Sunday, January 29, 2012

Part3: Baler, Aurora Day 1 - Ditumabo Falls in San Luis, Aurora and Dinner at Bay's Inn

It's already mid-afternoon when we hurriedly went to Ditumabo Falls, the famous Mother falls in Brgy. Ditumabo in San Luis, Aurora.  As we all know, it would be hard to visit a falls once it gets dark, the trek and all.

shots on our way to Ditumabo Falls

Going to Ditumabo Falls

If you plan your itinerary, make sure to set a lot of time for the falls.  San Luis is another town in Aurora.  It took us around 40 minutes via tricycle to reach the road going to Ditumabo falls.  The main highway is a smooth road but not on your way to Ditumabo from highway.  Our tricycle got some state of delirium while entering very rocky road so we had to walk for like 10-15 minutes until we reach the starting point!

Finally, we reach the starting point going to Ditumabo falls!  You need to register first and give donations. Beside the registration  is a small falls along the river where some people already enjoying.  In Ditumabo falls, a hydroelectric power plant was created to provide electricity for the neighboring village.

Fees: donation only

Trekking to the falls would take around 20-30 minutes from starting point.  Be careful as you need to pass by more or less 4 bamboo bridges on your way.  A cemented pathwalk will greet you few minutes before reaching Ditumabo falls which was an easier walk for us.

Ditumabo Falls aka Mother Falls

I was  very stunned upon seeing 140 feet high Ditumabo falls.  Once you get there, you'll realized why it is called Mother falls.  Even I'm few meters away from it, the water is firing out in my face. This was really the highlight of our first day and I highly suggest that everyone should visit the falls. :)

Dinner at Bay's Inn

It's already 6pm and we were tired and hungry.  Because our resort only serves breakfast, and I heard Bay's Inn served good food, so here we were!  Bay's Inn restaurant is an open area, so it was nice to dine with good view of the sea.  The serving is slow though, it literally took an hour or so before our orders were served.  It may be understandable as a lot of people were dining here.  Foodtrip kung foodtrip! Our share was around Php 150-200. 

Bay's Inn restaurant taken in daylight

natural bluish sky around 6pm at Bay's Inn facing Sabang beach

foodtrip! hungry much!

This ended our first day.  Next day would be surfing time and everybody from the group is so excited! :)

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Pinoy Adventurista said...

higly recommended talaga ng Ditumabo falls... ok nga yung timing nyo, medyu mababaw ang tubig... when we were there umabot na dun sa dam yung malalim na cya...

sa Bay's Inn din ako kumakain madalas... masarap yung mga silog nila... :)

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Hindi pa din me nakakakita ng falls sa buong buhay ko... Yung sa Bolinao sana kaso gahol sa time. Ang ganda din ng Ditumabo Falls!

Vacation Rental Makati said...

Hi ang ganda naman ng mga pinupuntahan niyo ..ang dami talaga natatago ang pilipinas na magagandang lugar katulad n lang yan .

tina said...

Wow! Mother falls talaga! Sayang, we were not able to visit this. I am definitely going back to Baler to see this amazing view :)

mel magno said...

The trek to Mother Falls is breathtaking-- literally and figuratively!

Unknown said...

i'm so convinced to visit with your posts. thanks for blogging about it! :)

Unknown said...

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Free submit social bookmarking said...

Thanks for this post. You took some really amazing photos!

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