Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Part5: Baler, Aurora Day 2 - Rolling Store and Balete Tree

We ended our surfing experience around lunchtime.  It's already 2pm when we finished packing for checkout, good thing that Aliya Surf Camp Resort did not charge us extra for staying later than their specified check out time.

Rolling Store in Baler

Because we're ultimately hungry, our first stop was to eat late lunch at the so called "Rolling Store".  I saw this cheap food choices from one of my favorite site Our Awesome Planet by Anton Diaz.  He once told that  this is a must try to eat when in Baler.  I didn't expect that even this is just a simple carenderia for most of us, the food is great!!   They offer real good home cooked meals which is entirely not my usual perception in a carenderia.  Stalls here used to be food carts roaming around the town for afforable good meals, but now they are located in one place so anyone can just stop and dine.

Location: San Luis St., Brgy. Juan, Baler
Meals starts at Php50

Balete Tree in Maria Aurora, Aurora

After our sumptous and cheap lunch, off we went to see the famous Balete Tree known here in Aurora.

Located in the town of Maria Aurora, one of the best spots in Aurora is a gigantic & almost 600-year old Balete Tree also called as the Millenium Tree.  From the town of Baler, Maria Aurora is about 30-45 minutes away via trike. It was an awesome experience to see a tree preserved over the years.

Fees: Donation only

The best thing to do here is to go up and feel young again like kids usually do.  Of course, we didn't let go of the opportunity to go and climb up high and took photos of ourselves.

Lots of kids are enjoying the places as well. So we did some kulit shoots here.

When you think that's just it, there's more!   There's a small space where you could actually explore inside Balete Tree.   The entrance might be small but don't be fooled because all of us were able to get inside all at the same time!

Balete Tree photos taken inside

I think its much better to take photos without flash.

My favorite pic.  I put my camera in a wood to get a nice view above.

Balete Tree has its own charm that we didn't realize we stayed for an hour already.  It has its beauty that I'd be glad to come back and visit again. :)

Manila to Baler Transportation

The last Genesis Bus going back to Manila leaves early afternoon (around 2pm-3pm) so our only way to get back to Manila is the second option from part 1 of my Baler post, which is via Baler-Cabanatuan then Cabanatuan-Baler.  

Genesis Bus terminal is just beside the public market of Baler, while van terminals is just across the street. You can buy pasalubong at their pasalubong center but be early! We arrived at Baler at 5pm but it was already closed.

While on the road, we passed by a house which sells suman (rice cake) which is one of the famous delicacy in Baler.  Here I found cute little kids helping their parents to make rice cake.  Sweet! 

What a short weekend trip that leaves happy moment!  Visiting Baler is so worth it! :)

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Balita said...

hello adventurousfeet! First time ko lang po magawi dito! Grabe naman ang lake nung puno.. nakaktakot ai..anyway,nice shots! and adventure po :)

killerfillers said...

We weren't able to visit this Balete tree. Anlaki pala talaga nya.haha

Vacation Rental Makati said...

Ganyan pala talaga ka laki ang balate tree grabe kakatakot yan ..

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Does return trip from Baler to Manila on Genesis Bus needs prior reservation as well. They don't accept walk-ins?

adventurousfeet said...

i don't think they have reservation but it's better to ask na din baka change of policy na. :)

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