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Hong Kong - Macau Travel Guide | 4 Days / 3 Nights Itinerary and Expenses (Do-It-Yourself DIY)

Here's our Hong Kong and Macau itinerary and expenses:

(Do It Yourself DIY)
Day 1Friday
3:00AMNAIA Terminal 2 check-in
5:40AMETD to Hong Kong
7:40AMArrival in Hong Kong International Airport / Immigration / Map hunting / Bought Octopus Card & breakfast
10:00AMRide A21 Bus in HK airport's Bus Terminal.  Drop off at 13th stop (Tsim Sha Tsui)
11:30AM Check in Golden Crown Guesthouse
12:00PMOff to Disneyland

(From Golden Crown) via MTR:
[Tsuen Wan Line / Red Line] Tsim Sha Tsui -> Lai King (change train)
[Tung Chung Line/ Yellow Line] Lai King -> Sunny Bay (change train)
[Disneyland Resort Line / Pink Line] Sunny Bay -> Disneyland Resort
9:00PMExplore Mong Kok

(From Disneyland) via MTR:
[Disneyland Resort Line / Pink Line] Disneyland Resort -> Sunny Bay (change train)
[Tung Chung Line/ Yellow Line] Sunny Bay -> Lai King (change train)
[Tsuen Wan Line / Red Line] Lai King -> Mong Kok
11:00PMBack to our accomodation

(From Mong Kok) via MTR:
[Tsuen Wan Line / Red Line] Mong Kok -> Tsim Sha Tsui

Day 2Saturday
7:00AMWake up, prepare & breakfast.
8:30AMOff to Hong Kong Ocean Park

(From Golden Crown) via MTR:
[Tsuen Wan Line / Red Line] Tsim Sha Tsui -> Admiralty, exit in B.
Then ride Citybus 629
10:00AMArrival in Ocean Park
3:30PMTo The Peak Tower via Peak Tram (train)

(From Ocean Park)
Ride Citybus 629 to Admiralty.
Walk to Peak Tram Garden Terminus via overpass (15mins. walk) or take a cab.
Buy ticket/fall in line for Peak Tram ride.
5:30PMArrival in The Peak Tower
5:40PMCheck out Madame Tussauds Wax Museum at The Peak
7:30PMView the top - Sky Terrace at The Peak
8:30PMDinner at The Peak
9:15PMGoing home (back to our accomodation, almost 1 hr queue in Peak Tram)
10:20PMArrival in Lower Garden Peak Tram Terminus. Took a cab/taxi to Admiralty station
11:00PMArrival in Golden Crown Guesthouse

Day 3Monday
5:30AMWake up. Prepare.
6:30AMOff to China Ferry Terminal by feet
6:50AMPurchase ferry tickets & went to immigration before boarding. 
7:30AMETD to Macau
8:30AMArrival in Macau, immigration
10:30AMTo Venetian Hotel via free bus in Macau Ferry Terminal
12:00PMBack to Macau Ferry Terminal via Venetian Hotel's bus.  Rode bus 3A to Senado Square
12:30PMExplore Senado Square, souvenir shops / food stores & Ruins of St. Paul's
2:35PM Walk to Grand Lisboa Casino Hotel
3:00PMExplore and rest at Crystal Lounge in Grand Lisboa
5:00PMWent to Wynn Hotel, explore & watch free show
6:00PMRest outside Wynn Hotel, chitchat until it gets dark
7:00PMCheck out fountain show outside Wynn Hotel & Macau bridge
7:30PMOff to Fisherman's Wharf via bus 3A
7:45PMExplore Fisherman's Wharf
8:30PMTaxi ride to Macau Ferry Terminal; Ferry ride back to Hong Kong
11:30PMArrival in Royal Crown

Day 4Tuesday
7:00AMWake up, prepare & breakfast.  Check out at Golden Crown, but leave baggage free of charge
8:30AMOff to Ngong Ping 360

(From Golden Crown) via MTR:
[Tsuen Wan Line / Red Line] Tsim Sha Tsui -> Lai King (change train)
[Tung Chung Line/ Yellow Line] Lai King -> Tung Chung
10:30AMCrystal Cabin Cable Car Ride to Ngong Ping 360
10:55AM Arrival in Ngong Ping, explore
2:00PMLeave Ngong Ping, back to Tung Chung via cable car
2:30PMLast Minute Shopping at City Gate Outlets
3:30PMBack to Golden Crown Guesthouse to get luggages

(From Ngong Ping) via MTR:
[Tung Chung Line/ Yellow Line] Tung Chung -> Lai King (change train)
[Tsuen Wan Line / Red Line]  Lai King -> Tsim Sha Tsui
4:30PMOff to airport via bus A21
5:30PMArrival in Hong Kong Airport / check-in
7:30PM     ETD to Manila

Date of Visit: Sept 2011
Number of Bakasyonistas: 4 people

Day 1Group ExpensesPer Head
Airport Fees (Philippines)
Travel Tax & Terminal Fee
Php 2370

Octopus Card
HK$ 150
Reload Octopus Card (end of day)
HK$ 100

Golden Crown GuesthouseHK$ 1500HK$ 375
(HKD 500 for 4 pax/night * 3 nights) 


