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Part 1: Camarines Norte Day 1 - DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Trip to Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas Islands

Located in Camarines Norte in Bicol Region is a beautiful group of islands called Calaguas.  Me and some of my officemates have been wanting to see Mahabang Buhangin and thankfully we were able to manage to be there last year despite busy schedule from work.  I also asked some of my old officemates to join us as well.  There are no accomodations nor electricity in Calaguas so we'll be there to camp.

How to Get There | How to Reach Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas From Manila

As always the first question asked is how to get to Calaguas?

From Manila take a bus going to Daet,  Three major bus companies I know who serves directly to Daet are Philtranco Bus, Amihan Bus Line & Superlines Bus.  Travel time around 8hrs. 

Please call them as bus schedule may change . 

Bus to Daet Camarines, Norte 

Cubao Terminal:  Cubao EDSA (southbound), Near MRT Cubao Station infront/opposite of Farmers Plaza
Pasay Terminal : EDSA Corner Apello Cruz St. Pasay City
Email: reservation.philtranco@gmail.com   
Contact Number(s):
Reservations (02) 851-8078 to 79
Cubao (02) 722-7567 
Pasay (02) 851-5420 
Daet (054) 721-2030 / (054) 721-4350 

Daily Trips Schedule
7am      Cubao Terminal (aircon bus)
1pm      Pasay Terminal (aircon bus)
730pm  Cubao Terminal (non-aircon bus) 
8pm      Cubao Terminal (goldservice) - this is their deluxe bus
830pm  Cubao Terminal (aircon bus) 

Cubao Terminal: You can buy tickets at the Cubao Terminal of Philtranco (see location above), but the bus is
located at Araneta Bus Terminal nearAli Mall 
Contact Number(s): 
Pasay (02) 854-3735 / (02) 385-5025
Daet  (054) 721-3787

Daily Trips Schedule:
7pm      Cubao Araneta Bus Terminal (aircon)
915pm  Cubao Araneta Bus Terminal (aircon) 

Cubao Terminal: Cubao EDSA (southbound), near Raymond Transportation (Raymond Bus is near Victory Liner)
Contact Number(s):
Cubao (02) 414-3321 / (02) 414-3319
Daet (054) 571-2225

Daily Trips Schedule:
9pm     Cubao Terminal (aircon)
930pm Cubao Terminal (aircon)

Philtranco Bus in Cubao

Calaguas via Paracale

Ask the conductor/bus driver to drop you off at the Talobatib Junction (Brgy Talobatib Labo, Camarines Norte).  Either you wait and catch for a bus to come or take a tricycle until you reach Paracale Port (around 30 mins-1hr) and from there you can hire banca going to Calaguas Islands.  More or less 2 hours boat ride until you reach Calaguas.

Calaguas via Vinzons Fishport

Alight at the Daet Bus Terminal and take a jeepney going to Vinzons.  Drop off at Vinzon's fishport and there are fishermen where you can ask to hire banca to take you to Calaguas.  Around 2.5 hours boatride until you reach Calaguas.

Our Transportation and Plans

I bought ticket in advance in Cubao Terminal and we chose Philtranco bus line because of the location and the schedule time just enough for us to prepare from work, eat dinner and meet at the bus station.  Even though we rode the bus at Cubao Terminal, it also stopped at the Pasay Terminal.  Half of the bus is dedicated for travellers coming from Cubao Terminal (with reservations etc) and the other half is allocated for travellers coming from Pasay Terminal.  So it was really a good decision to buy advance bus tickets as always.

I was looking for boatman contact in different blogs prior to our trip, I texted Nelson (09203179315) first but he replied "Hanap nalang kayo doon madami doon".  I don't know why he'd tell me this and because my heart was broken I look for other boatman that may help us reach Calaguas hehe.  I was able to get Andie's (of http://theviewingdeck.blogspot.com/ ) contact kuya Roberto.  He charged us Php 4500 and haggle it down to Php4000.  I think this is still expensive during that time so you can try to contact other available boatman in the net. (They say it's just Php 3000 or less so try to haggle the price).

But in case you want his contact number, contact her daughter aiza with this number 09108460639 and she'll be glad to assist you.  I know this number is still working because she still text me "muzta na po kayo" once in a while until now. Sweet!

Since kuya Roberto lives in Paracale, we agreed to meet in Paracale "sa may tulay" (in a bridge).  From the bus, we dropped off at the Talobatib junction and took a tricycle going inside the town of Paracale.  Upon meeting up with our boatman, we told him we'll be going to the wet market first to buy foods and everything else we need aside from the junk foods we bought prior to the trip.

the market, you can buy everything you need

I'll be listing down the things we bought / needed during our trip.

We took our breakfast (egg-rice) in a carenderia in Paracale, and luckily we were able ask the owner to cook for our packed lunch!

Ate agreed to cook for our lunch. :)

And so our journey began! We went back to the bridge where Kuya Roberto is residing (near the river bridge).  He and his son prepared the boat for us.  The boat's capacity is around 10 or more I guess, with lifevest for our safety.

it was raining what a bad weather :(

It was a long ride in the open sea, the dark clouds were there but seeing beautiful mountains was stunning.

 Finally we reached Mahabang Buhangin Beach, Calaguas! What a beautiful beach! I was awed to see how blue the water is..

'Til my next post!

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Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Loved the cyan waters of Calaguas - so inviting and so scenic! I heard so much about Calaguas lately as a weekend trip but it seems quite far.

lakwatserong tatay said...

wow...kainggit...eto ang isa sa mga lugar na gusto ko mapuntahan...thanks for sharing this...sigurado magagamit ko to in future...

Pinoy Adventurista said...

eto nalang ang province na hindi ko pa napupuntahan sa Bicol Region... this is a very big help... have to visit CamNorte soon! thanks for sharing!

melvin said...

maganda sana magpunta kaso sabi malakas daw alon sa area na yan...haaay kelan pa kayo ako makarating jan.

kuya jack said...


Anonymous said...

I've just been to Calaguas last week..Kuya Nelson lost his cellphone..His new # is 09095259821

Anonymous said...

calaguas island is a one of the beautiful beach in camarines norte. promise!!!! walang gumagalaw ng kagubatan dyan till 2010. hope na ganun pa rin till now. Miss u so much my province.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!c yah soon calaguas island.. :)

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