Sunday, April 7, 2013

Taguig City: The Mind Museum's Summer Promo!

It's summer time once again everyone!  Get a chance to win 6, yes! 6 complimentary tickets to The Mind Museum this summer!  Simply follow the instructions below, it's easy and I think I'm going to join their contest too.  I remember visiting a lot of museum way back, in fact I even dream of becoming a scientist someday. I just don't know what happen haha.

Also, tag along your friends and family to The Mind Museum, where you get 1 FREE ticket for every 5 museum tickets.  Check this link for their updated rates:

Watch for summer program 2013!

Remember, being smart is the new sexy.
Let's support museum exhibits and learn at the same time. :)

The Mind Museum
Visit their Website:
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Unknown said...

May napanalunan akon tix for two pero diko pa nagagamit..haysst. Sana alang expiration. Btw thanks sa blog na to, kaw guide ko when I post my HK - Macau Trip. ;)

Let's exchange links, na add na po kita idol.

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