Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tagaytay | Aromatherapy Massage at Asmara Spa in Taal Vista Hotel

First week of the year has been good to me as I got to visit Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay.  Not only have I experienced a wonderful stay here but I got to enjoy the relaxing massage in their own spa called Asmara Spa.

Before we went inside for a spa experience, we checked the surroundings where Asmara Spa is located.  I think Asmara Spa's location got the best view of Taal Volcano!   You may catch the sunrise here too, that is if you're ready to get up very very early!  

Taal Volcano view outside Asmara Spa

On the left side, the view from Asmara Spa is Taal Vista's open area grounds for Taal Volcano overlooking.    From the photo below, I was able to see another Ferris wheel in the making just beside Taal Vista Hotel.  Smells another attraction in Tagaytay. :)

Taal Vista's open area

After taking some pictures, we went inside to check out the spa.  Right now, they have 2 single rooms and 1 couple room.  There were four of us who will hit the spa, so we discussed who will be in the single room and in the couple room.  It was decided that me and  Elal (girlfriends!! couple kunyari!) will be taking the couple room.   

Single Room at Asmara Spa

What I like about this spa is the mood.  The color combination is so relaxing in the eyes, achieve na achieve ang ambiance!

Couple Room at Asmara Spa

There are bunch of massage to choose from but what we tried was the Aromatheraphy massage.   It is a type of massage that uses essential oils with aromatic compounds to sooth your body and relieve stress.  We were asked to choose the type of oil and I personally chose the lavender scent.

different scented oils

We then took a shower first.  Each room has its own toilet and shower area.  I am so happy to be pampered!   It's a one hour massage for us we almost fell asleep. 

For inquiries, visit their website here:


soloflightEd said...

very grand ng lugar na yan ah. saya tignan ng ferris wheel. mukhang magandang view especially with the tagaytay weather.
gusto kong magpamassage tuloy. hahaha

darwin | Tracking Treasure said...

I had a funny moment at Asmara Spa..haha!

adventurousfeet said...

hoy ano yan darwin hahaha

Dlanyer Oallesma said...

I really want to visit Tagaytay. Am waiting some Airline Promo this summer so that I can visit Tagaytay

Unknown said...

I regret not dropping by to this spa when I was there. I love this tagaytay hotel!

Unknown said...

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huzaifashaikh said...

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Tino Best said...

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James said...

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