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Iloilo - Guimaras DIY Travel Guide | 3 Days / 2 Nights Itinerary and Expenses

(Do It Yourself - DIY)
Day 1Thursday
10:20AMETD to Iloilo 
11:25AMArrival in Iloilo
12:00PMIloilo Airport to SM Iloilo via van
12:30PMLunch @ SM
2:00PMSM Iloilo to Ortiz Wharf, Iloilo City via taxi
2:15PMOrtiz Wharf (Iloilo) to Jordan Wharf (Guimaras) via boat
2:35PMJordan Wharf to Raymen Beach Resort, Nueva Valencia 

[Explore Guimaras on the way via tricycle]
-Smallest Plaza
-Trappist Monastery
-Valle Verde Mountain Spring Resort
5:30PMArrival in Raymen Beach Resort

Check in | Explore | Dinner 

Day 2Friday
6:30AMWake up, prepare & breakfast.
8:00AMGuimaras Island Hopping Boat Tour

-SEAFDEC Marine Reserves Facility
-Pawikan Sanctuary / Rock Formations
-Baras Cave
11:00AMBack to Alubihod Beach | Swimming
Prepare for check out
2:00PMPick up by tricycle going back to Jordan Port
2:30PMSidetrip to Guisi Lighthouse via tricycle
3:30PMTo Jordan Wharf
4:00PMJordan Wharf (Guimaras) to Ortiz Wharf (Iloilo)
4:15PMArrival in Ortiz Wharf | Ride a cab to Ong Bun Pension House
4:30PMCheck in at Ong Bun Pension House
5:00PMOng Bun Pension to SM via jeepney
5:30PMFoodtrip for La Paz Batchoy

-Deco's La Paz Batchoy
 -Ted's La Paz Batchoy
 -Food Pasalubong Shopping at Original Biscocho Haus
8:30PMPlazuela De Iloilo | Foodtrip at Steps of Rome
9:30PMBack to Ong Bun Pension House via jeepney
10:00PM Pack up for tomorrow's check out then sleep

Day 3Saturday
6:15AMCheck out | Leave bags at Ong Bun
6:20AMOff to Iloilo Market Terminal at Fuentes St. via jeepney
6:45AMRide Igbaras jeep. 
8:10AMArrival in Igbaras town
8:15AMHabal-habal (motorcycle ride) to the bridge 
8:30AMTrek to Nadsadjan Falls
9:00AMArrival in Nadsadjan Falls | Swimming
10:30AMTrek back to the bridge
11:10AMBack to town via habal habal
11:30AMLunch in Igbaras town (carenderia)
12:00PMIgbaras to crossing/road via jeepney
12:20PMCrossing to Miag-ao via jeepney
12:35PMArrival in Miag-ao | Miag-ao Church photo ops
12:50PMMiag-ao to Guimbal via jeepney
1:05PMArrival in Guimbal | Guimbal Church photo ops
1:15PMGuimbal to Mohon via jeepney
2:05PMMohon to another jeep to Villa Beach via pedicab (traysikad)
2:10PMTo Villa Beach Breakthrough Restaurant via jeepney
2:30PMArrival in Villa Beach Breakthrough Restaurant | Foodtrip
3:35PMBack to Ong Bun via jeepney (to Ledesma)
4:10PMArrival in Ong Bun, get our bags
4:15PMOng Bun to SM Iloilo via jeepney
4:30PMSM to Iloilo airport via van
5:15PMArrival in Iloilo airport | Check-in
7:30PMETD to Manila

Date of Visit: Nov 2011
Number of Bakasyonistas: 2 people

Day 1Group ExpensesPer Head
Airport Fees (Philippines)
Terminal Fee
Php 200

Van Fare: Iloilo airport to SM Iloilo
Php 50
Taxi Fare: SM to Ortiz WharfPhp 100Php 50
Taxi Fare: Ortiz Wharf to Jordan WharfPhp 100Php 50
Boat Fare: Ortiz Wharf to Jordan Wharf
Php 14
Trike Fare: Jordan Wharf to Nueva Valencia
   (Php 250) plus sidetrip trike fare (Php 150)
Php 400Php 200

Raymen Beach Resort (fan room/night for 2 )Php 700Php 350

Breakfast (at the airport)
Php 100
Lunch (at SM Iloilo)
Php 125
Dinner (at Raymen)Php 336Php 168
Tourist Spot Fees

