Sunday, November 4, 2012

Office Halloween Decorations & Kids Costume 2012

A yearly event for a trick or treat!  HR team from our office organized a halloween event for kids and halloween office decoration contest per each team.  How it goes?

Minions vs. Plankton
It's a great surprise how our team designed our cutest halloween decoration.  Get some baloons for the body, plastic cup for the eyes, blue paper for the shirt and here it is!  I heard we won 2nd place for our unique entry hehe!

Banana ah ah
Potato na ah ah
Banana ah ah
To ga li no potato ni ga ni ba no ba ni ka no ji ga

Carnival Del Diablo
This is my favorite because this is so colorful and I love how the colors combined perfect for their photobooth stuff.

Balete Drive
Very Pinoy concept, the tree is superb, the pregnant and tiktik just in time for the movie Tiktik The Aswang Chronicles (I've watched that movie and its really entertaining!), and of course the legendary white lady in Balete Drive

The Shrine
I heard they won the 1st place (sorry don't know what team won the 3rd place).  This is one horrifying sacred place you'll ever see.

Other piece I like, the manananggal effect I think part of Balete Drive concept.

Very creative made from crepe paper, and folders.

Here are other designs as well:

spread your wings!

go black

plants vs zombie vs Psy?! op-op-oppa gangnam style

Last but not the least is one of my favorite piece.  Can you still remember undin from Shake Rattle and Roll?

some adults dressed up for the halloween

And of some kids!

Little Fairy

Little Snowhite

Angel & Devil

Who wants donut? - Krispy Kreme Crew

Frankenstein with fairy mommy

baby fish and pretty mom in the house!

The cheerleader! I miss Heroes!

Finn of Adventure Time!

Looks like Younghusband brothers! Cute! :)

 Up! Up!

Are you my queen?


Super Mario

I saw a ninja!

And another one!

Wonderwoman loves picture taking!

If there's wonderwoman then there's...Darna! Ding ang bato!

Batman! Where's Robin?

Bumblebee doesn't want to wear his mask!

Robin! Oh there you are!


And another Thor!

mini Captain America!

are you happy now?


tina said...

ang cutie ni Travis (Up kid) :D

Unknown said...

CA, hindi mo kinuhaan iyong smokey mountain decoration ng Omega? mine-maintain pa naman namen ang losing streak namen. medyo kinabahan kami ng onti dahil baka manalo iyong concept namen. :P

adventurousfeet said...

ginagawa pa kasi siya nung dumaan ako. sobrang lupet kasi ng decor nyo kaya medyo natagalan siguro :P

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