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Part 7: Hong Kong - Macau Trip Day 3 - Macau Travel Guide | Getting To Macau

Our 3rd day was alloted for a day trip in Macau. If your flight back to Manila is from Macau, maybe you could stay here for a night.  But in our case, we will be flying from Hong Kong so moving to Macau to stay  for one night is somehow hassle for us taking consideration of our baggages and limited vacation time. 

Macau or Macao is another administrative region of People's Republic of China. If you're travelling from Hongkong, a quick visit to Macau is also possible.  Macau is also called the Las Vegas of Asia as it is the hometown of a lot of casino hotels.  But aside from that,  Macau is also rich in history, based on the tourist places you'll find here.

Right now there are 4 districts of Macau.  It would be helpful to understand these districts especially if you're going from one place to another.

Note: Macau District information below is from

Macau Peninsula (澳門半島 O Mun Pun To)
The northernmost region connected to the Chinese mainland. It is the center of most tourist activity and is densely crowded.

Taipa (氹仔 Tam Chai)
The island south of the peninsula, accessible via three bridges. It is a major residential center and is the location of Macau's International Airport.

Cotai (路氹 Lou Tam)
A strip of reclaimed land between Coloane and Taipa, with vast new casinos rising up (such as The Venetian, the largest casino in the world).

Coloane (路環 Lou Wan)
The most southern island, it is considerably less developed than the other regions due to its mountainous terrain. It does have two beaches, several hiking trails and a resort. It is also the location of Macau's first golf course, a second one is on the Cotai Strip.

How To Reach Macau

Via Air

Macau can be reached via air through their international airport called Macau International Airport.  It is located in Taipa, Macau.  Some of Philippine's famous airlines flies directly to Macau. 

Via Water

You can also reach Macau through ferry.  Located in Macau Peninsula is their Macau Ferry Terminal.  This is mostly used terminal when going to or coming from Hong Kong.  Travel time is more or less an hour only.

Transportation / Getting To Macau From Hong Kong

I didn't plan much a lot about Macau.  But while I'm making our itinerary, one important thing we need to check is the location of ferry terminal in Hong Kong in order for us to get to Macau.

Where is ferry terminal in Hong Kong going to Macau?
There are two ferry terminals in Hongkong that I know based on my research.

China Ferry Terminal
Address: 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal
Address: Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

What shipping lines caters Hong Kong - Macau ferry transportation and what are their schedules and rates?

You can check their website for the updated rates and schedule:


New World First Ferry


Because we were staying in Tsim Sha Tsui, we chose the China Ferry Terminal along Canton Road.  We just walked for more or less 15 minutes from our hostel. 

Google Maps of our hostel and China Ferry Terminal.

I didn't expect that the China Ferry Terminal is adjacent to an upscale mall.   It was a surprise to me really.

Based on the nearest time upon our arrival in China Ferry Terminal, we bought ticket for 7:30am via New World First Ferry.

Boarding a ferry was a breeze.  We didn't have any problem with the Hong Kong immigration.  The terminal is clean.

China Ferry Terminal

We board the air-conditioned New World First Ferry. 

Transportation In Macau

There are no trains yet in Macau.  You may opt to ride a public bus, or a taxi.  Hotels do have FREE bus transportation from the ferry or airport going to casino hotel.  So basically, transportation is a lot cheaper here in Macau than in Hong Kong.

To ride a public bus, you simply need exact amount of the bus fare and just drop it in clear box beside the driver upon loading the bus.  No one will give you change so make sure to pay exact amount. Two main bus companies in Macau are Transmac and TCM.   For those who plan to stay longer, you can avail their so called Macau Pass for public bus transportation. 

I would like to share this very helpful link on macau bus transportation:

Here's other helpful links:

TIP: Prepare coins for public bus / small bills for taxi ride
ANOTHER TIP: Also search for Portugese names of some places because even when I asked a Filipina working in Macau, she didn't know Largo De Senado being called Senado Square. 

Currency / Money

Currency in Macau is called Macanese Pataca (MOP) or Macau Pataca but it is really not a problem if you pay Hong Kong dollars.  Hong Kong dollar is widely accepted in Macau, but don't expect to get HKD for a change, in most cases they'll return your change in MOP.  As for us, we didn't mind it and we usually make payments with our Hong Kong dollars.

As of the writing, 1 MOP = 0.9709 HKD.

Places To Visit In Macau

Senado Square / Largo De Senado
Ruins of St. Paul / Ruínas de São Paulo
Wine & Grand Prix Museum
Macau Tower - For Bungee Jumping activites
Fisherman's Wharf
A-ma Temple
Guia Fortress

Hotel / Casino Hopping
Venetian Hotel
Wynn Hotel
Grand Lisboa Hotel
MGM Hotel
Galaxy Hotel
Sands Hotel
City of Dreams

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ang ganda naman ng upuan ng ferry nila.


yung ferry nila astig ha! hanep k tlga sa pggawa ng itinerary

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went to Hong Kong in 2009.. but didn't get the chance to visit Macau at that time.. am including it in my next visit to Hong Kong April next year.. thanks for the info :)

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

learned more about Macau because of this post... Thanks for sharing!

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Just finished reading from part 1... Very informative style of writing love it... daming kong natutunan... thanks for sharing... and I'll be waiting for the next part... cheers!

leandra / adbenturera said...

yes, Macau leg na! really helpful dahil ung hostel namin e malapit sa hostel nyo kaya gagayahin ko sure commute guide mo, salamat! anticipating ur next posts for Macau day tour! ^_^

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Ditto with the Ians. Very informative post. I need to see Macau soon then :D

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Cheap flights to Colombo said...

During my college days I visited Macau for an educational tour and that’s been a lovely experience of mine and your article made me think of visiting over there again in future.

jurismom said...

Hi I just hope u find time answering my queries. Nasa loob ba ng mall na yan ung Ferry Terminal? i already google the maps and i find the same guide to go to the China Ferry Terminal but I was wondering if it is inside the said upscale mall? Thanks.

adventurousfeet said...

yup it's inside. :)

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