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Part3: Iloilo - Guimaras Day 2 & 3 - Exploring Iloilo | Things to Do in Iloilo

After our Guimaras trip, we went back to Iloilo to explore more.  We reached the city around late afternoon.  From Ortiz Wharf, we took a cab to reach Ong Bun Pension House.

beautiful fountain at Plazuela De Iloilo


Our Iloilo Accommodation: Ong Bun Pension House

So where to stay in Iloilo?

One of my favorite blogger Ambot-Ah suggested to try Ongbun's Pension House because of it's location  (in the heart of the city) plus it is affordable.  We don't have any reservations prior the trip, reason we weren't able to get the cheapest room.  But I think for Php 580/night for two (deluxe room), this room is quite cheap!  Our room has air-condition with own toilet and television.  WiFi is free too!  Isn't it sweet to get a good sleep for an affordable stay?

Ong Bun Pension House
Address: Ong Bun Building near corner Quezon-Ledesma Street, Iloilo, Philippines

Our simple yet clean room!

We left our bags in our room and went outside to make way for our Iloilo City small foodtrip!  From Ong Bun, we took a jeepney (minimum fare) to reach SM.  We wanted to try La Paz Batchoy here. Batchoy is a noodle soup made with pork organs, crushed pork cracklingschicken stockbeef loin and round noodles.  (see wiki for more info)  It is relatively famous in Iloilo, where it is said that Batchoy originated in La Paz, Iloilo City, hence it is called La Paz Batchoy.   There has been a lot of debate as to where is the best La Paz Batchoy in town.  And finally, we'll be able to taste it.

Foodtrip 101: Deco's Lapaz Batchoy

We headed ourselves to Deco's inside the mall.  Jason love their version because of the abundance of chicharon  (crushed pork cracklings)  in it.  Their puto (steamed rice cake) is really good.  I wanted to taste their pandesal too, as it seems like a big hit to the customers as most of them has a plate of it.  Unfortunately it was out of stock when we were about to order.

Foodtrip 101: Ted's La Paz Batchoy

Thank goodness we were inside the mall because next on our list is Ted's La Paz Batchoy.  Jason like Deco's better, but I prefer Ted's maybe because I love pork liver.  It's hard to verdict which is good because we have different taste palate.

Foodtrip 101: Original Biscocho Haus

Original Biscocho Haus is one of the famous bakeshop in Iloilo.  We did our pasalubong hunting for their tasty Biscocho, Butterscotch, Barquillos, Piaya, Pinasugbo, Yemas, Barquiron and Galletas.

Foodtrip 101: Steps of Rome at Plazuela De Iloilo

Beside SM mall in Iloilo, is Plazuela De Iloilo.  It's like a simpler and smaller version of The Venice Piazza in Mckinley Hills in Taguig, where few restaurants line up for customer's selection on where to eat.  There's a Breakthrough Restaurant here, a famous seafood restaurant in Iloilo, and I saw numerous people waiting for their reservation.  It must be good!

We were already full after eating a lot of La Paz Batchoy from Deco's and Ted's so we decided to just try some desserts here at Steps of Rome.  The place looks fancy and expensive but I'm surprised the dessert only costs around Php 100-150 more or less.

It was a fun filled night we had getting our stomach full.  Tomorrow will be exploring places!  Most sites I've read was exploring churches for a whole day in Iloilo.  I  plan my itinerary to check some churches only because I believe there's more to it.  Google maps became my friend.


Since it is our last day, we packed our things the night before and checked out of Ong Bun Pension House early morning.  They were kind to allow us to leave our baggages in the reception area, so it would be easy for us to explore Iloilo.


When I saw this on ate Gaile's ( blog, I bookmarked it and include this in my itinerary.  Igbaras has a great waterfalls that I think should give a chance too!

How to get to Nadsadjan falls?

Here's how we did it.
1. Ride a jeepney/cab to Iloilo Terminal Market/Palengke/Wet Market in Fuentes St. (We ask Ong Bun receptionist just to make sure)
2. Ask the people, where is the Igbaras jeepney terminal, and wait until the jeepney arrives.
3. You'll reach Igbaras town in more or less 1 hr and 15 mins.
4. Get off at Igbaras town (you'll see a municipal hall & plaza once you reach it) and ride a habal habal (motorcycle) to Brgy. Passi (15-20 minutes).  You can just tell them you're going to the falls.
5. A thirty minutes trek/walk to reach the falls. :)

I read that you can ask help at the municipal office but it's a weekend so the office was close.  Our habal-habal driver supposedly, will only drove us until the end of thr road but we don't know where to trek so we asked him to be our guide for that morning.

The start of the trek

Slippery part going to the falls.  Be careful, nadulas at napaupo ako dito sabay tayo agad thinking of my camera huhu. (My motto: 'Di bale nang mabasa wag lang camera ko hehe.')  Thanks to my camera bag  for saving my camera. :)

Finally! Nadsadjan falls!  We took a dip and enjoyed swimming here!

It's like a pool basin at the end of that falls

We ate our lunch in Igbaras town (nearby carenderia) and off to our next stop!


Our second stop, is the Miag-ao church.  From Igbaras town, we dropped off at crossing/main road because Miag-ao is farther town from city proper.   We took a jeepney to reach Miag-ao.

The Miag-ao Church, or Church of Santo Tomas de Villanueva, was built in 1786 by Spanish Augustinian missionaries.  It was declared as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Baroque Churches of the Philippines" in 1993. On the front facade, which is flanked by two watchtower belfries, one can see the unique blending of Spanish and native influences plus the beautiful intricate design 


We took another jeepney to get into the next town called Guimbal.  Parish of St Nicolas of Tolentino, or Guimbal church  is made up of  yellow adobe and coral stones and is said to be one of the oldest church built in the country for around 400 yrs old.


It was a great day for us to end in one of the famous restaurant in Iloilo - the Breakthrough Restaurant.  It is special for me because of the location is very much relaxing.  Located in Villa Beach in Iloilo, it is a public gray sand beach where rows of restaurants and small local eateries were lined up, a perfect place to dine and savor your vacation moments.

foodtrip kung foodtrip talaga

It was getting dark and we still need to go back to Ong Bun to get our things and fly back to Manila.  Yes, this is a short Iloilo escapade and I still want to explore more of Iloilo, but for now, I so love the simplicity of the province. :)

Open your mind and be adventurous
You get but one try
Open your eyes and be the things you want
And rely on with no spite


blissfulguro said...

the scallops in breakthrough is to die for. arrgh. miss ko mag food trip sa iloilo :(

Unknown said...

Nice blog sir! Cant wait my Ilo ilo trip this year!!!

Tres Marias Pilipinas said...

you should've tried netong's batchoy inside la paz market. it's the most authentic batchoy i've tried. not too commercialized like ted's and deco's =)

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

We also did church hopping in Iloilo because it is one of main attractions. The architecture, history and design of these churches are gorgeous. Ang layo pala ng Nasadjan Falls, gusto ko din kasi puntahan yan during our Iloilo trip last year.

Anonymous said...

what do you call the 2 kind of foods after the shrimp

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