly they were so nice to give smile for everyone even in long hours of waiting.

Pasalubong Alert!

It was getting late and we still need to pack our things and check out from J & J's so we look for pasalubong/food delicacies here in Lucban.

If you may not know, Lucban's local gov't is promoting "Lucban Ayaw sa Plastic" (Lucban says no to plastic.) movement.  Very environment friendly!   That's one of the greatest thing I discover when we were in Lucban.  I think we should apply that in Manila as well.  Anything can be done with great discipline!  When I bought softdrinks from the store, they're not allowed to give plastic so I just drank it from the bottle.  So for pasalubongs, I bought a bayong (Bayong is a bag made of woven buri or pandan strips) which is useful and durable that served as a pasalubong gift as well.  Small one costs around Php 30-50 depending on the size.

First stop - Pecto's Bakery.  

This is just a simple bakery but it seems to be known for their broas and apas in can.   I bought some (around Php 100 per can) and other sweet delicacies too.  Since the whole town says no to plastic, everything were packed on a paper bag.  :)

Second stop - Eker and Ely Lucban Longanisa

Eker and Ely Lucban Longanisa is a one stop shop for any food delicacy in Lucban.  From the name of their store, of course their specialty is their longanisa/longaniza.  We just asked for the directions and later discover it is beside the Lucban Church.  We passed by the church and lot of people we're attending the mass currently on going at the church.

Lucban Church

Eker and Ely's Pasalubong Shop was a super hit!  There's a long line of people waiting for their turn that it took us 1.5-2hrs before we got attended!  That's really something huh! :))

Kulitan while waiting in a long line.

The sunny day is about to end, after we bought our pasalubongs, we're planning to go back to J&J's for check out.  The vibe of Pahiyas is still there, lot of people were partying in the streets match with exciting music and even if I wish to extend our stay, it is not possible for us.

kipings with a pinch of sugar for Php 10.00


On our way going home is through Lucena so we packed our things and took a Jeepney bound to Lucena Grand Terminal.  It's already 7pm and while a lot of tourists were going home, the long line was fast moving.  I already forgot who initiated but it was decided that we go up and do the topload!  It was my 2nd topload adventure, first was when I was in Sagada, but travel time is much much longer than my first experience.  

As soon as we reach Lucena,  we ate in the terminal's carenderia and just waited for an aircon bus to Cubao, no reservations needed. 

It was a fun 2 days weekend getaway.  Thank you for reading these series.  Hope these will help you on the next May 15!!   Other of my friends like ThePinaySoloBackpacker, JuanderfulPinoy, Tracking Treasures, Ivan Lakwatsero, Senyor Lakwatsero were there too but I haven't got the chance to meet them as everyone seems busy with the festival, so check out their blogs too.  :)  (ivan tinext kita hehe..


Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

The colorful kiping is the true star of Pahiyas, they make those houses alive.

I like Lucban's campaign on no plastic, its time to raise this concern especially in the metro. In Alaminos, they are campaigning for "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" in the city. I am a big supporter on this as I am pro-Green Travel. I hope every province practices earth-friendly lifestyles!

Chyng said...

beautiful photos, specially the ones with black frames. dramatic. =)

lakwatsera de primera said...

Buti ka pa nakadaan na sa Kamay ni Hesus, parang nakakailang balik na yata ako sa Quezon di ko pa rin napupuntahan to.

uk dissertation writing said...

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Unknown said...

Me and my Friends have a weekends bonding at Lucban, Quezon on last week of October. Thanks for the info. Lalo akong naexcite umalis. I think this is one of the best place na pupuntahan ko together woth my friends! :)

Fina Tan said...

Filipinos indeed are fond of festivals. One of my fave is the Masskara Festival in my hometown. But this one, I think is even more fun especially with the Pancit Habhab. I might wanna try it someday, soon.

Anonymous said...

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