Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Part 2: Camarines Norte Day 1 - Surviving Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas Islands

We arrived in Calaguas and after putting our things in our hired cottage, now it's time for some loving lunch!  What's for our lunch? adobong pusit and fried chicken (packed lunch from carenderia) plus banana bought from the market.  I'm not fan of canned goods so as much as we could, we'll eat cooked meals.  Picnic mode on!

 Note: Entrance fee per head + cottage rent were some of the expenses you should expect in Calaguas.  (I'll put the details in my last post series)

Kuya Roberto lend us his pugon and kaldero for us to cook.  We don't know he brought it and it was the best thing ever haha, we're actually clueless on where to cook using charcoals bought from the market.  I don't want to ruin the sands of Calaguas so thanks to our bangkero Kuya Roberto :)

Being first timers on camping, we immediately set our tents.  Thanks to Jepoi our dear officemate who lend us these tents.

Because it was raining and I couldn't get out of the cottage with my cam, this is the only shot taken  by me of the beach for this day haha.

We swam for a couple of hours, enjoy the water of Calaguas and when the rain continue to fall hard, we got up from swimming then prepare our dinner.  There is no electricity in the island so once it gets dark it will be hard for us to cook our dinner.

Little did we know, one of our tents is not suitable for rainy days, a bunch of water is getting inside it so we need to use our plastic garbage to use as a temporary shield in the tent.  It was hard literally, add up the wind which started to blow.

wind shield while cooking pork meat
ok kaya nyo yan!

It's finally getting dark when we finished cooking everything, we were able to take a bath in the pump (poso) and viola! Fresh na kami ulit! 

One of the caretakers told us he can buy fish for us, thanks to Pikapi who bought this for us (around 100 bucks for two big fish).  Imee brought this grill so there, excited for a yummy dinner!

Foodtrip kung foodtrip! What do we have here? Itlog na maalat and kamatis (salty egg & tomatoes), adobong baboy, ripe mangoes, rice, grilled fish, banana (leftover from lunch).

Finally! Around 7pm the rain stopped for a while.. at least an hour. I set up the tripod and take our pictures, and do some light trails! Kulit mode on!

It did rain again.  After a lot of  stories we talked about, around 10pm, we moved the table outside the cottage (we asked permission with the caretaker beforehand) as the wind is totally blowing and our tent could not make it stable from the ground.

At 11pm we had to get down and sleep.  At 1am, the weather is really not good. One of our tents is already wet (the tent is good for 4-5 but can only accomodate 1-2 persons because of the water inside haha). The sands are getting inside the tent as well, lumilipad na mga damit namin sa labas so we had to make sure our clothes were complete.

Our concern is that if the weather will be bad in the morning how are we going to get home?  The caretaker even told us (he's also awake) "Pag di humupa doon nalang kayo sa barangay gagawin nalang evacuation center."

kulitan at 1am

We tried to sleep again at 2am and woke up around 5am, there are some few rains but it seems the weather will be better.

Calaguas in the morning after a storm..

'Til my next post!

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Senyor Lakwatsero said...

ang hirap magcamping pag maulan. but it looked liked you still enjoyed the trip. andaming food, :-)

Elal Lasola said...

At last napost mo na rin ang mabagyong calaguas nyo! Excited na me pumunta next week! Hehe :D

Chyng said...

shucks, i also experienced a storm in calaguas. takot na takot ako. kala ko katapusan ko na. i was praying hard. ginaw na ginaw at basang basa na ko (wala akong tent, toinks!)

i hope to read a better story on your next post. sana umokay ang weather!

D'QXTC said...

no way! the weather doesn't look good. Same thing happened to us, the weather was really gloomy in Calaguas and I'll never forget those massive waves na parang gigibain na yung ferry boat namin...

Pinoy Adventurista said...

yan ang pinakamahirap sa camping trips, pag inabutan ng masamang panahon... at least nag-enjoy pa rin kayo, kahit basang basa na kayo sa ulan... :)

i bet, it's an experience you'll talk about for the longest time... :)

The Photoblogger said...

What an adventure. I miss camping out and just enjoying nature's comfort (or discomfort lol). cute light portraits you got there too and very innovative windshield hehe.

can't wait to have my own experience just like yours :)

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

I agree, ang hirap pag-umulan sa camping trip... panira ng trip, dapat talaga on a perfect weather. Mahirap din kasi na walang kuryente at least you survive it.

kuya jack said...


melvin said...

bakit mukhang ibang calaguas to sa mga nakikita ko sa pictures.dahil lang ba to sa bagyo? o sa ibang part to?

adventurousfeet said...

may bagyo kaya ganyan ung last pic :) kaya dapat makabalik ako yung maganda ang weather naman

Unknown said...

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