Monday, January 28, 2013

Gorgeous Gambia

If you're looking for somewhere that little bit different, that boasts all the trappings of a classic beach holiday with a good dose of tropical paradise thrown in, Gambia is the place to be.

In this wonderful place on the west coast of Africa, holidays are all about taking it easy. With sun-drenched beaches and cloudless blue skies, it's certainly not hard to do - especially with all those hammocks strung between whispering palms, quaint thatched beach huts serving up tempting refreshments, and powder-soft sand that you're just aching to feel between your toes.

Dubbed the 'smiling coast of West Africa', the Gambia is certainly a holidaymaker's paradise. Here you can enjoy a hearty welcome and dive into the Gambian culture by tasting delicious cuisine and local delicacies, either at your hotel or by enjoying a meal at a local restaurant.

But a trip to the Gambia is not your average beach break - far from it. Beyond the classic combo of sun, sea and sand, holidays in Gambia serve up a fascinating blend of history and culture. Join a local excursion to experience the local way of life, or take a 'Roots tour' to discover the notorious slave trade and the unforgettable impact it had on local Gambian life.

Of course, Gambia is also home to an abundance of wildlife. See magnificent animals in their natural habitat including acrobatic monkeys, exotic birds and armour-plated crocodiles.Take a boat ride down the Gambian River to see wildlife and natural scenery up close and personal, or enjoy an excursion across its glorious landscapes, taking in soul-stirring scenery and the type of views that will live with you forever.

Talk about a holiday with a difference. There's so much to see and do in gorgeous Gambia, it really is the holiday of a lifetime.

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