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Part4: Baler, Aurora Day 2 - Surfing Time in Sabang Beach, Baler

It's our second and last day in Baler! This was our chance to learn how to surf and everyone was so excited about it!  Do not hesitate to try surfing, it's fun!

It was around 7am when we woke up.  The night before, we already told the caretaker that we're planning to surf at 8am, so upon going out from our room, our instructors were already waiting for us!

Of course before going to the sea and getting wet, most of us took our photos first.

TIP: Order your breakfast before surfing so that after an hour of surfing you can come back to eat it!

feelingera lang ako!!

Our inevitable jumpshot!

go Gucci! hehe

The Surfing Lesson

We don't have any experience yet, so first thing our instructors did was to teach us how to stand up in a surfing board.

They put this so that your feet will hold on to the board...

Surfing time!

You might be hesitant to try surfing, but you shouldn't! For beginners like us, the instructor will only place you in shallow area.  I don't know how to swim so I'm a big example of a person who don't know how to swim but was able to surf!

Surfing Rates: Php 350 /1 hr surfing (for the surfing board and instructor)
This is usually the standard surfing rate in Baler, but you're great if you were able to haggle the price hehe.

On our first hour, because everyone is so excited to try surf, no one was able to shoot while riding with the waves.  Some were able to stand up on the board smoothly while some (including me) got stand up only twice for our first hour.  Because we're starting to love it and we don't have pictures yet (pang facebook daw! haha), we planned to go back to Aliya Surf Resort, ate our breakfast, and hit it one more time!

Our plan is to surf again for another hour but this time, we just hired four instructors instead of 8. One surfing instructor/board is to 2 surfing students hehe.  We only have 30 minutes each to surf again.  So while the other person is not surfing, he/she may able to shoot the one on board. Sweet!

And here it is! My crazy hair and me riding the waves!  Thanks for bringing your camera (with zoom lens) guys!

Kim surfing without the board! Cool haha!


Chance to shoot Saragirl after surfing hehe.

Our surfing ended so well that we're already planning to go back and try it again.  Definitely two thumbs up!

I was able to get the surfing instructors mobile number, you may get in touch with them if you're not staying in Aliya. Hope their numbers still work. :)

Surfing Instructors in Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora (contact numbers)
IAN - 0930-1511369
RICO - 0939-91652211
CAFE - 0948-4978970
PONDE - 0915-9353454

It's already lunchtime and we head back to our room to pack our things for check out then head to the famous Balete tree before going home! 

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Pinoy Adventurista said...

grabe 2 days lang pala kayo sa Baler pero ang dami nyo na nagawa... congrats to all for a successful surfing experience! more more more!!!

Nicole said...


Pack up and Drift said...

Wah! ang sarap mag surfing. We have the same rashguard. Black lang yung aken. hehehe..

Makati Condo Vacation Rental said...

Do they have surf board rentals over there? Or do we have to bring our own surfboards?? Nice photos! It's definitely more fun in the Philippines!

lakwatserong tatay said...

wow..astig...kelan ko kaya masusubukan yan...

adventurousfeet said...

they do have, no need to bring your own if you don't have one. it's Php400/hour including the instructor

Gladys | said...

great photos! wish i can surf din in baler the next time i go there, which i'm hoping, real soon...

killerfillers said...

sobrang nag-enjoy din ako dito sa Baler last year! pumunta kayo Dicasalarin cove?

adventurousfeet said...

gusto ko nga din sana dun kaso kulang na sa time. next time dun naman kami since nakapaglibot na sa other spots :)

EJ said...

Sarap naman, may dinagdag ka naman sa listahan ko ng gala tripping.

Paano sumali/maki-link sa blog mo adventurous gawa lang ba ng account?
Newbie blogger kasi ako, eto sample blog ko. Thanks.

adventurousfeet said...

ah ilalagay ko lang sa list ko haha

adventurousfeet said...

yeah! when I went to camiguin, I saw a couple with the same design as ours haha! :D

EJ said...

Thanks adventurousfeet nakita ko na yung comment mo sa page ko hehe.

melvin said...

hahaha,nagulat naman ako sa sinabi mo na hindi ka pala marunong lumangoy pero nag aral mag surf...lakas loob lang yan!go!

adventurousfeet said...

hehe. mababaw lang naman pala kaya ok na ok for me. :)

Anonymous said...

hii question :-) how shallow was the water u surfed in? is it important to at least know how to dog paddle to surf? hehe

adventurousfeet said...

around 4-5 feet. if you have an instructor, it is not important to paddle because he'll be the one to push you and all you have to do is concentrate on standing up and getting steady, but if the instructor sees you're good, he'll teach you how to paddle if there's time. :)

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