Valle Verde Resort (Donation)Php 20Php 10
Miscellaneous Expenses

Food / Pasalubong bought in Trappist MonasteryPhp 420Php 210

Day 2Group ExpensesPer Head

Boat Fare: Island Hopping Tour for 6 pax
  (Php 450 for the 1st hour, Php 150 succeeding)       
Php 750Php 125
Trike Fare: To Jordan Wharf
  plus sidetrip to Guisi Beach
Php 700Php 350
Boat Fare: Jordan to Ortiz Wharf       
Php 14
Taxi Fare: Ortiz Wharf to Ong Bun       Php 70Php 35
Jeep Fare: Ong Bun to Small Ville/SM Iloilo       
Php 7.50
Jeep Fare: SM Iloilo to Ongbun
  (Ledesma, Calumpang)

Php 7.50

Breakfast (at Raymen)Php 180Php 90
Lunch (at Raymen)Php 250Php 175
Deco's La Paz Batchoy & putoPhp 120Php 60
Ted's La Paz BatchoyPhp 65Php 32.50
Steps of Rome dessertPhp 250Php 125
Tourist Spot Fees

SEAFDEC MArine Sanctuary
Php 25
Pawikan Sanctuary
Php 5
Guisi Lighthouse
Php 20
Miscellaneous Expenses

Food/Pasalubong at Original Biscocho HausPhp 580Php 290

Day 3Group Expenses       Per Head

Jeepney Fare: Ong Bun to Market Terminal in Fuentes St.
Php 7.50
Jeepney Fare: Market Terminal to Igbaras
Php 50
Motorcycle Fare: Igbaras to bridge near Nadsadjan Falls
Php 60
Motorcycle Fare: Bridge near Nadsadjan Falls to Igbaras
Php 60
Jeepney Fare: Igbaras to crossing/road
Php 7.50
Jeepney Fare: Crossing to Miag-ao
Php 7.50
Jeepney Fare: Miag-ao to Guimbal
Php 10
Jeepney Fare: Guimbal to Mohon Terminal
Php 15
Pedicab Fare: Mohon to jeep terminal (to Villa Beach)Php 15Php 7.50
Jeepney Fare: To Villa Beach Breakthrough Restaurant
Php 7.50
Jeepney Fare: Villa Beach to Ledesma St. (Ong Bun)
Php 10
Jeepney Fare: Ong Bun to SM Iloilo
Php 7.50
Van Fare: SM Iloilo to Iloilo Airport
Php 70

Early Breakfast (bread, water)
Php 30
Brunch at Igbaras (Carenderia, including our habal habal driver) Php 140Php 70
Late Lunch (at Breakthrough Restaurant)Php 565Php 282.50
Miscellaneous Expenses

Iloilo Terminal Fee
Php 200

*Island Hopping*
Baras Cave
Pawikan Sanctuary
Ave Maria Islet
Nagtago Beach

*Land Tours*

Smallest Plaza
Trappist Monsatery
Guisi Lighthouse
Guisi Beach
Alubihod / Alobijod Beach Cove
Villa Igang Beach
Balaan Bukid
Guimaras Adventure Park
Sadsad Falls
Daliran Cave
McArthur's Wharf
Biri Cave
Macopo Falls
Mango Plantation

Trusted Tour Guide / Tricycle Driver in Guimaras
Cherald Padojenog
Contact Number: 09084748122

Things to do | Places to Visit in Iloilo

*Church hopping*
Jaro Cathedral
Miag-ao Chruch
Guimbal Church
Molo Church
San Jose Chruch
San Joaquin Church & Cemetery
Tigbauan Chruch

*Exploring Places*
Fort San Pedro
Lizares Mansion
Museo Iloilo
Calle Real Iloilo
La Paz Batchoy foodtrip
Seafood foodtrip at Villa Beach
Nadsadjan Falls
Bugsukan Falls
Bulabog Putian National Park
Gigantes Island
Agho Island
Malangabang Island
Tiniguiban Islet
Sandbar Island

Manggahan Festival In Guimaras (April)
Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo (January)
Paraw Regatta Festival in Iloilo (February)

  • There are so many spots to explore in Guimaras & Iloilo so you may want to search and choose your priority spots to visit.  Whether it is touristy or off the beaten path, it is still a part of Iloilo/Guimaras so just follow your heart!
  • If it helps, you can include a map to guide you in your destination.
  • Guimaras is home of sweet mangoes, you may want to visit the place during its season.
  • Book early accomodations and airfare during peak or festival season.

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