Breakfast (at the airport)
HK$ 38
Lunch (at Disneyland)
HK$ 60
Dinner (at Mong Kok)
HK$ 30
Theme Park / Tourist Spot Fees

Hong Kong Disneyland
Miscellaneous Expenses

Water (7-Eleven)

Day 2Group ExpensesPer Head

Taxi Fare: Peak Tram Terminus to Admiralty       HK$ 20HK$ 5

Breakfast (cup noodles)
HK$ 8
Lunch (at Ocean Park)
HK$ 60
Dinner (at The Peak)
HK$ 50
Theme Park / Tourist Spot Fees

Ocean Park
HK$ 220
Sky Terrace + Wax Museum + Peak Tram
HK$ 210
Miscellaneous Expenses

HK$ 20
Souvenirs bought at The Peak (ref magnet etc.)
HK$ 100
Giordano Shirts
HK$ 100
HK$ 3.50

Day 3Group Expenses       Per Head

Ferry - Hong Kong to Macau
HK$ 166
Bus - Macau Ferry Terminal to Senado Square
HK$ 3.20
Bus - Grand Lisboa to Fisherman's Wharf   
HK$ 3.20
Taxi - Fisherman's Wharf to Macau Ferry HK$ 20HK$ 5
Ferry - Macau to Hong Kong
HK$ 180

Early Breakfast (cup noodles)
HK$ 8
Brunch at Mcdo (at Venetian)
HK$ 30
Dinner (at Macau Ferry Terminal)
HK$ 32
Miscellaneous Expenses

Coffee at Grand lisboa
HK$ 36
Cake at Grand Lisboa

Beef Jerky & others etc. (pasalubong)
HK$ 150
Souvenir (ref magnet, etc.)
HK$ 40

Day 4Group ExpensesPer Head

Breakfast (at TST)
HK$ 20
Lunch (at Ngong Ping)
HK$ 30
Dinner (at HK airport)
HK$ 50
Theme Park / Tourist Spot Fees

Ngong Ping 360 Journey to Enlightenment PackageHK$ 230
Miscellaneous Expenses

Juice (at Ngong Ping)
HK$ 50
Giordano HK shirts again?! (at City Gate Outlets )
HK$ 190
Grocery items / Aji Ichiban  (at City Gate Outlets )
HK$ 155

Look for free Hong Kong map in airport.
Water is expensive in most theme parks, so purchase it in 7-eleven / mini grocery stores near you.
When doing grocery, bring your own reusable bags.
Accommodation rates may alter based on season / peak months / holidays.
Ask your accomodation if they will provide adaptor for charging your gadgets, if not prepare to have one.
Food & Beverages are not allowed inside theme parks. 
Based on Hong Kong airport's website: for departing passengers, all (liquid, aerosol, aels) LAG items carried in hand baggage must be stored in containers of capacity not exceeding 100ml each. Containers larger than 100ml will not be accepted, even if they are partially filled. of liquid is allowed and must be sealed in a plastic container. This is the reason why they took our 1 liter of H20. 

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*Hong Kong*
Hong Kong Disneyland
Opens everyday 10:00AM-8:00PM (or until 9PM during weekends)
*Take note of fireworks display and parade time.

Ocean Park
Opens everyday 10:00PM-7:00PM
*Take note of animal shows schedule.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
Opens everyday 10:00am to 10:00pm
*Last admission: 9:45pm

The Peak
Sky Terrace opens everyday 10:00AM-11:00PM Mon-Fri, & 8:00AM-11:00PM Sat, Sun & Public Holidays
Peak Tram opens everyday 7:00AM-12Midnight

Ngong Ping 360
Opens everyday 10:00AM-6:00PM Mon-Fri, & 9:00AM-6:30PM Sat, Sun & Public Holidays
*Take note, cable car ride might be closed for maintenance or during bad weather.

Avenue of Stars

Symphony of Lights
Lightshow staged everyday at 8pm.
*Best viewed along Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront between the Avenue of Stars and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the promenade at Golden Bauhinia Square in Wanchai, and from sightseeing ferries in the Victoria Harbour.  Please check as it may be cancelled due to a bad weather.

Golden Crown Guesthouse
5/F Golden Crown Court, 66-70 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Night Market
Ladies Market
Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Temple Street Night Market
10 Market St., Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Museums

Macau Wine Museum & Grand Prix Museum
Location: Basement of Tourism Activities Centre, No.431, Rua Luís Gonzaga Gomes, Macao
Wine Museum Fee: MOP 15
Grand Prix Museum Fee: MOP 10
Package Wine + Grand Prix Museum: MOP 20
Daily at 10:00AM-6:00PM but close every Tuesday.

Macau Museums

Macau Tower

Macau Fisherman's Wharf


MTR Hong Kong

Hong Kong Bus System
Citybus & NWFB:

Hong Kong - Macau Ferry
New World First Ferry:

Macau Bus
TCM: *need to translate in english

Cab Fare: *as of last year's rate
Macau taxi flag down rate - 13.00
Hong Kong taxi flag down rate - 18.00

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Hong Kong - Macau Travel Guide | 4 Days / 3 Nights Itinerary and Expenses

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